A New Hate Crime? If you refuse vaccines, Joe wants to visit you…

Joe Mathews ( http://blog.theautry.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/joe-mathews-095.jpg  ) just authored an article titled “Unvaccinated Families’ Addresses Should Be Made Public”  on Time.com and it’s a real gem.

Hey, Vaccine refusers – YOU are the target for the newest hate crime. Yep. Look for it. It’s probably time for you to expect shit on your doorstep, firecrackers in your mailboxes, and dead fish on your windshields. If they stop there. Joe politely wrapped this in terminology of “being an emmisary”, but you get the drift.

This sort of rabid, foaming at the mouth, is not going to be anything but ugly, so let’s get it over with. I mean, if you think fundamentalists are serious about hating people who have abortions, that picture pales in comparison to the hatred that’s coming out of people who are ANTI-CHOICE when it comes to vaccine.

Slavery Emancipation? Gay Rights? Next is the RIGHT OF REFUSAL.

Joe wants to know where you live. “WHY,” you ask? (It’s seriously creepy, when you look at how he presented it.)

Here is Joe’s rationale: “But a parent who won’t vaccinate is not making a private health decision: She is making a public health decision that profoundly affects others.”

[A picture of the above, in case it gets “edited” for political correctness… :https://www.pinterest.com/pin/325525879291701203/ ]

First of all, notice that Joe deems the “Parent” making this “public health decision” as a “She. Oops. Women are probably the stupid people who are making these decisions, and endangering community health, according to Joe. He’s a guy, you understand, so you get the gist of this.  – Wait. I’m a guy, and I disagree with him. Scratch the smarter/dumber gender thing, at least in my book. 

Joe seems to think that It’s a man’s world baby, and don’t you forget it. We had one women’s liberation, so let’s avoid another one… Forced penetration is an entirely new thing now, and you’re GOING to take this, one way or the other…

And, it’s THIS particular health decision that has Joe wanting to know where “these women” live.

Is he concerned with the people who prepare his food with a hint of feces on their hands, because they didn’t obey the law and wash their hands after relieving themselves? Or, is he concerned with the person on the bus that has the flu and touches everything after coughing also? Does he want to know where they live? Well he doesn’t say so, in this article.

What about Disney World? Is Joe pursuing a lawsuit because they didn’t screen people for vaccinations? Not apparently. Joe just wants to know where these particular women live.

Joe then demonstrates that he is (by definition) schizophrenic. First, he suggests “Second, parents who endanger the community’s health don’t deserve official protection.” (emphasis added) So, these parents are women who “endanger the community’s health.”

ENDANGER. So, if these women are a danger, it’s totally incongruent with Joe’s suggestion that: “People you know—neighbors, friends, co-workers—make better emissaries to the unvaccinated. But you can only be an emissary to unvaccinated neighbors or friends if you know they are unvaccinated.”

EMISSARY: A person sent on a special mission, often a scout, or a spy, or a diplomat.

So, Joe thinks it is okay to interact with these women who are endangering the community’s health?

Schizophrenia is often displayed by incongruent or conflicting statements. If these people are a danger, a reasonable person would not want to visit with them. I think that Joe’s suggestion of visiting them is only for one thing. To express the anger that Joe can’t possibly reveal on Time Magazine’s website.
Joe’s article leads me to believe the following:

Joe Mathews’ article makes me feel like he’s a creeper, because Joe probably:

  • hates you, if you’re a woman that refuses vaccinations, (He wants to control your medical decisions)
  • think’s he’s smarter than women, (He has it right, and you should do it his way)
  • thinks women who refuse vaccinations are stupid. (No men were harmed in the writing of Joe’s article)

Joe wants to (by his own words) visit you, in spite of his claims that you are “endangering the community’s health.” Joe’s article seems predatory, in my book. Sick, even. Because Joe wants to visit you, as an “emissary”, of course… (Hey ladies, he’s probably okay in the emissary position, just sayin’…)

Joe goes on to personalize it:

“This issue is personal… …I should have the right to know who those families are. And I look forward to the day when I can engage them in a conversation about what our families owe each other.” (emphasis added)

He wants to “engage” these women. His presentation is as creepy as Mr. Timn, and  I wouldn’t knowingly let him within a mile of my children


At least he gave you a warning.

When Women Are The Monsters They Hate

A while back, my wife and I acted in a way that objectified women. And women hate being objectified, or so they say…

It turns out, if it is a woman doing the objectification, it is no problem, and in fact, it is welcomed. Women love wolf whistles, catcalls, use of “pussy”, “ass”, “tits”, “boobs”, and even “jugs” in the compliments they receive, IF those compliments are from women.

