The Thin Blue Line… The band of loyalty among cops, is proven to be a threat to freedom.

The #ThinBlueLine is a place where officers can observe one of their own murdering an innocent victim ( #TerrenceCrutcher ), and then the officers COMFORT the MURDERER, while watching the VICTIM die without rendering medical assistance.

This is exacerbated by the baseless and disparaging commentary from the helicopter, which provided footage from above. First, “Time for Taser, I think.” Then,”That looks like a bad dude, too… [unintelligible] be on something.”

Helicopter commentary and footage:

So, the overhead observers are judging this to be a good-guy, bad-guy situation without a SHRED of evidence, and then the Tulsa police MURDER Terrence Crutcher, and then walk away from his dying body, while appearing to comfort his murderer.

What we as Americans have been offered is war. War is where soldiers kill people based on presumptions, using the claim of “I’m just doing my job.” Cops are soldiers. And, just like the little babies that are blown about and shot under the guise of “national security”, the cops are killing people with no remorse. 

In the above video, the pigs shoot Charles Kinsey, who is NOT a threat, who is NOT committing a crime, and who is UNARMED, and then they leave him bleeding and handcuffed. This is SOCIOPATHIC. If these fuckers claim they feared for their lives, when there was NO FUCKING GUN found, then they are mentally DANGEROUS and in constant PARANOIA.

In these two examples, THERE ARE MANY MORE, the police shoot unarmed and non-threatening victims, and then LET THEM BLEED and/or DIE. There is no expression of remorse, nor regret.

Now, let’s see what happens when they shoot one of their own accidentally:

This Lieutenant is reportedly being sued, as he should be, by the undercover cop he shot repeatedly.

When they shoot one of their own, they immediately react in a different way. They got this undercover cop (Grant) to the hospital, and he survived to sue the lieutenant. Now, the Lieutenant is blaming the undercover for getting shot! No shit! The police are always right, didn’t you know?

It’s time to admit that the police have FILLED their rank and file with SOCIOPATHICALLY predisposed beings. If they aren’t predisposed to be sociopathic, then it’s trained into them in BLET (Basic Law Enforcement Training). Worse, the predictability of one cop covering for another cop that has just acted sociopathically, is a clear and present danger.

Your life is in danger when the pigs show up.


There has never been a time in recent events, to observe the phrase: “It’s better to be tried by 12 than carried by six.” (Although, let’s admit it, the courts are as corrupt as the police.) There was a time when our forefathers arrived at the point where they just shot the fuckers.

For those of you who say I’m disrespecting the police, so what? Respect is a MUTUAL thing. FEAR is one-sided, so what you’re saying is that I’m not afraid, because the police present respect when what they mean is “FEAR”.

Here’s how I really feel about them: