ALL Cops are Pathological Liars – (How to use this to your advantage)


Cops are not only pathological liars, they are legally allowed (contrary to the public protection of the law provision in the so-called constitution) to LIE to you to obtain your admission or to gain evidence to be used against you or whomever else is in their crosshairs.

Here’s an example of the 9th Circuit (the most unconscionable pimps in robes) ruled away the equal protection of the law in such a case.

It’s common knowledge that the police lie frequently. In fact, it is wise to assume that ANYTHING coming out of the mouth of a cop (badge wearer of ANY flavor) is a damn lie.

Some of the more standard lies are:

  • You’re not in any trouble, I just want to ask you a few questions
  • We don’t want to hurt you (heard on this video – 3:01 just before they murder the guy)
  • If you don’t have anything to hide, there’s nothing to worry about
  • I am a cop because I like to help people
  • You are required to show me ID
  • You are required to identify yourself
  • You are being detained because your actions are “suspicious”
  • Your [friend, passenger,family member, etc] already told us you did it.

They never want to just ask you a few questions. There’s a motive behind the questions. They want to charge you with a crime, arrest you, take you to jail, and see you convicted for SOMETHING.

They definitely DO want to hurt you. Those who wear the badge often claim that they are in law enforcement to help people. The truth is, they get a sick and twisted adrenaline rush from hurting, even killing people with almost guaranteed immunity.

Hell, if they shoot someone, they get a paid vacation called “paid administrative leave.” Often, that leave can amount to quite a time off. When a person has an event that they can create, which results in them getting PAID TIME OFF, that is called an INCENTIVE. So, Cops DO WANT TO HURT YOU or even KILL YOU. They are incentivized to do just that.

What about “If you don’t have anything to hide, there’s nothing to worry about”? A really powerful response is: “Why are you lying to me?”  This question immediately puts them on the defensive and they say “I’m not lying” (another lie)and they they re-emphasize their claim that if there’s nothing to hide, there should be no worries about me giving consent for a search. That is the proper time to agree with them. “Okay, If there’s nothing to hide, I’ll consent for you to search my vehicle, right after you prove that there’s nothing to worry about by letting me search your vehicle FIRST while you are in handcuffs.” This changes the dynamic quickly…

On being required to “Identify” yourself… If there’s no Reasonable Articulable Suspicion, then there’s no authority to detain. Many of the videos currently surfacing on Youtube challenge a cop for Reasonable Articulable Suspicion, and the cops will come back with, “You ARE acting suspiciously.” The videographer is well within their rights to demand “SUSPICIOUS of WHAT CRIME?” When a cop claims your actions are suspicious, they’re hoping you buy the lie that that is enough to detain you. DON’T fall for it. They’re bullshitting you. Pin their ass down for the specific statute or code that they claim you’re suspected of violating. As I state in this video, cops often struggle mentally when being asked to produce factual authority for their actions. They depend on the thin blue whine, I mean line, to support them, collaborate, and conspire to keep them out of hot water.

If you’re not detained because the cop can articulate WHAT FUCKING CRIME you are suspected of committing, you’re not being detained legally. Let’s be honest. The “legal” system of the U.S. has turned into a fuck-over powered by cops and pimped by the robed wearing assholes that have absolutely NO accountability.

If a cop tells you that someone else has already given a statement that you committed some crime, or that your co-passenger’s story was different, you should assume that this is a lie, and continue to keep your mouth shut.

If you have a passenger, and you get pulled over, IMMEDIATELY, and before the Blue EGO comes up to your car, tell your passenger(s): “If we get separated during this, SAY NOTHING. You can’t get a charge for remaining silent. Yes, they can retaliate, but it’s not nearly as bad as fucking up and having your words twisted into a real charge. It might even offer you the opportunity to score big on a civil rights lawsuit. 

Remember, Asking a cop directly, why they are lying to you changes the dynamic of the exchange. 

Blue EGOS Matter, and ANYONE wearing a badge is a compulsive liar.
They’re NOT the good guys.

Engaging The Mind Of A Cop. Playing Q&A. (Part 1) To be continued

How to Play Q&A with the Cops (Part 1) 

I offer this for entertainment, education, and information purposes only. This presentation is absent authority as legal or other professional advice. You are tasked with doing your own due diligence before taking ANY action, especially one that is inferred or alluded to hereon.

Many times when cops approach they start out with an assuming air of superiority and authority.  “They hold their fingers up as if they are simulating holding an ID and they ask “Do you have ID?” as if they have the right to ask you this any time they want.

While this is not Hitler’s Germany yet, thus they don’t have the right to just demand that you display ID.

Here is a wonderful resource on when and how a “person” must legally present ID to a cop.


Cops have training on how to orient the most common belief systems (authoritative) into (a) believing that THEY are the authority, (b) that there is something that you need to answer for, and (c) that it’s your unquestionable duty to answer to them. They ORIENT their frame to this scenario. The best thing I’ve found, which is contradictory to the subconscious desire to argue one’s way out of this, is to merely ask questions that disorient, and thus give way for a different frame. A DISORIENTED frame has, thus far given me MANY opportunities to interface with badge-wearers, and walk away laughing (at them, mostly, but there have been times that it was with them).

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 12.03.33 PM.png


If you want to disorient them, flash their gang sign back to them. Hold your fingers up emptily as if you are holding an ID in them, just like they flashed to you. Ask “Why are you flashing a gang sign at me?” This immediately puts them in the horrifying frame of being seen as the criminals they are, and takes them out of the frame they are accustomed to, which is being obeyed without question.

WARNING. Disorienting a cop with wordplay is something I do on a case-by-case basis. There are interactions with cops that are less than optimal for this to occur, and I avoid it. My goals when interfacing with the so-called “authorities” is to (1) escape as quickly as possible, (2) not be raped legally, nor aggressed upon, and (3) to make it an exit that leaves me in control of my being – I don’t care if this leaves them with a bad taste in their mouths… So, the warning is – use extreme caution when speaking to a cop, because their egos can and often do set them off into apeshit mode quite easily. Their mental aptitude is not usually compatible with factual logic and reasoning.  Disorienting a cop the right way has produced good results for me. I’m presuming that doing it the wrong way could result in triggering a cop into “I-beat-my-wife-for-questioning-me, so I’ll KILL YOU, you motherfucker” mode. 

The mindset of a cop is as follows:

  1. I’m always right. (We could stop there…)
  2. If I believe it, the person in front of me is guilty of something, whether or not there is evidence to support my belief. My questions will precipitate evidence to support my belief, or I can goad this person into reacting in a way that allows me to gain control over them.
  3. EVERYONE, if not wearing a badge, is guilty until proven innocent (of at least one, probably more crimes).
  4. My partner, or my organization (my gang) will back me up on this, so I can lay my individual conscience to the side, and just go with what I believe as stated in item number 2 above. It is irrelevant whether my actions are factually moral or ethical. I’m backed up by the thin blue line, which means if I do something “wrong”, they will cover for me, and help me paint it in a way that looks more acceptable, if not downright heroic.

So, as you can see, the cop BELIEVES that you are a criminal, whether or not there is evidence to support their belief. Their trained ability to gain admissions from you, or to be able to twist your words INTO an admission is all they need be armed with, mentally (they believe). They are actually programmed with an “us-versus-them” mentality, so that everyone NOT wearing a badge is PRESUMED to be guilty until proven innocent.

Thus, their accusing tone is predictable. They WANT you to feel and believe that you need to defend yourself or “get out of” whatever their belief system holds you accountable for (facts be damned).

Arguing with them, or trying to convince them that they are wrong in their belief system is a LOSING situation. 

What creates change? For the most part, unless there is a HUGE benefit to be gained, Crisis breeds change. In belief system interaction, this would be a cognitive dissonance situation. Let’s use the scenario of yelling “FIRE” or “SHOOTER” or “RUN” in a crowd. What immediately happens? There is a crisis in the belief of safety, so the mind of the hearer goes into immediate fight or flight, and their only option that seems available is to use “flight”.  Their belief system (“I’m okay and safe”) became challenged in crisis. This is cognitive dissonance mode, and one can either bury themselves deeper in their belief that they are okay, in spite of the strong indicators that deny that belief, or they can adopt a new belief system.

