This is the seventh (and final) time I’ve been in facebook jail, so I’m pretty much a goddamn expert.


I’m a button pusher. A social engineer. A trail blazer. I challenge programmed and “normal” constructs by triggering. You might say I’m an expert troll. You’d be right.

My expertise is in learning the rules, how they work, and then using them to my advantage. When you know where the rules are delineated, you can walk right up to the line, and smile, and lay down a (mental) grenade, so that there is an existential crisis of thought, and the pattern of programming can be interrupted.

My grenade of choice is a meme. I’m quite masterful at putting words and pictures together in a way that either (a) really disturbs, or (b) really impresses others with the truth of the statement.

So when I was on facebook, my objective was to insert shock value with each meme. Usually, this meant that disturbing images would be used, but I knew not to use too much gore, graphic violence, or any nudity. Hell, I’ve been banned now 7 times for nudity, and know where the alleged line is. Don’t show nipples, vaginas, or bare asses, if risk of a ban is to be avoided.

So, when I posted a picture of two bald heads and a stack of eggshells, I was well within rights to do so, and it was NOT, per their terms, as shown hereon, “nudity”, unless one wants to stretch and allege a baseless claim.


Here’s a copy of the artistic photo I posted:


If you look closely, you can clearly see that there are two bald human heads on the top portion of the picture. The bottom is a stack of eggshells.

I’m not an idiot, and I know what the mind believes at first glance. With that said, it is ART, and not any part of the body that is prohibited display by facebook.

So, for Mark Zuckerberg (Fuckerberg), I offer this one last picture:



Final thought: Let’s be honest. Facebook is a major data-mining tool. It is also an instrument of societal conformity. So, with me gone, and knowing that I am explicitly ANTI-societal conformity, they are no longer with the ability to store the data that I was providing – my expression, my location, my interactions, my messages (which, I painfully deleted 1-by-1 before deleting the account)… All of this is no more.

I’m okay with that.