Cops are not only pathological liars, they are legally allowed (contrary to the public protection of the law provision in the so-called constitution) to LIE to you to obtain your admission or to gain evidence to be used against you or whomever else is in their crosshairs.

Here’s an example of the 9th Circuit (the most unconscionable pimps in robes) ruled away the equal protection of the law in such a case.

It’s common knowledge that the police lie frequently. In fact, it is wise to assume that ANYTHING coming out of the mouth of a cop (badge wearer of ANY flavor) is a damn lie.

Some of the more standard lies are:

  • You’re not in any trouble, I just want to ask you a few questions
  • We don’t want to hurt you (heard on this video – 3:01 just before they murder the guy)
  • If you don’t have anything to hide, there’s nothing to worry about
  • I am a cop because I like to help people
  • You are required to show me ID
  • You are required to identify yourself
  • You are being detained because your actions are “suspicious”
  • Your [friend, passenger,family member, etc] already told us you did it.

They never want to just ask you a few questions. There’s a motive behind the questions. They want to charge you with a crime, arrest you, take you to jail, and see you convicted for SOMETHING.

They definitely DO want to hurt you. Those who wear the badge often claim that they are in law enforcement to help people. The truth is, they get a sick and twisted adrenaline rush from hurting, even killing people with almost guaranteed immunity.

Hell, if they shoot someone, they get a paid vacation called “paid administrative leave.” Often, that leave can amount to quite a time off. When a person has an event that they can create, which results in them getting PAID TIME OFF, that is called an INCENTIVE. So, Cops DO WANT TO HURT YOU or even KILL YOU. They are incentivized to do just that.

What about “If you don’t have anything to hide, there’s nothing to worry about”? A really powerful response is: “Why are you lying to me?”  This question immediately puts them on the defensive and they say “I’m not lying” (another lie)and they they re-emphasize their claim that if there’s nothing to hide, there should be no worries about me giving consent for a search. That is the proper time to agree with them. “Okay, If there’s nothing to hide, I’ll consent for you to search my vehicle, right after you prove that there’s nothing to worry about by letting me search your vehicle FIRST while you are in handcuffs.” This changes the dynamic quickly…

On being required to “Identify” yourself… If there’s no Reasonable Articulable Suspicion, then there’s no authority to detain. Many of the videos currently surfacing on Youtube challenge a cop for Reasonable Articulable Suspicion, and the cops will come back with, “You ARE acting suspiciously.” The videographer is well within their rights to demand “SUSPICIOUS of WHAT CRIME?” When a cop claims your actions are suspicious, they’re hoping you buy the lie that that is enough to detain you. DON’T fall for it. They’re bullshitting you. Pin their ass down for the specific statute or code that they claim you’re suspected of violating. As I state in this video, cops often struggle mentally when being asked to produce factual authority for their actions. They depend on the thin blue whine, I mean line, to support them, collaborate, and conspire to keep them out of hot water.

If you’re not detained because the cop can articulate WHAT FUCKING CRIME you are suspected of committing, you’re not being detained legally. Let’s be honest. The “legal” system of the U.S. has turned into a fuck-over powered by cops and pimped by the robed wearing assholes that have absolutely NO accountability.

If a cop tells you that someone else has already given a statement that you committed some crime, or that your co-passenger’s story was different, you should assume that this is a lie, and continue to keep your mouth shut.

If you have a passenger, and you get pulled over, IMMEDIATELY, and before the Blue EGO comes up to your car, tell your passenger(s): “If we get separated during this, SAY NOTHING. You can’t get a charge for remaining silent. Yes, they can retaliate, but it’s not nearly as bad as fucking up and having your words twisted into a real charge. It might even offer you the opportunity to score big on a civil rights lawsuit. 

Remember, Asking a cop directly, why they are lying to you changes the dynamic of the exchange. 

Blue EGOS Matter, and ANYONE wearing a badge is a compulsive liar.
They’re NOT the good guys.