A splendid article on how to deal with CPS visits came across my screen. Here is that article, but I have some things to add…


Ironically, I have THREE friends dealing with CPS bullshit at the moment. One was just yesterday, and served to catalyze more separation from belief, and actual truth.

The friend yesterday was told by the cops, that if they didn’t cooperate, they would be arrested for “impeding their investigation”…

Uh, No. NO. HELL NO.

Hopefully, people know their rights concerning video inside their home, which is private.

I have three questions that I give to people who are dealing with CPS bullshit. Here they are:

1. Have I been accused of a crime? (There are three levels of allegation with the CPS system. There is negligence/neglect, which can be as simple as a kid outside in the yard without a parent – GASP… Then, there is abuse, which is some sort of physical harm to the child. Last, there is sexual abuse, which should be self-explanatory…  All three levels can be lumped into “child abuse” which is a crime. Although the CPS workers will sometimes admit that neglect is not necessarily a crime, I’d ask for a clear jurisdictional authority for them to act, if they do this.

It’s important that they are investigating a crime, because there is a CLEAR AND DOCUMENTED RIGHT to remain silent if accused of a crime. PERIOD. And, this right belongs to children as well.

2. Do I have a legal duty to assist you in your investigation? The only answer to this is NO. However, CPS workers will eagerly offer that if you don’t cooperate, they will go to the court and get a court order to get you to cooperate. This is bullying, no matter how one slices this sandwich. For a stranger to walk up to your door and demand that you bow down to them or have your life turned upside down? – THAT is BULLSHIT.

What do most do? Cooperate, out of fear. Many, through their cooperation, give the CPS worker enough information to formulate probable cause to further involve CPS, even remove the kids from the home. Some, however, fare well, and walk away unscathed. These appear to be people who are “normal” and fit into the mainstream societal framework in a way that mirrors the societal model of “normal.”

If one has been accused of a crime, and one has the right to remain silent, and one has the right to refuse unwarranted searches and seizures, and one has the right to face their accuser, WHERE THE HELL ARE ALL OF THOSE RIGHTS WHEN A CPS WORKER SHOWS UP AT YOUR DOOR? I posit that you probably believe they are non-existent. BULLSHIT. (The rights are just ignored by CPS and cleverly concealed.)

The real question is, are you willing to stand in the face of fear and remain silent, demand a warrant, and demand to face your accuser? (Either the STATE is not your accuser, OR they are an interested party in your guilt, which precludes them from participating -even the DA or the Judge – in the case that ensues, due to conflict of interest.)

3. Am I guilty until proven innocent, or innocent until proven guilty? This one boggles the minds of every CPS worker. It immediately induces cognitive dissonance into the belief system of the CPS worker. The CPS worker believes that their authority is above questioning. The highest level of  narcissistic, TERRORISTIC, and psychopathic approach is to believe that one’s authority is not to be questioned, and to use this approach to implement terror to the basic family unit when interacting. (Think of any kidnapping movie, and replace the villain with a CPS worker, and you have the picture).

This question also forces the CPS worker to walk past the fact that, while the adversarial justice system in America is based on the premise of “innocent until proven guilty”, CPS operates on the opposite premise of “guilty until proven innocent.” They damn well better not admit this on video, which is why this question leaves them fumbling for an answer.

The common answer is “Well, I have to conduct an investigation and determine if the complaint is valid or not.”

This is a statement of THEIR duty, NOT YOURS. It is irrelevant to the parent’s or caregiver’s duty.  They can conduct an investigation without even notifying, you, so requesting that you participate is more BULLSHIT.

It would be valid at this point to repeat question #2. “Do I have a legal duty to assist you in your investigation?” This is when the threats of arrest come out. To be clear, I’d extend my hands at this point, inviting handcuffs. I’d also say,“if you’re going to arrest me for exercising my right to remain silent, right to freedom from search and seizure without a warrant, and right to face my accuser, then by all means, let’s see where this goes…” (Fear control systems become evident when a bluff is called.)

The right to remain silent, The right to refuse search and seizure without a warrant, and the right to face one’s accuser are ALL in place, and ironically, CPS seems to think otherwise.

When they show up with cops, I’d call 9-1-1 and get it on recording that they are there in an attempt to attempt to gain a waiver of the right to remain silent, right to refuse search and seizure without having a warrant, and right to face one’s accuser.

Cops are often accompanying CPS workers, in an attempt to intimidate into compliance.

When cops show up and separate children, it would be a frustrating scenario for the bureaucracy, if the children were coached beforehand on how to resist fear and intimidation. Ironically, a child that knows how to resist fear and intimidation from “authority” figures is very likely a child who is without ANY threat of being in harm’s way at home.

CPS’s biggest concern, from what I can see, is that parents and children are “conformed” to the societal model of control. The rights of the individual is conveniently swept under the rug, in their approach. Those rights are not gone, just cleverly hidden, hoping that the accused won’t notice.

When the control construct goes out of control, and innocent people are terrorized, all bets are off, and the best way to avoid bullshit is to educate, prepare, and know the remedy. The remedy is keeping the burden of proof on their shoulders, and knowing how to effectively cross-examine their existence, approach, and alleged authority. Documenting this, with a video or other methods, is a MUST. Accountability makes the bureaucrats run like cockroaches in the light.

If you want more information on how the legal system works, and how to educate yourself in a way that totally empowers you to ask the cross-examination questions that can shut down the bulldozer of bureaucracy, I would suggest MarcStevens.net and his books.

One last thing. Cops, and probably CPS workers as well, can lie to you with impunity. Knowing, and exercising your rights, is your power.

  1. Know who you are.
  2. Know who has the burden of proof
  3. NEVER argue
  4. Know, and/or document your remedy. (Writing, video, and cross-examination are your friend, unlike the bureaucrat.)

This has been a Luck Fawyers educational moment. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming…