Someone asked me last night why I’m not a “life coach.” I’ve been asked this before, and even though I’m a maven that collects information, a connector, and a salesman, I still don’t wrap these all up in a package and sell them to others.


Well, the current system is that the more you make, the more valuable you are. I remember talking to a money making coach that immediately started scolding me before fully assessing the situation. He was geared to one thing. MAKING MORE MONEY. Hell, see for yourself at Mark Allen Grainger’s site. He told me I was “out of integrity” because I couldn’t pay him for his advice (a friend had told me to call him), and all the while, his entire life/business is structured around making more money off of people who want to make more money.

WHERE is the goddamn love? Love is without fear, hate, control, ownership, demand for a specific outcome (judgment) or harm to any party.

I want to love. And, having had everything material taken from me in 2005, I saw that, to society, money is control. We are the ONLY species that pays to live on this planet. Bankers have taken effective control of the world system by equating your power to thrive to a piece of paper

And thus, I refuse to put together a “package” of “life coaching” to sell. I would consider it a non-love venture, because love is not control.

Relationship is mutual reward. And while I could structure a relationship that has mutual reward in the way of exchange, I choose not to insert control into that scenario. What I do, is much more true to me. I share freely. I’ve always seen that it comes back around somehow.

As society is structured, I walk a poverty line. As love is structured, however, I walk in extraordinary wealth.

Our cover picture says it all. This is my turmoil. How to live in a free way without selling my soul.

11312720_1455294908103515_5190585755247252801_oIn love, JV