Cops are no different. They have a belief system that PRESUMES you are guilty, and going to argue with them. They’re ready for that challenge (crisis). They’ve been programmed past it. They entrench deeper into the belief system that YOU must be guilty, because you’re arguing with them to “hide” your guilt. Their belief system becomes more solidified when you argue. It PROVES their mental frame that you are guilty, because they have been programmed that EVERYONE is guilty, and when challenged, they will try to argue out of that challenge.

(Disclaimer- As much as I know this, and even though I train others to interface with this bullshit, there are times when I can’t resist a good jab… I sometimes make positive statements of fact, as if I expect them to believe it – Argument.)

Disorienting questions (or answers) can challenge the core of their belief systems to the point of crisis, presenting the door for opportunity – having them actually THINK about the facts of the situation, rather than just relying on their programmed belief.

Some more examples:

Cop: Do you have ID?

Me: Several

This speaks to capacity. I’m a teacher, interfaith minister, word mage, dad, husband, lover, muckraker, and many other capacities. Each of these carries an “Identity.”

Because the cop was vague, and ambiguous on what he meant by “ID”, I just affirmed that by being vague and ambiguous in mirror.

In light of the aforementioned goals with my cop interactions, I have tools as well. Disorientation is one of those tools. I want to bring the cop out of trance, as softly as possible, and bring them into a space that is at least partially free of their hypnotized and subconscious programming. I want to reach their human element.


With the above example, the cop is forced to be more specific, by my issuance of one word. This is laconic. One NEVER wants to be loquacious when dealing with cops. The cop now has to think about what he says, and how it is interpreted. This process is painful for the cop. Mentally, many cops are challenged when it comes to this. There are  some cops that are of higher intelligence, but I would rank MOST on the low scale, for the simple reason that they have easily been programmed to believe that most of society is guilty of something and that they have to fix this USING VIOLENCE. They are base-level thugs, and Hitler and his SS (Cops) proved out that legal is absent equality with morality and/or ethics.

What I am describing is a path to bring them out of their hypnotically trained response, and into actuality.

Most of us go through life in trance. We have belief systems, and these belief systems govern our automatic choices. 


We are programmed from birth to six years old with automatic programming that allows us to be controlled easier, and (to our programmed belief) thus avoid punishment or harsh outcomes.

  • Don’t touch that, it will burn you
  • If you disobey me, I’ll spank you
  • Don’t climb that, you could fall and hurt yourself
  • God loves you, but he will send you to hell if you “sin”
  • The cop is your friend, unless you do wrong, then he’ll take you to jail
  • Etc…

There are some factual programs above, in that it could actually burn you, you could be spanked for disobeying, and you could be hurt if you fall from climbing, but the truth is that all of us have quickly touched a hot stove in a way to measure heat, without burning ourselves. We’ve climbed things that our parents didn’t want us to, without injury, perhaps. Most of the programming we receive with fear (or punishment) attached to it, is simply control-based programming.

Those systems are ripe for challenging… Snicker…

So we proceed through life, avoiding the programmed punishments. This is conformity and uniformity, and makes the system run smoother. Imagine if everyone questioned cops. There would be mass frustration in the rank and file of law-enforcement. They’d have to deal with the fact that their job is mostly egoic entitlement to control of the actions of others, EVEN if there is no victim. (Lightbulb moment!)


  • Run a stop sign on a back neighborhood street at 3 in the morning when NO ONE is on the street? You’re a criminal! (in the eyes of the cops)
  • Go 5 miles over the posted limit? You’re a criminal! (we’ve all done it, and no one was injured in most of these cases)
  • Smoke pot in your own home in a state that is in prohibition? You’re a criminal! (even though no one is harmed)

The list goes on.

But when we climb that object without falling, and when we run that stop sign without incident, there is a disconnect from our belief systems. We then WEIGH OUT, in every similar situation, whether or not the risk of challenging our belief systems is worth it.


And that is where I want the cop to be. They are programmed in EGO. EGO is the opposite of THINKING. EGO is Programming! Blue EGOS Matter.

