I just saw a video by Penn and Teller about Vaccines on their “BULLSHIT” platform. They have two boxes that represent vaccinated people and unvaccinated people.

The vaccinated box has a plexiglass square in front of it that says “VACCINATION” on it. They then scoot the plexiglass to push one of the people out of the box, as to represent an autistic child due to vaccine injury.

The irony is that their logic (a) could be applied equally to two boxes containing vaccine manufacturers versus other manufacturers. Then on the plexiglass, NCVIA, a liability eliminating law that totally shields vaccine manufacturers from their products’ injurious results.

Other manufacturers are knocked down daily by gavels hurled in courtrooms across America, for damages cause by their product. But not vaccine manufacturers. They have “herd immunity” from lawsuits caused by their products.

The good news is that now, People are tired of the BULLSHIT that Penn and Teller don’t have the balls to present. The BULLSHIT I reference is of vaccines causing injury.

And now, doctors are starting to say “Enough!”

Here’s a blog post where a doctor does just that:


The tipping point is occurring. Then, we shall see where the true BULLSHIT remains.