I’m really tired of the oxymoronic term “peaceful protest.”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve remembered Tim Yokely taking my 10th grade biology class through the signs of life.

One of these signs of life is “response to stimulus”.

The response to the stimulus of your experience is either in flow (no resistance) or it is an adverse reaction (resistance).

This also plays out in electrical current flow, which may be the entirety of our existence. (See attached masterful drawing showing the dynamic of electrical current.)

Electricity Explained.jpg

ANY resistance is violent. It creates friction and heat. It causes wear, tear, and breakdown, if not dealt with efficiently, but it IS violent.

Someone’s morals or ethics are not superior because they choose avoidance of meeting (on the same level) the aggressor’s violent attempts to restrict their free flowing state.

In fact, in astute observance would dictate, when one gives a lessor response than is originally issued, they may indeed at first be giving the benefit of the doubt to the possibility of conscience in the aggressing party. But doing it a second time, when they are re-stomped into the ground, is considered by this motherfucker as the most goddamn idiotic thing one can do.

The aggressor, most often, has no conscience. This is why the rationale of “I’m just doing my job” is so often issued. This is their morality – what someone TELLS them to do.

So fuck your “peaceful resistance.” It’s not a factual possibility.

You can go weak, or you can go strong. But you cannot resist without violence. Stop coddling yourself.