Just pointing out that they operate through their butthurt could be enough to cause them to go into defensive mode, thinking, and walking their way back to honor and being a fucking human. If you do this to a sociopath, you could end up dead, however. And there ARE sociopaths on the police force of every agency that claims to be “law enforcement”.

My thought is, if you have to bow the knee when you don’t want to, you’re already dead.

Every man dies. Not every man lives. 

Fuck the police.

[Note” I’ve realized I haven’t given you a list of questions to ask, but many of those reading this can surmise that questioning what is presented by counter-intuitive wording, is very effective. In my next installment, I will cover the lies that police commonly offer, and how to respond. The concept here is to QUESTION authority, through the use of communication, which may or may not necessarily be “questions” in grammatical form.]

To be continued…

The Police Are Paranoid Schizophrenics

Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 8.20.43 AM.png

The police are always in fear for their life. EVERY time you read or hear a report about them shooting an unarmed person, it was because they were in “fear for their life.”

Yet, when they present in attitude, they’re always “Billy Badass”, screaming orders for compliance, and threatening punishment for non-compliance.

This is textbook schizophrenia, and also paranoia.

Just sayin’…

How To Find Out Where Cops (Robbers) Live.

This should be public information, since they are “public” servants (allegedly), and the information of who, and how that affects the municipality or county affects you, the following, save for the residence address, which is easy enough to obtain by one of the follow up methods I’ll list.

NOTICE: I’m a wordsmith, a social engineer, and very experienced at muckraking. What I am presenting here is a SAMPLE of work similar to my prescribed and proven method, and yet if you cut and paste what I’ve presented here, without knowing what you are doing, you will probably look like a fool to those receiving your correspondence. If, however you know what you are doing, feel free to edit, customize, and otherwise make this your own. I present it without authority or intent as legal advice.

So, with that out of the way, the next order of business is “Why in the fuck would someone write an article like this?” My answer is “Why not?” Police can and often do roll right up to the doorsteps of unsuspecting people, whether or not they like it. Besides, isn’t it a popular police bullshit line to say “If you don’t have anything to hide, you shouldn’t be concerned, right?”

You DESERVE to know where the police live, exist, and hole up at night. They definitely know this about the general public.

I only have one wish. If you follow through on gaining the information you seek, make it publicly available in public forums. Let your neighbors know who, among them is a police officer. Sex offenders are required to register, and often announce where they live. The police are, without question, legal occupiers, no different from Hitler’s Schutzstaffel, and thus they are a scourge, a threat to peaceful people whom the police see as targets for legal plunder.

{See also }


The first step in the process is to write a letter, preferably under REGISTERED MAIL, and containing a pre-payment of at least $10 in a Postal Money Order made payable to the city, county, or office of whomever is the custodian (for example the county elections office, if you’re asking for public information on elected officials…

This method is readily available as a public information request, but most either don’t use it, or don’t know how. Going into the office in person and asking for it is a NO-NO. They will often lie to you and tell you they don’t have to give it to you, or turn you away for some reason. This method is the most solid I’ve found, because it gives payment in good faith up front by registered mail, which they have to sign for, so there is no denying that they received it. If there is a problem, they have to respond in WRITING, which is something they do in a more responsible manner than with an interaction (face-to-face) that they can say anything and have it be undocumented.


Here’s a sample letter:

Sample Letter for Public Records.jpg

While you’re waiting on a response, you can also check the internet for the county elections office in your county. Many times, they will have a voter registration database online that you can just download. These databases yield valuable information for those who want to stay aware of the fuckers that claim to be “government”.

Also, the city and county tax assessor’s office is another resource. Ask (in writing) for the database of taxpayer information.

When asking for databases, ask additionally for XLS (Excel Spreadsheet) and CSV (Comma Separated Values) TEXT, if possible, so that it can be imported into either Excel or another spreadsheet program such as Numbers.

When you have that information, you will probably have to do the next step physically. Go to the Recorder of Deeds (Register of Deeds, if you’re in North Carolina) or the Clerk of Court, if that is where the real estate records are kept. At this office, you can search each name on the information you get from the initial sample, and search for real estate records or other public recordings in that name. Often, you can find court cases of cops being sued before you started looking at their information.