Enter Heather Thomas, a mini-skirt designer from Australia, specializing in “pussy-length” skirts.

Heather Thomas, Capitalizing on Women's Objectification

Heather Thomas, Capitalizing on Women’s Objectification

My wife started facebook as “Kalo Hitty” (So this was just before facebook went on it’s “real name” rampage) But Heather approached her and said:

“Hi Kalo, I hope this finds you well. Sorry, its been awhile, life gets too darn busy!! lol I know we have never met, but its funny on FB with some, I feel like I know you a little from your lovely, cute, sexy posts! I love all your outfits! I design miniskirts and minidresses here in Australia and I see you love wearing minis too! I wish I had you as one of our models! You have a gorgeous figure and just amazing tits WOW I am jealous! You should be so proid of them!

Flattering, coming from a woman. In fact, VALIDATING. Women often tear each other down  in competitive battle. So this compliment coming from someone she didn’t know, well, it was pleasant. Not threatening at all. (Perception).

She then offers an exchange: “I would send you outfits and you can keep them in kind, if you like. Also would you be interested in being one of my reviewers on my designs and my models? I can tell you more about the process later and I would be happy to pay you if you do a good job!”

If you are wondering what Heather wants the reviews to contain, well, here you go, from Heather’s own request:

“Please feel free to just try a couple of reviews. A good example to follow would be Joanne Johns in album 9. Just as a guide. All I ask is that you go into lots of detail about the miniskirts and mindresses and also affirm each model’s tits, legs and their pussy high hemlines with each review. [W]e call these very short minis …. pussy high minis or pussy skimming minis etc. Also use the word titties for the smaller ladies and tits for the larger ladies. Is that all ok?

Keep in mind, I’m in full admission that, since this was from a woman,n I acted as if it was all just standard operating procedure. But there is a really fucked up thing going on here. While men WANT to be transparent and open with women, they are ridiculed, scorned, and even threatened if they act in the same manner that Heather is prescribing for my wife.

We’re pretty tight, my wife and I, and I’m a linguist, so I worded the reviews. Honestly, it was a positive experience to be able to say these things, while not having it received as acceptable and approved.”

Here’s what happened. We did a review. We asked (through Kalo’s account) “Give me feedback on what you like or would change.”

Heather responded:

“oh wow!!!!!!!!! that is just perfect well done!! Wow you are definitely IN!! gosh hunni you are such a natural at this”

We told her right up front: “We double teamed it with the wording. Jay helped on this one. He’s loving it too. Shhhhh.”

Heather said: “please feel free to keep going!”

Then this: “really be as sexy as you like, really go for it!! Be as creative as you like and really draw attention to their pussy revealing hemlines. Also for the bigger ladies you can say jugs too, if you want to.

Understand that Heather is directing the terminology here, and yet we fell for this. Because it was FUN, and no one was harmed.

But, if it had been known that a man was participating in this? Crucifixion would have been suggested.

Heather okayed that, however. And, while it was really bizarre to have the opportunity to say these things freely, I did it in a respectful way. And Heather confirmed that:

“Got it Kalo thank you so much -really you have a delightful and playful, yet honouring and affirming way with words -my models will be stoked!!!! xo”

Then, it started to dawn on me. “Wait a fucking minute. If the models KNEW it was a man, someone would be quick to scream sexual harassment!”

To be totally transparent, I HELD BACK on following Heather’s advice of being so explicit. And so Heather encouraged amping it up even more: “all I would say is just be even sexier with the models, give them everything you have got hun, lots of description about their tits, nipples and draw lots of attnetion to their pussy. Its nice if you address the models personally e.g. “her braless tits” or ‘your lovely big jugs” or ‘her sweet pussy’ etc hope that helps”

That’s when it started creeping me out. Yep. Sexually explicit, raw, in-your-face me. I’m as sexually provocative as I can be. And I was officially creeped the fuck out.

See, Heather is selling designs off of this bullshit. And so women seeking validation are probably lining up, seeing that other women will affirm her using these sexually explicit terms, well, it’s just totally fucking bizarre.

Now, let me give you a few examples of how this works for her.

This picture here:

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 11.43.05 AM

Got these comments.

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 11.46.12 AMYou can click on the pics here for a larger version. But if a man said these things? The venom of “pervert”, “creep”, “sicko”, etc would be hurled about immediately. Heather, however, has used this same objectification to build a business on, and the women that are her customers, duped that they are being objectified, because this affirmation is from women, jump on board eagerly, blind to the fact that they ARE what they claim to HATE.

I call bullshit. There’s a snake in the woodpile here, somewhere.

That’s just the beginning, however. It gets better (or worse, depending on how you’re taking this)


This picture right here

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 11.55.11 AM

Has a comment on it from a woman, that would be perceived as sexual harassment, if it had been issued by a man on a facebook post:


Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 11.57.41 AM

“Would love to cop a nice feel”… Yeah. And this is acceptable, and a total double standard, because it comes from a woman. And this is how Heather makes money.

Again, bullshit.

This one is even more disturbing, because it mentions pussy licks:

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 12.00.09 PMSee the last comment, if the other comments don’t rattle you enough.

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 12.01.28 PM Are you seriously confused yet? Women can say these things with impunity, because the feminist ideology is that MEN are the threat. MEN, if they say these things, are “DISrespecting” women’s bodies. And yet, here it is, for you to view. Women do it without a shred of backlash.

Here’s another:

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 12.06.31 PM

Last comment using “jugs”

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 12.06.55 PM

If a man told a woman how he enjoyed her “ample jugs”, well, he wouldn’t live to write this article.

We asked her why men were excluded from her albums.

Her response:

“So, in short, as a collective of women interested in uplifting, sexy, fem fashion to limit the reviewing to a womens-only forum. This has been a welcome change to the historic male orientated narrative.”

Marcy asked: “Is it still ok that jay is joining me in my expression?”

Heather responds: “Yes that’s ok I guess, in a way I would prefer your own reviews, but I guess as long as it still reflects what your expression is mainly xo”

So Heather is willing to compromise, as long as no one knows about it. Well, now they know. Fuck feminism that purports to honor women, and at the same time exploits them for monetary gain.

That’s Heather Thomas.

We approached her again about her doing this in a way that objectifies women, and she blocked the friendship connection on facebook.

If you want more of this tripe, visit her facebook page at:


In summary, I am disgusted that a woman objectifies women, claiming that she’s excluding the “male orientated narrative” all while allowing it under the table.

Women, she’s pimping you. I typed this with my middle finger firmly erected to the double standard.




Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 11.47.21 PM


What is a Masculinist?

Dunno. There. I admitted that I have no fucking clue what a “Masculinist” is, and I invented the word. I just kept seeing that many of the occurrences of the word “feminist” seemed to express (or reveal) some underlying anger, bitterness, or hatred towards men.

So, why did I invent the word? Because I’m a guy who:

  • Loves women
  • Has no desire to control women
  • Has no desire to own any woman
  • Realizes that women are magical beings
  • Realizes that women have been given a bad rap because of societal shaming them into repression with sexuality issues (slut shaming)
  • Realizes that women don’t complete men
  • Realizes that men don’t complete women
  • Realizes that the woman who owns her power is sexy
  • Realizes that a woman who is looking for “the one” who will complete her is unaware that she can be complete within herself
  • Realizes that a woman who is already complete in herself, and self-empowered is a woman who is extremely dangerous (to societal norms), and thus I applaud her

This is not a complete list. But I created the word “Masculinist” because I was going down a friends twitter follower list, and I kept seeing “feminist” pop up on the women’s descriptions. And whatever that means to them is of no concern to me. But I’m a Masculinist, goddammit, and if that twists your nipples, well then, it just twists your nipples…


Avoiding Bullshit At The Hospital

NOTICE: ABSENT INTENT AS LEGAL ADVICE. (However, I’ve used this process for years now, and it really puts their teats in a wringer every time.) 

EMERGENCY… You have to go to the hospital. Ugh.

As one who usually avoids the medical/pharmaceutical industry unless a life-threatening or a severely imminent matter is present, I hate going to the hospital. But, with five children, it’s going to happen sometime.

And regardless of whether it is an injury, or non-stop projectile [fill in the blank] coming out of every hole, sometimes you just need to step back and get a doctor involved. I seriously don’t know how to fix a broken arm…

And when you go in, first, there are questions, questions, and then more questions. And then, the nightmare. FORMS… Forms that need your signature. And when you sign something, the reason is ALWAYS so that a liability is created.


Being a homeschooler, and more specifically an “unschooler,” we have coached our children on how to answer generic (and expected) questions about “what grade are you in,” or “Are you a good student?” (The answer to that is “I’m a good teacher.”)

I NEVER leave a child alone with a medical professional. The reason is that I don’t trust them, and my presence in their establishment is not a sign of trust in anything except the hope that I can have my child treated without being harassed or power-played

So, if a question comes up that may be common to ask, but makes me feel like I’m being interrogated, or I am uncomfortable with, I will verbally steer the conversation away from that, either casually, or just saying “We are here to get a possible broken arm investigated, and her schoolwork [or any other subject matter] is not at issue here.”

