The sexiest part of a woman’s being is her mind, in my opinion.

But the sexiest part of her body is her tummy.


The tummy is the place that women are most often challenged with insecurity.

Intimacy is moving past the point of vulnerability.

When a woman allows you to observe and then worship her insecurity, her vulnerability, it becomes a power for her. The perceived perfection is connected to complete and unconditional love, and at this point the woman can relax past her fear into the parasympathetic (“no-mind” or out of her mind) pleasure.

And, having witnessed, and participated in this magic, I have to say it is an honor to share true intimacy with a partner who surrenders their most vulnerable fears for worship.

What results is the roar of a woman.

Kiss the tummy as you would the rarest treasure on earth. It is indeed such a treasure.