[REMEMBER, LOOK UP THE “PUBLIC RECORDS LAW” for your state. Many times, these statutes prohibit the custodian (flunky behind the counter) to ask you why you wan the record. If that prohibition is in your state, remind them of it, if they ask you why you want the record. IF your state is a “One Party Consent” state, it would be a smart move to record the encounter.]

Have fun, and know where the threats are. Oh, and don’t let them give you any shit.



The Thin Blue Line is INHUMAN.

The Thin Blue Line… The band of loyalty among cops, is proven to be a threat to freedom.

The #ThinBlueLine is a place where officers can observe one of their own murdering an innocent victim ( #TerrenceCrutcher ), and then the officers COMFORT the MURDERER, while watching the VICTIM die without rendering medical assistance.

This is exacerbated by the baseless and disparaging commentary from the helicopter, which provided footage from above. First, “Time for Taser, I think.” Then,”That looks like a bad dude, too… [unintelligible] be on something.”

Helicopter commentary and footage:

So, the overhead observers are judging this to be a good-guy, bad-guy situation without a SHRED of evidence, and then the Tulsa police MURDER Terrence Crutcher, and then walk away from his dying body, while appearing to comfort his murderer.

What we as Americans have been offered is war. War is where soldiers kill people based on presumptions, using the claim of “I’m just doing my job.” Cops are soldiers. And, just like the little babies that are blown about and shot under the guise of “national security”, the cops are killing people with no remorse. 

In the above video, the pigs shoot Charles Kinsey, who is NOT a threat, who is NOT committing a crime, and who is UNARMED, and then they leave him bleeding and handcuffed. This is SOCIOPATHIC. If these fuckers claim they feared for their lives, when there was NO FUCKING GUN found, then they are mentally DANGEROUS and in constant PARANOIA.

In these two examples, THERE ARE MANY MORE, the police shoot unarmed and non-threatening victims, and then LET THEM BLEED and/or DIE. There is no expression of remorse, nor regret.

Now, let’s see what happens when they shoot one of their own accidentally:

This Lieutenant is reportedly being sued, as he should be, by the undercover cop he shot repeatedly.

When they shoot one of their own, they immediately react in a different way. They got this undercover cop (Grant) to the hospital, and he survived to sue the lieutenant. Now, the Lieutenant is blaming the undercover for getting shot! No shit! The police are always right, didn’t you know?

It’s time to admit that the police have FILLED their rank and file with SOCIOPATHICALLY predisposed beings. If they aren’t predisposed to be sociopathic, then it’s trained into them in BLET (Basic Law Enforcement Training). Worse, the predictability of one cop covering for another cop that has just acted sociopathically, is a clear and present danger.

Your life is in danger when the pigs show up.


There has never been a time in recent events, to observe the phrase: “It’s better to be tried by 12 than carried by six.” (Although, let’s admit it, the courts are as corrupt as the police.) There was a time when our forefathers arrived at the point where they just shot the fuckers.

For those of you who say I’m disrespecting the police, so what? Respect is a MUTUAL thing. FEAR is one-sided, so what you’re saying is that I’m not afraid, because the police present respect when what they mean is “FEAR”.

Here’s how I really feel about them:


An Open Letter to “Law Enforcement” (with a side note to “judges”)

An Open Letter To “Law Enforcement”

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 10.29.01 PM.png

Blue EGOS Matter. Let’s cut the bullshit. We’ve all seen the videos of a chase, and when the alleged criminal gets out of the vehicle and lays face down on the ground, they’re piled on by 10 + officers and either have the shit beat out of them, or worse. When someone doesn’t follow your (often UNlawful) orders, you go into “apeshit” mode. You’re trained to move people into their sympathetic fear response of fight or flight, so that you can arrest them and invoke your psychopathic need for control. (See the linked “Psychopath’s Bible for reference)

That is because you, as a whiny little cunt, screaming “Respect My Authoritaiii” can’t stand having your ego challenged. You’re in a constant state of butthurt. Right now, as you’re reading this, the hair on the back of your collective necks is rising, or at least the stubble of the militarized buzzcut or shave that you have is twitching.

