The Unruly

There is a growing class of people from all walks of life that are “unruly”. Call them Anarchists, Voluntaryists, Rebels, Terrorists, or whatever you want to call them. But I am one of them. And I refuse to be ruled by someone’s concept of “god” or “government” – which are basically both religious fictional constructs.

I’m unruly. Why, you ask? Because I’ve observed that those who say that “God” or “government” are going to get me are immediately silent when I ask them a few questions:

  • Is God/government big enough to handle this himself/itself, or does he/it need you to threaten me first?
  • Is Government subject to their own “laws”?
  • Do I have any rights to be heard on the matter, or does “God/government” demand my obedience without question?
  • If something or someone demands your obedience without question, is this a freedom construct, or a slavery construct?

And all of a sudden, their patriotism, and their religious piety, turns to mush when they realize that they have no substance with which to answer these questions.

And so, I ask you here today:

Are you unruly? Do you believe that individual freedom is YOURS, and YOU make the best choices for you?


Do you deserve to be ruled?

Are YOU the authority in your own life?


Does your “authority” allow your refusal, your dissent, your rebellion, or does your government force your compliance, by threat of lethal violence?

Does your authority respond fully to your questions, or are your questions treated as threats, and violence invoked?

Live. Be Unruly…

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