Judge (Grudge) Belvin Perry… I’d allege that he’s Egoistic Psychopath, but that’s just from these two observations. He may be a great guy… (coughing -BULLSHIT)…

In this first example of a contempt hearing, there is an outburst in the courtroom. The Grudge quickly moves to start questioning the woman he accuses of contempt. The following are facts without dispute, if we are to believe this video recording of the incident:

  • The “Judge” is her accuser. No one else in the courtroom has alleged or spoken any word of “contempt.”
  • A reasonable person would not expect an accuser to be an impartial adjudicator of facts.
  • The matter of contempt is treated as a “guilty until proven innocent” matter, because the judge asks for reasons why contempt should not be a valid conclusion.
  • In matters of “guilty until proven innocent” there CAN BE NO DEFENSE, but this is exponentially true if your accuser is also your adjudicator.
  • The accuser, who is also purporting to be an impartial adjudicator, then proceeds to question the woman without swearing her in (except and only to question her ability to pay for an attorney), and in such UNSWORN setting, questions the woman accused, distraught, and without the aid of any legal assistance to the woman, to obtain her damning admissions of self-guilt, to mirror the “Judge’s” prior accusation.
  • Notice that it does NOT matter to the judge that the woman freely admits that she is mentally ill. (He acts as if he wants to sentence her to 179 days, but the fact that he found her guilty and sentenced her at all, when she is mentally ill, with no opportunity for legal counsel regarding the charges, shows that the Judge is a punk-ass.) [The average observer would believe, from his display, that he was “merciful”, while they were deluded from seeing that he was, in fact, evil as fuck and malicious.]

But hey, don’t take my word for it, watch for yourself. The woman will be tried, found guilty, and jailed before even an attempt is made to get her legal counsel.

This judge is the reason that judges should have accountability for their actions, to the point of swinging from a gallows when necessary.



And… Here he is again, doing the same thing.



“Judge” Perry, fuck you. I see no honor. I only see a weak-ass cunt that knows word magic.