I’ve seen it time and time again. When someone asks on video “Am I being detained?” The ego of the cop rises up. “Oh shit, here’s one of these assholes that is going to question my authoritaii.”  The way you react would be comical, if it wasn’t often followed by bullying, and life-threatening childish outbursts of tantrums backed by your EGO.

It’s not your “authority” that is the concern. It’s your fucking EGO, you Napoleonic-Inferior-Complexed-Steroidsucking-crybaby. It’s how you DEMAND that your questions be answered without wanting to answer the substantive questions WE have.

The laughable thing is that many of the currently surfacing videos of cop interaction show that cops often struggle mentally. They struggle to understand why we won’t “respect authoriataiiii” when they can’t even articulate WHAT FUCKING CRIME we have   committed or are suspected of committing. The most obvious crime that is surfacing on the youtube videos is the crime of “contempt of cop”. The battle cry from henceforth is “BLUE EGOS MATTER.” Instead of dealing with the matter in an intellectual, logical, (and honest) way your choice is to brute force the matter back into your very, very small box of training. You’re bullies. Punks. Ego-fueled psychopaths, that are often sociopathic. You allow yourself to harm someone physically, just to soothe your bruised egos. The lawsuit payouts don’t lie. The payouts are getting more frequent for your brutality-based operations. Harming someone is your FIRST reaction. You seek to make people pay for victimless crimes, so that you can have a job. You want to generate revenue, so that you can keep believing that you’re in charge. Uh, No. No more.

Relationship is built on four pillars: Communication, Trust, Honesty, and Respect. Law enforcement, and even the so-called “justice” system, and the black-robed idiots that act without accountability have NONE of these pillars. What America has turned into is a hostage situation. The populace are hostages, and the police are the perpetrators, along with, and let’s not leave them out, lest they be butthurt as well, “judges”, or as I like to call them, “incompetent”.  BLACK ROBE EGOS DEFINITELY MATTER. Contempt exists of a judge getting their panties in a wad. Nothing more, nothing less.

So, Cops, YOU are the grasshoppers. We, the 99%, are the ants. We are discovering that the BULK of your existence, the MASS of that badge you wear is nothing more than EGO and hubris. We’re calling you out on it. We won’t comply with your EGO. We won’t submit to your BUTTHURT. If you want to control us, try fairness. Try humility, Hell, try being a fucking HUMAN. You’re NOT superior. If anything, at this present moment, you’re the low-goddamn-man on the totem pole.

You can kill us, but you can’t make yourself honorable by doing so. Faith in this system is GONE. You’re on the front line of a very big problem. And I have a revelation for you. Your EGO is no match against the demand of those who are tired of your bullshit. You aren’t the “good guys” any more. You’re the butthurt punks with oversized egos and undersized minds. (I’d be very happy for you to prove me wrong and act with logic, honesty, communication, respect and trust.)

You lose. Unless, of course, you change action now, and try to establish relationship. “Rules without relationship equals rebellion.” If you want this to get worse, keep demanding compliance without communication, trust, honesty, and respect for OUR value.

I’m going to print shirts with BLUE EGOS MATTER on them. I’m going to market the fact that you are acting in ego. If you want it to change, That is YOUR fucking responsibility. I’m merely pointing out that the emperor is clothed (badged, in this case) in mostly ego.

For now, we’re pointing cameras and middle fingers at you. The next move is yours.

Blue EGOS Matter. But not as much as the demand for freedom.

[Author retains all rights, including the right of interpretation of the words and terms used hereon. Per Disclaimer, publicly recorded]



The magic word

to “con” and “tempt”

the timid and afraid.

A judge would hide

their true intent,

controlling masquerade.

Sociopaths rule the day

display of fasces shown;

if you complain “disclosure”

you’ve missed it all along.

The mace erect, displayed,

to bludgeon discontent.

but some can see hypocrisy,

and live lives of dissent.

Extending counter symbol,

expressed with finger stiff:

Take your drugs, you punk-ass judge

your power is a myth.

Outside The Box

We had a box. It was a really amazing box. It had white floors, designer furniture, a two car garage, a really cool attic space, and a picturesque setting. We thought it was our dream home.

