How to Play Q&A with the Cops (Part 1) 

I offer this for entertainment, education, and information purposes only. This presentation is absent authority as legal or other professional advice. You are tasked with doing your own due diligence before taking ANY action, especially one that is inferred or alluded to hereon.

Many times when cops approach they start out with an assuming air of superiority and authority.  “They hold their fingers up as if they are simulating holding an ID and they ask “Do you have ID?” as if they have the right to ask you this any time they want.

While this is not Hitler’s Germany yet, thus they don’t have the right to just demand that you display ID.

Here is a wonderful resource on when and how a “person” must legally present ID to a cop.


Cops have training on how to orient the most common belief systems (authoritative) into (a) believing that THEY are the authority, (b) that there is something that you need to answer for, and (c) that it’s your unquestionable duty to answer to them. They ORIENT their frame to this scenario. The best thing I’ve found, which is contradictory to the subconscious desire to argue one’s way out of this, is to merely ask questions that disorient, and thus give way for a different frame. A DISORIENTED frame has, thus far given me MANY opportunities to interface with badge-wearers, and walk away laughing (at them, mostly, but there have been times that it was with them).

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 12.03.33 PM.png


If you want to disorient them, flash their gang sign back to them. Hold your fingers up emptily as if you are holding an ID in them, just like they flashed to you. Ask “Why are you flashing a gang sign at me?” This immediately puts them in the horrifying frame of being seen as the criminals they are, and takes them out of the frame they are accustomed to, which is being obeyed without question.

WARNING. Disorienting a cop with wordplay is something I do on a case-by-case basis. There are interactions with cops that are less than optimal for this to occur, and I avoid it. My goals when interfacing with the so-called “authorities” is to (1) escape as quickly as possible, (2) not be raped legally, nor aggressed upon, and (3) to make it an exit that leaves me in control of my being – I don’t care if this leaves them with a bad taste in their mouths… So, the warning is – use extreme caution when speaking to a cop, because their egos can and often do set them off into apeshit mode quite easily. Their mental aptitude is not usually compatible with factual logic and reasoning.  Disorienting a cop the right way has produced good results for me. I’m presuming that doing it the wrong way could result in triggering a cop into “I-beat-my-wife-for-questioning-me, so I’ll KILL YOU, you motherfucker” mode. 

The mindset of a cop is as follows:

  1. I’m always right. (We could stop there…)
  2. If I believe it, the person in front of me is guilty of something, whether or not there is evidence to support my belief. My questions will precipitate evidence to support my belief, or I can goad this person into reacting in a way that allows me to gain control over them.
  3. EVERYONE, if not wearing a badge, is guilty until proven innocent (of at least one, probably more crimes).
  4. My partner, or my organization (my gang) will back me up on this, so I can lay my individual conscience to the side, and just go with what I believe as stated in item number 2 above. It is irrelevant whether my actions are factually moral or ethical. I’m backed up by the thin blue line, which means if I do something “wrong”, they will cover for me, and help me paint it in a way that looks more acceptable, if not downright heroic.

So, as you can see, the cop BELIEVES that you are a criminal, whether or not there is evidence to support their belief. Their trained ability to gain admissions from you, or to be able to twist your words INTO an admission is all they need be armed with, mentally (they believe). They are actually programmed with an “us-versus-them” mentality, so that everyone NOT wearing a badge is PRESUMED to be guilty until proven innocent.

Thus, their accusing tone is predictable. They WANT you to feel and believe that you need to defend yourself or “get out of” whatever their belief system holds you accountable for (facts be damned).

Arguing with them, or trying to convince them that they are wrong in their belief system is a LOSING situation. 

What creates change? For the most part, unless there is a HUGE benefit to be gained, Crisis breeds change. In belief system interaction, this would be a cognitive dissonance situation. Let’s use the scenario of yelling “FIRE” or “SHOOTER” or “RUN” in a crowd. What immediately happens? There is a crisis in the belief of safety, so the mind of the hearer goes into immediate fight or flight, and their only option that seems available is to use “flight”.  Their belief system (“I’m okay and safe”) became challenged in crisis. This is cognitive dissonance mode, and one can either bury themselves deeper in their belief that they are okay, in spite of the strong indicators that deny that belief, or they can adopt a new belief system.

Cops are no different. They have a belief system that PRESUMES you are guilty, and going to argue with them. They’re ready for that challenge (crisis). They’ve been programmed past it. They entrench deeper into the belief system that YOU must be guilty, because you’re arguing with them to “hide” your guilt. Their belief system becomes more solidified when you argue. It PROVES their mental frame that you are guilty, because they have been programmed that EVERYONE is guilty, and when challenged, they will try to argue out of that challenge.

