This should be public information, since they are “public” servants (allegedly), and the information of who, and how that affects the municipality or county affects you, the following, save for the residence address, which is easy enough to obtain by one of the follow up methods I’ll list.

NOTICE: I’m a wordsmith, a social engineer, and very experienced at muckraking. What I am presenting here is a SAMPLE of work similar to my prescribed and proven method, and yet if you cut and paste what I’ve presented here, without knowing what you are doing, you will probably look like a fool to those receiving your correspondence. If, however you know what you are doing, feel free to edit, customize, and otherwise make this your own. I present it without authority or intent as legal advice.

So, with that out of the way, the next order of business is “Why in the fuck would someone write an article like this?” My answer is “Why not?” Police can and often do roll right up to the doorsteps of unsuspecting people, whether or not they like it. Besides, isn’t it a popular police bullshit line to say “If you don’t have anything to hide, you shouldn’t be concerned, right?”

You DESERVE to know where the police live, exist, and hole up at night. They definitely know this about the general public.

I only have one wish. If you follow through on gaining the information you seek, make it publicly available in public forums. Let your neighbors know who, among them is a police officer. Sex offenders are required to register, and often announce where they live. The police are, without question, legal occupiers, no different from Hitler’s Schutzstaffel, and thus they are a scourge, a threat to peaceful people whom the police see as targets for legal plunder.

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The first step in the process is to write a letter, preferably under REGISTERED MAIL, and containing a pre-payment of at least $10 in a Postal Money Order made payable to the city, county, or office of whomever is the custodian (for example the county elections office, if you’re asking for public information on elected officials…

This method is readily available as a public information request, but most either don’t use it, or don’t know how. Going into the office in person and asking for it is a NO-NO. They will often lie to you and tell you they don’t have to give it to you, or turn you away for some reason. This method is the most solid I’ve found, because it gives payment in good faith up front by registered mail, which they have to sign for, so there is no denying that they received it. If there is a problem, they have to respond in WRITING, which is something they do in a more responsible manner than with an interaction (face-to-face) that they can say anything and have it be undocumented.


Here’s a sample letter:

Sample Letter for Public Records.jpg

While you’re waiting on a response, you can also check the internet for the county elections office in your county. Many times, they will have a voter registration database online that you can just download. These databases yield valuable information for those who want to stay aware of the fuckers that claim to be “government”.

Also, the city and county tax assessor’s office is another resource. Ask (in writing) for the database of taxpayer information.

When asking for databases, ask additionally for XLS (Excel Spreadsheet) and CSV (Comma Separated Values) TEXT, if possible, so that it can be imported into either Excel or another spreadsheet program such as Numbers.

When you have that information, you will probably have to do the next step physically. Go to the Recorder of Deeds (Register of Deeds, if you’re in North Carolina) or the Clerk of Court, if that is where the real estate records are kept. At this office, you can search each name on the information you get from the initial sample, and search for real estate records or other public recordings in that name. Often, you can find court cases of cops being sued before you started looking at their information.


[REMEMBER, LOOK UP THE “PUBLIC RECORDS LAW” for your state. Many times, these statutes prohibit the custodian (flunky behind the counter) to ask you why you wan the record. If that prohibition is in your state, remind them of it, if they ask you why you want the record. IF your state is a “One Party Consent” state, it would be a smart move to record the encounter.]

Have fun, and know where the threats are. Oh, and don’t let them give you any shit.