We had a box. It was a really amazing box. It had white floors, designer furniture, a two car garage, a really cool attic space, and a picturesque setting. We thought it was our dream home.

Then, in 2004, Bank of America (BOA) started foreclosure proceedings against us. I dug my heels in immediately, and begin to study the mortgage, the system, and the intricacies of how things work. I found bank fraud, because subpoenaed the Note that BOA claimed to have, and they didn’t have it. I made sure to bring a certified court reporter that I had hired, because they sure as hell weren’t going to preserve the evidence for me. I documented it. And yet, even though they had no right, this miserable cunt, JoAnn Caudle, signed the foreclosure order illegally (without meeting the legal standard), and upheld her right to act with impunity. (Fuck the rules, the banks bring us a lot of business, and this is my job.)


Jo Ann Caudle – Lying CUNTBAG

(Picture edited and used under fair use.)


And the state that was supposed to provide equal protection, DIDN’T.

So, we moved on with our lives, so to speak. I, however, have not recovered from this trauma of the State of North Carolina raping us legally without accountability.

We lost over 80% equity…

I carry with me this…Curse, or perhaps it’s a gift. I have never been able to figure out which.

I don’t trust the system enough to rebuild an asset base. Why work for it, when they can just take it without following their own rules?

What’s the flip side of this coin?

Well, I learned the system like no one else I’ve encountered (other than lawyers, who are basically word mages.) I know that words are what we are bound with.  I know that our signature (agreement) creates our liability. I know that capacity is negotiable, and so the assumption that we are a slave can be inverted and questioned in a way that makes things “go away.”

I’ve had lots of opportunities to help other people document fraud, move assets to arm’s length, remove or limit liability, and establish the knowledge of who they are, legally.

I’m NOT a lawyer. I do know word magic, however. I’m adept at seeing THEM become disoriented, instead of falling prey to their attempts to disorient and thus control.

The problem is this. I abhor pursuing “income.” That word is magic, by the way. I have helped some pretty high level professionals structure their assets in a way that protects their privacy and eliminates or limits their liability.

I can’t hang out a shingle, like a lawyer, and yet, for someone with money, I know how to totally map out their structure in a way that frees them to a very large degree. Freedom from judgments/lawsuits, freedom from being in a position of testifying against themselves as they have been programmed to do, and freedom to maintain their privacy in a way that is  laughingly entertaining (when one sees people trying to gain information on said individual.)

There’s more, but my dilemma is that I don’t want a “normal” life. I want a life that turns this entire motherfucker upside down – So that people like that shitbreath – Jo Ann Caudle can find themselves accountable for assuming a title of “honorable” while being sociopathically opposed to the characteristics of that title.

Jo Ann Caudle is a lying curtbag that worked for the (alleged, but without a proper legal oath) Forsyth County Clerk of Superior Court, and saw that the original Note had been subpoenaed, yet not produced, and still signed an order to allow foreclosure. She’s a thief wearing the label of honorable, although she is now retired. May the bitch rest in piss.