Joe Mathews (  ) just authored an article titled “Unvaccinated Families’ Addresses Should Be Made Public”  on and it’s a real gem.

Hey, Vaccine refusers – YOU are the target for the newest hate crime. Yep. Look for it. It’s probably time for you to expect shit on your doorstep, firecrackers in your mailboxes, and dead fish on your windshields. If they stop there. Joe politely wrapped this in terminology of “being an emmisary”, but you get the drift.

This sort of rabid, foaming at the mouth, is not going to be anything but ugly, so let’s get it over with. I mean, if you think fundamentalists are serious about hating people who have abortions, that picture pales in comparison to the hatred that’s coming out of people who are ANTI-CHOICE when it comes to vaccine.

Slavery Emancipation? Gay Rights? Next is the RIGHT OF REFUSAL.

Joe wants to know where you live. “WHY,” you ask? (It’s seriously creepy, when you look at how he presented it.)

Here is Joe’s rationale: “But a parent who won’t vaccinate is not making a private health decision: She is making a public health decision that profoundly affects others.”

[A picture of the above, in case it gets “edited” for political correctness… : ]

First of all, notice that Joe deems the “Parent” making this “public health decision” as a “She. Oops. Women are probably the stupid people who are making these decisions, and endangering community health, according to Joe. He’s a guy, you understand, so you get the gist of this.  – Wait. I’m a guy, and I disagree with him. Scratch the smarter/dumber gender thing, at least in my book. 

Joe seems to think that It’s a man’s world baby, and don’t you forget it. We had one women’s liberation, so let’s avoid another one… Forced penetration is an entirely new thing now, and you’re GOING to take this, one way or the other…

And, it’s THIS particular health decision that has Joe wanting to know where “these women” live.

Is he concerned with the people who prepare his food with a hint of feces on their hands, because they didn’t obey the law and wash their hands after relieving themselves? Or, is he concerned with the person on the bus that has the flu and touches everything after coughing also? Does he want to know where they live? Well he doesn’t say so, in this article.

What about Disney World? Is Joe pursuing a lawsuit because they didn’t screen people for vaccinations? Not apparently. Joe just wants to know where these particular women live.

Joe then demonstrates that he is (by definition) schizophrenic. First, he suggests “Second, parents who endanger the community’s health don’t deserve official protection.” (emphasis added) So, these parents are women who “endanger the community’s health.”

ENDANGER. So, if these women are a danger, it’s totally incongruent with Joe’s suggestion that: “People you know—neighbors, friends, co-workers—make better emissaries to the unvaccinated. But you can only be an emissary to unvaccinated neighbors or friends if you know they are unvaccinated.”

EMISSARY: A person sent on a special mission, often a scout, or a spy, or a diplomat.

So, Joe thinks it is okay to interact with these women who are endangering the community’s health?

Schizophrenia is often displayed by incongruent or conflicting statements. If these people are a danger, a reasonable person would not want to visit with them. I think that Joe’s suggestion of visiting them is only for one thing. To express the anger that Joe can’t possibly reveal on Time Magazine’s website.
Joe’s article leads me to believe the following:

Joe Mathews’ article makes me feel like he’s a creeper, because Joe probably:

  • hates you, if you’re a woman that refuses vaccinations, (He wants to control your medical decisions)
  • think’s he’s smarter than women, (He has it right, and you should do it his way)
  • thinks women who refuse vaccinations are stupid. (No men were harmed in the writing of Joe’s article)

Joe wants to (by his own words) visit you, in spite of his claims that you are “endangering the community’s health.” Joe’s article seems predatory, in my book. Sick, even. Because Joe wants to visit you, as an “emissary”, of course… (Hey ladies, he’s probably okay in the emissary position, just sayin’…)

Joe goes on to personalize it:

“This issue is personal… …I should have the right to know who those families are. And I look forward to the day when I can engage them in a conversation about what our families owe each other.” (emphasis added)

He wants to “engage” these women. His presentation is as creepy as Mr. Timn, and  I wouldn’t knowingly let him within a mile of my children


At least he gave you a warning.