An Open Letter To “Law Enforcement”

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Blue EGOS Matter. Let’s cut the bullshit. We’ve all seen the videos of a chase, and when the alleged criminal gets out of the vehicle and lays face down on the ground, they’re piled on by 10 + officers and either have the shit beat out of them, or worse. When someone doesn’t follow your (often UNlawful) orders, you go into “apeshit” mode. You’re trained to move people into their sympathetic fear response of fight or flight, so that you can arrest them and invoke your psychopathic need for control. (See the linked “Psychopath’s Bible for reference)

That is because you, as a whiny little cunt, screaming “Respect My Authoritaiii” can’t stand having your ego challenged. You’re in a constant state of butthurt. Right now, as you’re reading this, the hair on the back of your collective necks is rising, or at least the stubble of the militarized buzzcut or shave that you have is twitching.

I’ve seen it time and time again. When someone asks on video “Am I being detained?” The ego of the cop rises up. “Oh shit, here’s one of these assholes that is going to question my authoritaii.”  The way you react would be comical, if it wasn’t often followed by bullying, and life-threatening childish outbursts of tantrums backed by your EGO.

It’s not your “authority” that is the concern. It’s your fucking EGO, you Napoleonic-Inferior-Complexed-Steroidsucking-crybaby. It’s how you DEMAND that your questions be answered without wanting to answer the substantive questions WE have.

The laughable thing is that many of the currently surfacing videos of cop interaction show that cops often struggle mentally. They struggle to understand why we won’t “respect authoriataiiii” when they can’t even articulate WHAT FUCKING CRIME we have   committed or are suspected of committing. The most obvious crime that is surfacing on the youtube videos is the crime of “contempt of cop”. The battle cry from henceforth is “BLUE EGOS MATTER.” Instead of dealing with the matter in an intellectual, logical, (and honest) way your choice is to brute force the matter back into your very, very small box of training. You’re bullies. Punks. Ego-fueled psychopaths, that are often sociopathic. You allow yourself to harm someone physically, just to soothe your bruised egos. The lawsuit payouts don’t lie. The payouts are getting more frequent for your brutality-based operations. Harming someone is your FIRST reaction. You seek to make people pay for victimless crimes, so that you can have a job. You want to generate revenue, so that you can keep believing that you’re in charge. Uh, No. No more.

Relationship is built on four pillars: Communication, Trust, Honesty, and Respect. Law enforcement, and even the so-called “justice” system, and the black-robed idiots that act without accountability have NONE of these pillars. What America has turned into is a hostage situation. The populace are hostages, and the police are the perpetrators, along with, and let’s not leave them out, lest they be butthurt as well, “judges”, or as I like to call them, “incompetent”.  BLACK ROBE EGOS DEFINITELY MATTER. Contempt exists of a judge getting their panties in a wad. Nothing more, nothing less.

So, Cops, YOU are the grasshoppers. We, the 99%, are the ants. We are discovering that the BULK of your existence, the MASS of that badge you wear is nothing more than EGO and hubris. We’re calling you out on it. We won’t comply with your EGO. We won’t submit to your BUTTHURT. If you want to control us, try fairness. Try humility, Hell, try being a fucking HUMAN. You’re NOT superior. If anything, at this present moment, you’re the low-goddamn-man on the totem pole.

You can kill us, but you can’t make yourself honorable by doing so. Faith in this system is GONE. You’re on the front line of a very big problem. And I have a revelation for you. Your EGO is no match against the demand of those who are tired of your bullshit. You aren’t the “good guys” any more. You’re the butthurt punks with oversized egos and undersized minds. (I’d be very happy for you to prove me wrong and act with logic, honesty, communication, respect and trust.)

You lose. Unless, of course, you change action now, and try to establish relationship. “Rules without relationship equals rebellion.” If you want this to get worse, keep demanding compliance without communication, trust, honesty, and respect for OUR value.

I’m going to print shirts with BLUE EGOS MATTER on them. I’m going to market the fact that you are acting in ego. If you want it to change, That is YOUR fucking responsibility. I’m merely pointing out that the emperor is clothed (badged, in this case) in mostly ego.

For now, we’re pointing cameras and middle fingers at you. The next move is yours.

Blue EGOS Matter. But not as much as the demand for freedom.

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