On my youtube channel, I addressed an email request from a friend. This friend asked me about a specific video done by “Jon Masters” of Own The Cops Studio News Network channel.

“Masters” claimed on the video that “taking the fifth could land you in jail.” I rebutted this and asked him to provide one instance where that occured. He chose to attack me, which is something I have experience with. When someone attacks you, it’s an opportunity.

So, I started looking at “Masters”. My gut, based on his presentation, and the muting of his personal information in an interaction with a cop, gave me a belief that he was using a pseudonym, or false name.

I set out to prove, or, disprove this hunch.

I was proven right.

The guy who calls himself Jon Masters is really JOHN HENRY SPIEL

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 8.57.17 AM


With such a checkered past, it’s no wonder he’s using a fictitious name, when screwing people over.

More to come.