I’m an observer.

I also believe in discussion.

And when a cop can kill someone for getting out of their vehicle with a fucking wallet, and then NOT render aid to the victim they just shot for over five minutes while he bleeds out, I believe it is moral, and entirely ethical for these same police officers to be murdered in retribution, wherever they may be found. The police are paranoid schizophrenics that are armed to the teeth, and yet always in fear of their life to the point of mental instability. The pig cannot make this okay. What he thought (that a wallet was presumed to be a gun) is PARANOIA, because it is unsupported by fact.

Here’s the video of Opelika Police Department officer Phillip Hancock shooting Michael Davidson

The cop is more worried about saving his own ass, and making his story acceptable, than the life ebbing away from the victim he just shot.

FUCK the Police.

If you wear the badge, you SHARE the responsibility of this. Period.

It’s obvious that the courts (in this case, the fourth circuit) are not going to protect our right to be secure in our persons, property and papers, so you are with notice that if you want justice, it’s up to you.

To be fair, if there was a scale of more moral and ethical, and less moral and ethical, I believe it would be even MORE moral and ethical for the judges that proclaim this shit to be okay to receive the same fate…