I’ve trained people for years on how to deal with “authority”, so I’m really prepared for almost any out-of-the-ordinary event. I used to be fear-struck when anyone would ask questions that may reveal that I was outside of the box.

FORMS (Admission forms or other forms):

This is the main issue that I want to cover here.

Shown are examples from a recent trip to the hospital with my daughter. She was playing, and bent her neck the wrong way, straining it. Her pain was not too severe, and I checked out her peripherals, her hand grip was good, no numbness in any extremity, and her eyes dilated and constricted with changing light. The next morning, however, she had a bit of nausea without any other reasoning. So, I decided to take her in to play it safe.

Here are the forms I altered/novated/disclaimed. The disclaimers I used are very powerful, and really negate any hooks that they are attempting to put in me.

Patient Rights And Responsibilities

Patient Consent

Conditions of Admission and Consent to medical treatment

At the close of the interaction, they produced a Promissory Note for me to sign.


I asked:

“Do I have a legal duty to sign this Promissory Note?” The clerk truthfully answered “No.” (If they had said yes, I could have either asked them to produce the law, or asked them if they were a lawyer and qualified to give me legal advice. – This always produces a noticeable “gulp” in the party attempting to coerce a signature.)

So, I said “Then, I refuse to sign it.” And that was that.

DISCHARGE INSTRUCTIONSThe Emergency Discharge form is really not necessary. They can’t do anything to you if you don’t sign it. They wanted me to sign it with a computer mouse, but I couldn’t add my disclaimers first, so I told them to print it if they wanted me to sign it. When I did the “Absent Joinder,” it was/is because the signature is in a box. Boundary law is important even on documents. If you’ve ever seen a boxed off section marked “Office Use Only”, it  is a section behind a boundary, and it is not for you to go into. This is a clear example of boundary law working on a document.

So, since the signature was/is in a box, “absent joinder” gives conspicuous notice that my intent is elimination of connection with anything outside of the signature box. The signature, therefore, is without power to the rest of the document.

Financial Agreement Disclaimer

On the document that begins with “IV. FINANCIAL AGREEMENT….” I COULD have stricken the entire section, but I really try to avoid fucking with them, because they are really acting in ignorance, and it’s not my job to fix, or educate them. It’s my job to protect my own ass, and I’m actually surprised that I didn’t see a standard carte blanche statement which would have given my consent to any medical procedure or practice that they “deemed” medically necessary. While I didn’t see it, it may have been in there, because this is a rushed procedure. They want their papers signed, and you want your problem attended to, so this is a quick process of disclaiming and moving on. Since this was my daughter that needed medical attention, and not myself, I made it as clean as possible without giving them a damn thing.

[NOTE CONCERNING AUTHORIZATION FOR TREATMENT: Many times, if I can see the section that gives them authority to do anything that they “deem” (not prove) to be medically necessary, I will strike this out, and will write in “ONLY AUTHORIZING INSPECTION OF, AND PRESCRIPTION OF TREATMENT FOR NECK INJURY” (or whatever the ailment is). I’ve seen a set of parents have their child seized by the state of Texas for refusing to do a surgery on their newborn, and this was because they had signed their paperwork without any disclaimers, or novations (changing the document).]

Notice that I also struck out a couple of the key provisions of the paragraph just before the signature on the Financial Agreement paperwork.

I noticed them that all signatures were “without waiver”, meaning that I retained all of my rights. I also noticed them that I was without assumption of any liability (guarantee of payment or any other liability.

Our friends just went to the same hospital, and the hospital tried to get them to sign a BLANK promissory note! This is not only unethical, it is a power play that is just fucked up. And they expect you to sign it. Our friends called me before doing this, and I told them how to avoid signing it, but asked for a picture of it. Here it is. Understand, signing this thing would have entitled the hospital to bill them for $500,000.00 for a simple IV for dehydration.

Blank Promissory Note sanitized


If you want more information on how to do this, or how your signature is what causes you problems, drop me a line by commenting here.





First, a poem:

The Magic of The Woman

Last night I dreamed a dream, a rarity for me.

I gained a long awaited peace through lucid scenery.

I saw that men, of which I’m one, have sought to long repress

The female magic that’s innate, which men do not possess.

The male has, through their physical force, compelled submission sure

Through fear of female magic, which though suppressed, endures.

The ego of the male is but a fearsome ugly beast

But balanced with the female, is a never-ending feast.

The focus on Excalibur, ignores the mighty stone

That held the sword with magic grasp, until ‘twas rightly owned.

And so without the rock of the divine in female form,

Man is but an ego, warring tired and battle worn.

