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A while back, Mark Zuckerberg came out as pro-vax, claiming that “The science is completely clear: vaccinations work and are important for the health of everyone in our community.”  The FACT is that “science” that cannot withstand full liability is bullshit science. If the science is completely clear, why not make the manufacturers completely liable for any injury that their products cause? IF, as the pro-vax movement claims, vaccines do not cause injury, then why would the manufacturers need the NCVIA to shield them from liability?

Pro-vaxxers came out with a counter to anti-vax that was something to the effect of “Since other people have brakes on their cars (vaccines for their kids is inferred), I’m going to take the brakes off of my car.” This preposterous knee-jerk response is something similar to Mark’s claim above that the “science is completely clear.” The only thing clear about science is that it is never completely clear.

One need only to look at the drugs approved, and then disapproved by the FDA to make this fact irrefutable. SCIENCE must evolve. Those brakes that were asbestos? Remember those? Well, it’s NOT okay for me to be required to risk my child getting vaccine injured so you can believe that your child has immunity.

SCIENCE should be fair. In other words, if science is legitimate, it should be able to be attacked from every angle and withstand the attacks and still remain solid and absolute. Vaccine science is far from this. Vaccine manufacturers are the only ones with “herd immunity.” And the profits tell the story.

India CEO of Serum Institute is reported to have purchased this home just recently:


Here is a very disturbing obverse to the “success” of this company, and the other vaccine manufacturers.


As irony would have it, I created, and was then banned for a period of time from facebook for creating this meme:

tumblr_njs6jm3fGh1r093ofo1_1280Mark Zuckerberg, and his paid minions, are effectively putting their hands over the mouths of anti-vaxxers, many of whom are of such a belief system BECAUSE they have first-hand experience with adverse effects, including autism, seizures, severe health depression, and even death. These children, and their injuries and deaths are of no seeming concern to Zuckerberg and facebook, because the money is elsewhere.

The vaccine manufacturers are afraid to expose themselves to full liability for things like this:

10363489_736327899777614_5516599856417827508_nThe sick part of this is that vaccines seem to cause schizophrenia in doctors:

SchizophreniaWhy would doctors, who KNOW that every other thing they prescribe has side effects, suddenly believe that vaccines are without the possibility of causing harm? This seems to be largely the case. This author has had a severe reaction to the Tdap vaccine, and when I went back to the doctor that administered it, she acted as if she had never seen an adverse reaction before. She denied it to hell and back that it was related to the vaccine.

Why are they so afraid of full liability, if their “science” is so “completely clear”, as Zuckerberg puts it?

Now, they are censoring information posts, saying:

12002795_10153590266340930_9090407017287885651_nThis was an attempt to post a video link to youtube that contained information on vaccines and how the “science” is compromised.

Here is that video, for those who don’t appreciate censorship:

Here’s a message from someone that attempted to like a post that was quickly deleted by facebook in censorship:

12002034_1039696479387899_5486673819262204195_nLet me be really clear. Mark Zuckerberg is a PUNK. Because the above message demands that the reader “understands” Facebook Community Standards. I’ve written and asked NUMEROUS times for a glossary that clearly defines the meanings of the words used in the Facebook Community Standards, only to hear the sound of crickets chirping. They don’t want you to understand the standards, because they don’t have a set meaning for the standards. Which means, they can bully you, censor you, and even eliminate you without any due process, or freedom of speech being a part of the process.

Punks say “DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!?” while being threatening, just to posture you into submission. This is the act of a bully, a punk, and someone who demands, but probably never has any true respect given to them.

You can learn the truth about vaccines, but just like the double standard of allowing men’s nipples, and banning women’s nipples and breastfeeding shots, facebook doesn’t care about free speech. CONTROL is where the money grows.

The science of vaccine is as completely clear, as the facebook terms, conditions, and community standards. They can’t explain them, because it would lock them into a position. So, they just bully whomever they wish, and call it another business day.