This morning, the following picture was posted on Facebook along with an explanation that their child is now “okay”.


Along with this was an explanation that the nurse said it was not from the vaccine, and that apparently the boy is “fine” now.

Listen. I am anti-vax. I am NOT anti parent or anti child.  I believe you and your family should have a happy existence. But if you are pro-vax, just because is the popular thing to do and you don’t want to resist, I am betting that there is a small doubt in the back of your mind. “What if”…

What if this was your son or daughter?

The time to think about this is now, before you go into the doctors office. When you go into a panic state, and your adrenaline kicks in, you can’t think clearly for at least 30 minutes afterwards. So if you prepare before you go in, and rehearse your actions, then you will know what to do and how to take care of this situation.

With the clear disclaimer that I am NOT authorized to give you legal advice, let me tell you what I would do before going into a doctors office to have my child vaccinated for anything.

First, I would check the laws in my state for recording conversations. Look up ” one party consent states”. If the state is a one party consent state, that means one party to the conversation has to know about the recording. If I have a party to the conversation, & I know about it, then it’s legal. To be candid, I don’t believe I’m giving up my right to make a record of the events, so if my state is not on the list, I’m probably going to record it anyway. In either case I would do it secretly.

A small digital recorder in a shirt pocket purse or phone case works well but should be tested beforehand to make sure but the microphone position is forward, towards the conversation, and the conversation can easily be picked up by the microphone with clarity.

I would always record interactions with the medical industry. The medical industry is owned and controlled by the pharmaceutical industry, also known as the US Drug Cartel. They are without conscience.

As demonstrated by the above presentation, members of the medical community will boldly lie to to your face to protect their job. I have experienced this first-hand with a vaccine injury.

On top of audio recording the visit, I would also immediately begin to take pictures of any and all changes that I believe are detrimental to the health and/or safety of my child.

As terrifying as it may sound, I would next call two different agencies. First I would dial 9-1-1, and ask for an ambulance to be dispatched. I would state that I am in fear for my child’s life because of the actions of the doctors office. I would make sure to get this on the 911 recording. I believe it is very important to establish that I believe harm has occurred and I do not feel safe any longer in the environment that was alleged to be there for my protection. I would repeat the same statement at the next  number I called.

The next agency I would call is the county health department. I would restate the above phrase about fearing for the safety of my child, inform them that an ambulance is on the way, and I would ask them to respond immediately.

I would refuse to allow the doctors office further access to my child based on this one observation. A medical professional that is deemed competent enough to administer a vaccine, yet is incompetent to diagnose injury from that vaccine, is a perceived an actual threat to the safety of my child.

Document the events.

If you’re going to be stupid, at least be smart about it.