Terrified of the disclosure of their egos exiguous;

Male has compelled female to reduce itself to lust.

While the law cannot be broken, ever so the fact is shown -

That the female OWNS divinity with her true philosopher’s stone.

To devise the purest balance, measure equal yin and yang,

Let the ego wane in balance, reach divinity again.

(c) Jay Vincent

I wrote this poem in 2011, after having exited a patriarchal form of Christianity, in which the woman was told to “submit”. At that time, I knew little of how this dynamic controls the entire world. But I started to study it, because the poem above came to me in revealed meditation.

Looking at the way the world works, observing the mechanics, and asking questions, meditating, waiting for revelation from varied sources, and then repeating the cycle.

And the path I have traveled, from east to west, is explicitly opposed to the masonic path that alleges (without substance) to be towards the light. I have traveled this opposite path to discover that I AM the light. As are you, dear reader. You are without the need of any  brotherhood or fraternity to enlighten you. And this article, while presenting information, is only for consideration. The light that is within you will confirm or deny this information as it pertains to you.

The path from west to east (The alleged path of fraternity-controlled enlightenment) is a path of legerdemain and trickery, because it subjugates the woman, just as its Christian counterpart does. And yet, the secret is hidden in plain sight, even when the feminine is subjected as irrelevant or less than masculine.

Most (not all) religions have some form of symbology that mirrors the following:

The masculine spire (cock) over the feminine bell (vagina)

The masculine spire (cock) over the feminine bell (vagina). Does your church have these sexual symbols on them?

Hiram Abiff, a staple fable of the Masonic fraternal order, really does his work by piercing the feminine symbology.

Hiram Abiff, a staple fable of the Masonic fraternal order, really does his work by piercing the feminine symbology.

And the mathematics of the universe are set aside through sleight of hand here. While the masculine spire rises over the belfry, if the belfry were not there for it to rest upon, if the altar of the church was not there for a podium to sit on, The point of the Compass is used to pierce the breast of the initiate in the masonic lodge, yet the picture above shows that Hiram Abiff is using that same compass to reveal the truths that are hidden in plain sight. WITHOUT the feminine, the masculine is but a spurting cock, an erect edifice without release, without abode, without fertile ground upon which to build his “empire”.

The mathematics of the universe show that the feminine IS the most important piece, AND does most of the work for the final issuance to come forth.

The feminine is the cauldron, adds the egg upon which the sperm acts, housing and nurturing the life created, until that life is also issued forth from her womb. The man, making one act of ejaculation, then lays claim to all of this, and calls it his own, and controls it by relegating it as the weaker vessel. I call BULLSHIT.


The God of the Bible is the YHVH, transliterated Jehovah. There is a Yod, which is masculine, and a Vav, which is feminine. The Bible is suspiciously written in a total masculine framework, where the masculine rules, and the feminine is subjugated to inferior, or ignored. NEVER is God presented in a feminine framework in the Bible. And yet, there is a feminine balance in the YHVH. It’s hidden in plain sight that the deception is there.

Likewise, the work of Hiram Abiff pictured above, piercing the feminine with the compass, and even the sigil of Lucifer, which the masonic is purportedly based upon, contains the feminine markings upon it’s face, in a way that mirrors Hiram Abiff’s feminine table.


[See the yellow feminine sign in the seal above. This is my individual seal.]

And the Luciferian is closely aligned or at least sympathetic with the symbol/personification of Baphomet, who is androgynous, because there is BALANCE of sexual presentation, both the feminine and the masculine.

And while the Luciferian purports to be masculine, there is the feminine symbology of the cauldron/cup/chalice in the sigil of Lucifer. The power of the feminine, while brute forced into silent submission, is clearly evident.

Here is the Baphomet in androgynous presentation.

The androgynous Baphomet

The androgynous Baphomet


The poem at the beginning speaks of the stone that held the sword – Excalibur. In my seal above, the words EHBEN MOSU HABONIM (The Stone Which The Builder’s Rejected) in my mind refers to the feminine that is relegated to silence and second class status.

YOU, dear feminine, are the stone that the builders rejected. You’ve been relegated to SLUT, or WHORE for embracing your sexuality. I’m here to tell you that it’s time to show the world your magic, and believe that your sexuality is yours. It’s time to possess the fullness of your sexuality with FREEDOM while releasing the fear.

It’s time to balance this world out. It’s time to walk into your darkness, that fearful place where you were anchored to abuse, control, shame,  or guilt, and to realize that YOUR light is brighter than those around you telling you that you need them to exist, be whole, or be happy.

It’s time to travel wherever the fuck you want to go, and roar while you are doing it.

Jay Vincent,


Twitter @JVagician