First, a poem:

The Magic of The Woman

Last night I dreamed a dream, a rarity for me.

I gained a long awaited peace through lucid scenery.

I saw that men, of which I’m one, have sought to long repress

The female magic that’s innate, which men do not possess.

The male has, through their physical force, compelled submission sure

Through fear of female magic, which though suppressed, endures.

The ego of the male is but a fearsome ugly beast

But balanced with the female, is a never-ending feast.

The focus on Excalibur, ignores the mighty stone

That held the sword with magic grasp, until ‘twas rightly owned.

And so without the rock of the divine in female form,

Man is but an ego, warring tired and battle worn.

Terrified of the disclosure of their egos exiguous;

Male has compelled female to reduce itself to lust.

While the law cannot be broken, ever so the fact is shown –

That the female OWNS divinity with her true philosopher’s stone.

To devise the purest balance, measure equal yin and yang,

Let the ego wane in balance, reach divinity again.

(c) Jay Vincent

I wrote this poem in 2011, after having exited a patriarchal form of Christianity, in which the woman was told to “submit”. At that time, I knew little of how this dynamic controls the entire world. But I started to study it, because the poem above came to me in revealed meditation.

Looking at the way the world works, observing the mechanics, and asking questions, meditating, waiting for revelation from varied sources, and then repeating the cycle.

And the path I have traveled, from east to west, is explicitly opposed to the masonic path that alleges (without substance) to be towards the light. I have traveled this opposite path to discover that I AM the light. As are you, dear reader. You are without the need of any  brotherhood or fraternity to enlighten you. And this article, while presenting information, is only for consideration. The light that is within you will confirm or deny this information as it pertains to you.

The path from west to east (The alleged path of fraternity-controlled enlightenment) is a path of legerdemain and trickery, because it subjugates the woman, just as its Christian counterpart does. And yet, the secret is hidden in plain sight, even when the feminine is subjected as irrelevant or less than masculine.

Most (not all) religions have some form of symbology that mirrors the following:

The masculine spire (cock) over the feminine bell (vagina)
The masculine spire (cock) over the feminine bell (vagina). Does your church have these sexual symbols on them?
Hiram Abiff, a staple fable of the Masonic fraternal order, really does his work by piercing the feminine symbology.
Hiram Abiff, a staple fable of the Masonic fraternal order, really does his work by piercing the feminine symbology.

And the mathematics of the universe are set aside through sleight of hand here. While the masculine spire rises over the belfry, if the belfry were not there for it to rest upon, if the altar of the church was not there for a podium to sit on, The point of the Compass is used to pierce the breast of the initiate in the masonic lodge, yet the picture above shows that Hiram Abiff is using that same compass to reveal the truths that are hidden in plain sight. WITHOUT the feminine, the masculine is but a spurting cock, an erect edifice without release, without abode, without fertile ground upon which to build his “empire”.

The mathematics of the universe show that the feminine IS the most important piece, AND does most of the work for the final issuance to come forth.

The feminine is the cauldron, adds the egg upon which the sperm acts, housing and nurturing the life created, until that life is also issued forth from her womb. The man, making one act of ejaculation, then lays claim to all of this, and calls it his own, and controls it by relegating it as the weaker vessel. I call BULLSHIT.


The God of the Bible is the YHVH, transliterated Jehovah. There is a Yod, which is masculine, and a Vav, which is feminine. The Bible is suspiciously written in a total masculine framework, where the masculine rules, and the feminine is subjugated to inferior, or ignored. NEVER is God presented in a feminine framework in the Bible. And yet, there is a feminine balance in the YHVH. It’s hidden in plain sight that the deception is there.

Likewise, the work of Hiram Abiff pictured above, piercing the feminine with the compass, and even the sigil of Lucifer, which the masonic is purportedly based upon, contains the feminine markings upon it’s face, in a way that mirrors Hiram Abiff’s feminine table.


[See the yellow feminine sign in the seal above. This is my individual seal.]

And the Luciferian is closely aligned or at least sympathetic with the symbol/personification of Baphomet, who is androgynous, because there is BALANCE of sexual presentation, both the feminine and the masculine.

And while the Luciferian purports to be masculine, there is the feminine symbology of the cauldron/cup/chalice in the sigil of Lucifer. The power of the feminine, while brute forced into silent submission, is clearly evident.

Here is the Baphomet in androgynous presentation.

The androgynous Baphomet
The androgynous Baphomet


The poem at the beginning speaks of the stone that held the sword – Excalibur. In my seal above, the words EHBEN MOSU HABONIM (The Stone Which The Builder’s Rejected) in my mind refers to the feminine that is relegated to silence and second class status.

YOU, dear feminine, are the stone that the builders rejected. You’ve been relegated to SLUT, or WHORE for embracing your sexuality. I’m here to tell you that it’s time to show the world your magic, and believe that your sexuality is yours. It’s time to possess the fullness of your sexuality with FREEDOM while releasing the fear.

It’s time to balance this world out. It’s time to walk into your darkness, that fearful place where you were anchored to abuse, control, shame,  or guilt, and to realize that YOUR light is brighter than those around you telling you that you need them to exist, be whole, or be happy.

It’s time to travel wherever the fuck you want to go, and roar while you are doing it.

Jay Vincent,

Twitter @JVagician