This article came into my cognizance this morning, and it sparked a fire of hope.


And while it’s not that I wish ill upon my fellow humans directly, I DO wish the accountability for their actions to be visited upon them, like hellfire from outer space…

The US DOLLAR is circling the drain… The FEDERAL RESERVE has been a magic act since day one, but here we are, years later, with a NOTE (FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE) – which is a debt instrument, being used as currency.

You don’t own ANYTHING, because you “purchased” (see the engineering definition of this word for clarity) the things you THINK you own with FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES (FRN).

Things purchased in this way are in Trust (IN GOD WE TRUST – the name is right on the back of the fucking DOLLAR), and the FRNs are Trust Receipts…


“Trust Receipt (TR) is a type of short-term import loan to provide the buyer with financing to settle goods imported under Letter of Credit where title of goods is held by the bank. Under a TR arrangement, the Bank retains title to the goods but allows the buyer to take possession of the goods on trust for resale before paying the Bank on TR due date. TR financing is applicable to goods imported under documentary credit.”

Even the FEDERAL RESERVE admits that the FRN is not “lawful money” as the Constitution dictates.

I have more, but you know what? I’m too fucking tired to write it, and don’t really give a damn if you know it or not. You’ll see the results of the dog and pony show burning to the ground soon enough.