(Disclaimer- As much as I know this, and even though I train others to interface with this bullshit, there are times when I can’t resist a good jab… I sometimes make positive statements of fact, as if I expect them to believe it – Argument.)

Disorienting questions (or answers) can challenge the core of their belief systems to the point of crisis, presenting the door for opportunity – having them actually THINK about the facts of the situation, rather than just relying on their programmed belief.

Some more examples:

Cop: Do you have ID?

Me: Several

This speaks to capacity. I’m a teacher, interfaith minister, word mage, dad, husband, lover, muckraker, and many other capacities. Each of these carries an “Identity.”

Because the cop was vague, and ambiguous on what he meant by “ID”, I just affirmed that by being vague and ambiguous in mirror.

In light of the aforementioned goals with my cop interactions, I have tools as well. Disorientation is one of those tools. I want to bring the cop out of trance, as softly as possible, and bring them into a space that is at least partially free of their hypnotized and subconscious programming. I want to reach their human element.


With the above example, the cop is forced to be more specific, by my issuance of one word. This is laconic. One NEVER wants to be loquacious when dealing with cops. The cop now has to think about what he says, and how it is interpreted. This process is painful for the cop. Mentally, many cops are challenged when it comes to this. There are  some cops that are of higher intelligence, but I would rank MOST on the low scale, for the simple reason that they have easily been programmed to believe that most of society is guilty of something and that they have to fix this USING VIOLENCE. They are base-level thugs, and Hitler and his SS (Cops) proved out that legal is absent equality with morality and/or ethics.

What I am describing is a path to bring them out of their hypnotically trained response, and into actuality.

Most of us go through life in trance. We have belief systems, and these belief systems govern our automatic choices. 


We are programmed from birth to six years old with automatic programming that allows us to be controlled easier, and (to our programmed belief) thus avoid punishment or harsh outcomes.

  • Don’t touch that, it will burn you
  • If you disobey me, I’ll spank you
  • Don’t climb that, you could fall and hurt yourself
  • God loves you, but he will send you to hell if you “sin”
  • The cop is your friend, unless you do wrong, then he’ll take you to jail
  • Etc…

There are some factual programs above, in that it could actually burn you, you could be spanked for disobeying, and you could be hurt if you fall from climbing, but the truth is that all of us have quickly touched a hot stove in a way to measure heat, without burning ourselves. We’ve climbed things that our parents didn’t want us to, without injury, perhaps. Most of the programming we receive with fear (or punishment) attached to it, is simply control-based programming.

Those systems are ripe for challenging… Snicker…

So we proceed through life, avoiding the programmed punishments. This is conformity and uniformity, and makes the system run smoother. Imagine if everyone questioned cops. There would be mass frustration in the rank and file of law-enforcement. They’d have to deal with the fact that their job is mostly egoic entitlement to control of the actions of others, EVEN if there is no victim. (Lightbulb moment!)


  • Run a stop sign on a back neighborhood street at 3 in the morning when NO ONE is on the street? You’re a criminal! (in the eyes of the cops)
  • Go 5 miles over the posted limit? You’re a criminal! (we’ve all done it, and no one was injured in most of these cases)
  • Smoke pot in your own home in a state that is in prohibition? You’re a criminal! (even though no one is harmed)

The list goes on.

But when we climb that object without falling, and when we run that stop sign without incident, there is a disconnect from our belief systems. We then WEIGH OUT, in every similar situation, whether or not the risk of challenging our belief systems is worth it.


And that is where I want the cop to be. They are programmed in EGO. EGO is the opposite of THINKING. EGO is Programming! Blue EGOS Matter.

Just pointing out that they operate through their butthurt could be enough to cause them to go into defensive mode, thinking, and walking their way back to honor and being a fucking human. If you do this to a sociopath, you could end up dead, however. And there ARE sociopaths on the police force of every agency that claims to be “law enforcement”.

My thought is, if you have to bow the knee when you don’t want to, you’re already dead.

Every man dies. Not every man lives. 

Fuck the police.

[Note” I’ve realized I haven’t given you a list of questions to ask, but many of those reading this can surmise that questioning what is presented by counter-intuitive wording, is very effective. In my next installment, I will cover the lies that police commonly offer, and how to respond. The concept here is to QUESTION authority, through the use of communication, which may or may not necessarily be “questions” in grammatical form.]

To be continued…