NOTICE: ABSENT INTENT AS LEGAL ADVICE. (However, I’ve used this process for years now, and it really puts their teats in a wringer every time.) 

EMERGENCY… You have to go to the hospital. Ugh.

As one who usually avoids the medical/pharmaceutical industry unless a life-threatening or a severely imminent matter is present, I hate going to the hospital. But, with five children, it’s going to happen sometime.

And regardless of whether it is an injury, or non-stop projectile [fill in the blank] coming out of every hole, sometimes you just need to step back and get a doctor involved. I seriously don’t know how to fix a broken arm…

And when you go in, first, there are questions, questions, and then more questions. And then, the nightmare. FORMS… Forms that need your signature. And when you sign something, the reason is ALWAYS so that a liability is created.


Being a homeschooler, and more specifically an “unschooler,” we have coached our children on how to answer generic (and expected) questions about “what grade are you in,” or “Are you a good student?” (The answer to that is “I’m a good teacher.”)

I NEVER leave a child alone with a medical professional. The reason is that I don’t trust them, and my presence in their establishment is not a sign of trust in anything except the hope that I can have my child treated without being harassed or power-played

So, if a question comes up that may be common to ask, but makes me feel like I’m being interrogated, or I am uncomfortable with, I will verbally steer the conversation away from that, either casually, or just saying “We are here to get a possible broken arm investigated, and her schoolwork [or any other subject matter] is not at issue here.”

I’ve trained people for years on how to deal with “authority”, so I’m really prepared for almost any out-of-the-ordinary event. I used to be fear-struck when anyone would ask questions that may reveal that I was outside of the box.

FORMS (Admission forms or other forms):

This is the main issue that I want to cover here.

Shown are examples from a recent trip to the hospital with my daughter. She was playing, and bent her neck the wrong way, straining it. Her pain was not too severe, and I checked out her peripherals, her hand grip was good, no numbness in any extremity, and her eyes dilated and constricted with changing light. The next morning, however, she had a bit of nausea without any other reasoning. So, I decided to take her in to play it safe.

Here are the forms I altered/novated/disclaimed. The disclaimers I used are very powerful, and really negate any hooks that they are attempting to put in me.

Patient Rights And Responsibilities

Patient Consent

Conditions of Admission and Consent to medical treatment

At the close of the interaction, they produced a Promissory Note for me to sign.


I asked:

“Do I have a legal duty to sign this Promissory Note?” The clerk truthfully answered “No.” (If they had said yes, I could have either asked them to produce the law, or asked them if they were a lawyer and qualified to give me legal advice. – This always produces a noticeable “gulp” in the party attempting to coerce a signature.)

So, I said “Then, I refuse to sign it.” And that was that.

DISCHARGE INSTRUCTIONSThe Emergency Discharge form is really not necessary. They can’t do anything to you if you don’t sign it. They wanted me to sign it with a computer mouse, but I couldn’t add my disclaimers first, so I told them to print it if they wanted me to sign it. When I did the “Absent Joinder,” it was/is because the signature is in a box. Boundary law is important even on documents. If you’ve ever seen a boxed off section marked “Office Use Only”, it  is a section behind a boundary, and it is not for you to go into. This is a clear example of boundary law working on a document.

So, since the signature was/is in a box, “absent joinder” gives conspicuous notice that my intent is elimination of connection with anything outside of the signature box. The signature, therefore, is without power to the rest of the document.

Financial Agreement Disclaimer

On the document that begins with “IV. FINANCIAL AGREEMENT….” I COULD have stricken the entire section, but I really try to avoid fucking with them, because they are really acting in ignorance, and it’s not my job to fix, or educate them. It’s my job to protect my own ass, and I’m actually surprised that I didn’t see a standard carte blanche statement which would have given my consent to any medical procedure or practice that they “deemed” medically necessary. While I didn’t see it, it may have been in there, because this is a rushed procedure. They want their papers signed, and you want your problem attended to, so this is a quick process of disclaiming and moving on. Since this was my daughter that needed medical attention, and not myself, I made it as clean as possible without giving them a damn thing.

[NOTE CONCERNING AUTHORIZATION FOR TREATMENT: Many times, if I can see the section that gives them authority to do anything that they “deem” (not prove) to be medically necessary, I will strike this out, and will write in “ONLY AUTHORIZING INSPECTION OF, AND PRESCRIPTION OF TREATMENT FOR NECK INJURY” (or whatever the ailment is). I’ve seen a set of parents have their child seized by the state of Texas for refusing to do a surgery on their newborn, and this was because they had signed their paperwork without any disclaimers, or novations (changing the document).]

Notice that I also struck out a couple of the key provisions of the paragraph just before the signature on the Financial Agreement paperwork.

I noticed them that all signatures were “without waiver”, meaning that I retained all of my rights. I also noticed them that I was without assumption of any liability (guarantee of payment or any other liability.

Our friends just went to the same hospital, and the hospital tried to get them to sign a BLANK promissory note! This is not only unethical, it is a power play that is just fucked up. And they expect you to sign it. Our friends called me before doing this, and I told them how to avoid signing it, but asked for a picture of it. Here it is. Understand, signing this thing would have entitled the hospital to bill them for $500,000.00 for a simple IV for dehydration.

Blank Promissory Note sanitized


If you want more information on how to do this, or how your signature is what causes you problems, drop me a line by commenting here.