The Rapist just left
The one that rapes me of my soul
The one that tells me I’m not whole
The one that seeks conformity
And murders individuality.

The one that tells me I need to heal
When really, I just need to feel – like a human allowed to be different,

To be me
To be free

And yet this rapist wants me to fit in a box
Surrounded by locks with labels of “normal”…
All while telling me how “AB”normal I am.

The Rapist. Therapist. Same thing.

And so another cut goes on my arm,
Not intended for harm, but just to feel the power of choice;
Of voice,
And to scare the fuck out of my parents, 
Who, instead of loving me, 
Pursuing me,
Embracing me,
Pushed me into the open arms of the rapist that just left..

(This was written for someone that has no voice in this matter. Author retains the right of interpretation of the words used hereon.)