Is it time to kill police officers before they have the chance to kill us?

It appears that it is exactly that time.

There was a time when our forefathers finally got tired of Redcoat Privilege, which is the same as Blue Privilege today. When that Redcoat Privilege reached the place that our forefathers realized that legal means were not going to free them from the oppression, they chose the path to freedom through individual responsibility, and shot the fuckers that were privileged to oppress them without accountability. They chose to be free (at the cost of risking their lives) rather than oppressed. When legal means are exhausted, or nonexistent, there remains only the right of self-defense, which is lethal means.

Cops claim often that they are “in fear for their lives” even though they are armed to the teeth, wearing body armor and several other implements of deadly force (Tazers can and do kill). Well, here’s me, telling you, the general public and the law enforcement community that I’m in fear for my life, ANYtime you are involved.

I’m pointing out that history repeats itself, always. In my opinion, that repeat of rejecting Redcoat Privilege and/or Blue Privilege is extremely behind schedule.

I’m going to post one video in this article that precipitates my writing of this article:

This asshole wearing a badge started out by asking this videographer “What’choo doing?” He begins in a state of Blue EGOS Matter, and he continues even after the Sergeant (weak-ass and impotent) arrives.

Let me explain to you what is going on. The video shows NO threat of deadly force, no imminent danger, the videographer is calmly speaking, even though his life is being threatened with deadly force by the deputy, and THIS is a problem.

THIS officer (and his entitlement, his BLUE Privilege) is the reason that we have a problem. He’s in total butthurt ego, and he needs to be in control, without legal authority being a concern to him. He’s willing to point a gun at someone’s head to enforce his EGO. This has nothing to do with the law, or legal authority. This cop is in total EGO, and he’s a real and present threat to this videographer, and whomever else he subsequently interacts with as a cop. 

It’s a problem that the police agencies and “justice system” largely REFUSE to deal with. (Observe the Sergeant in the above video. He isn’t concerned with this threat by his officer.)

Which lays the problem squarely in the laps of those that claim “I love my country.”

The very freedom that you claim to possess (if you’re an American) includes the freedom of choice, AND all of the freedoms you claim are “constitutional” derive from many acts of rebellion to “legal” control.

The patriots of yesteryear grew weary of “Redcoat Privilege”. They grew weary of the Redcoats being able to do whatever they wanted with impunity and to the harm of those who just wanted to be free.

Today’s Redcoat Privilege is BLUE PRIVILEGE. It is the ego of every badge wearer that knows that they can pretty much do whatever they want, including killing you, and get away with it, and start that off with a paid vacation called “administrative leave.”

The moral and ethical duty to fix this, and to have equal protection of the laws, is NOT going to be met by those with the intended burden of that duty, those wearing the cloak called “government.”

Judges are pimps, and the cops are the whores, that bring the money in. To pillage and plunder, instead of protect and serve.

Which, once again, brings that duty to your shoulders.

If you see a cop holding a gun on an unarmed peaceful individual, what are YOU going to do? Are you going to wait until the cop murders the individual, then gets paid administrative leave (vacation), then claims that he “was in fear for his life” and then get exonerated by the “justice system?” Maybe the cop will claim selective hearing, like this cop did? (All cops have selective hearing, by the way.)

Or, are you tired of that route?

Blue EGOS (The butthurt of “respect my authoritah”) is killing America. Someone has to do something about it.

It may be you. It may be me. It HAS to be someone.

Will the responsible party please step forward?

Someone has to morally and ethically choose to NOT be a victim of tyranny. Someone has to choose to realize that the injury of tyranny is NOT a moral and ethical high ground, and that is refusing it, even to the point of deadly force, IS a moral and ethical high ground. The judges and legislators are impotent and/or unwilling to resolve this.

At this very moment, it’s the Black Lives Matter movement. I applaud them. When All Lives TRULY matter, the police will run for their lives.

#BlueEGOSmatter, but not to me.