So, Sheriff Darr is faced with a public relations matter, and probable lawsuit, for one of his deputies. 

What does he do? He spins the story against the breastfeeding mother!

According to this story,

The sheriff said the deputy was working part-time at the Piggly Wiggly over the weekend when some customers complained about a woman breastfeeding in the store. He approached her while she was in the check-out line and asked her if she had something she could use to coverup. 

“She got offended by that. He said he knew her rights, and he didn’t say anything else to her,” said Darr, who confirmed that Georgia law allows a mother to breastfeed a baby in any location where the mother and baby are authorized to be.

As a father of four children who were breastfed, the sheriff said he understands and appreciates her right to do so.

“She got offended by that.” Holy shit. “SHE got offended by that.”

Here’s my original story, based on the original facebook post by Savannah Shukla, and let me be clear.

If you are a woman, and a guy comes up to you and starts mentioning how he can see your areola, and starts discussing your nipple, and threatens arrest, you might be the victim of sexual predation, considering that the state (Georgia) has legally recognized and protected the right to publicly breastfeed.

It was the DEPUTY that was “offended”. He acted without lawful authority because he was “offended”. The mother, on the other hand, was VICTIMIZED by this Sheriff, through his deputy.

And the Sheriff spins it off on the mom. Victim Blaming.

Fuck you, John Darr. You’re no different from all of the other lying cops in America.

Here’s my middle finger. You had a chance to see the harshness of this response, and diffuse it. You chose to point the finger at the victim, however, and VICTIM BLAME.

You, also, are guilty of continuing the cycle of predation and abuse.

Fuck you very, very much.