Then, in 2004, Bank of America (BOA) started foreclosure proceedings against us. I dug my heels in immediately, and begin to study the mortgage, the system, and the intricacies of how things work. I found bank fraud, because subpoenaed the Note that BOA claimed to have, and they didn’t have it. I made sure to bring a certified court reporter that I had hired, because they sure as hell weren’t going to preserve the evidence for me. I documented it. And yet, even though they had no right, this miserable cunt, JoAnn Caudle, signed the foreclosure order illegally (without meeting the legal standard), and upheld her right to act with impunity. (Fuck the rules, the banks bring us a lot of business, and this is my job.)


Jo Ann Caudle – Lying CUNTBAG

(Picture edited and used under fair use.)


And the state that was supposed to provide equal protection, DIDN’T.

So, we moved on with our lives, so to speak. I, however, have not recovered from this trauma of the State of North Carolina raping us legally without accountability.

We lost over 80% equity…

I carry with me this…Curse, or perhaps it’s a gift. I have never been able to figure out which.

I don’t trust the system enough to rebuild an asset base. Why work for it, when they can just take it without following their own rules?

What’s the flip side of this coin?

Well, I learned the system like no one else I’ve encountered (other than lawyers, who are basically word mages.) I know that words are what we are bound with.  I know that our signature (agreement) creates our liability. I know that capacity is negotiable, and so the assumption that we are a slave can be inverted and questioned in a way that makes things “go away.”

I’ve had lots of opportunities to help other people document fraud, move assets to arm’s length, remove or limit liability, and establish the knowledge of who they are, legally.

I’m NOT a lawyer. I do know word magic, however. I’m adept at seeing THEM become disoriented, instead of falling prey to their attempts to disorient and thus control.

The problem is this. I abhor pursuing “income.” That word is magic, by the way. I have helped some pretty high level professionals structure their assets in a way that protects their privacy and eliminates or limits their liability.

I can’t hang out a shingle, like a lawyer, and yet, for someone with money, I know how to totally map out their structure in a way that frees them to a very large degree. Freedom from judgments/lawsuits, freedom from being in a position of testifying against themselves as they have been programmed to do, and freedom to maintain their privacy in a way that is  laughingly entertaining (when one sees people trying to gain information on said individual.)

There’s more, but my dilemma is that I don’t want a “normal” life. I want a life that turns this entire motherfucker upside down – So that people like that shitbreath – Jo Ann Caudle can find themselves accountable for assuming a title of “honorable” while being sociopathically opposed to the characteristics of that title.

Jo Ann Caudle is a lying curtbag that worked for the (alleged, but without a proper legal oath) Forsyth County Clerk of Superior Court, and saw that the original Note had been subpoenaed, yet not produced, and still signed an order to allow foreclosure. She’s a thief wearing the label of honorable, although she is now retired. May the bitch rest in piss.

American Academy of Pediatrics Endorses Medical TERRORISM

Academy Of Pediatrics Changes Position On Vaccination Debate

The American Academy of Pediatrics just confirmed that the medical industry is ALL about pushing the products of pharmaceutical companies on you and your family – your right to informed choice be damned.

This is medical terrorism.



The above picture is a cognitive dissonance moment. The pro-vaccine pushers claim they have “science” on their side. And yet, “science” that has a liability-shielding law that protects the manufacturers of vaccines from lawsuits is as bogus as Barbara Streisand being an unbiased political spokesperson.


If you believe in the right of informed choice, the American Academy of Pediatrics has just declared war.



Paying to exist as consumer
Waiting to be game changer
Learning every step
Breathing every breath in Painguish.

Feeling so alone, yet
Knowing we’re all one
Staying true to course
In storming force of Rainguish.

I know for sure the why
I’m damned as free to fly,
It’s never knowing how
That causes all the Drainguish.

At least there’s love I’ve known
The heights that I have flown
I’ve tasted deeply, darkly, brightly
Love’s constant, fiercest Flameguish…

~JV 8-28-16

If I had to be honest, it’s all about me.

I read once where Eckhart Tolle said that almost every person you meet is living in abject terror. Of course that is probably a paraphrase, but it struck me as true.

I help people deal with fear. I’ve seen some pretty amazing results in the lives of those I help.

So, what makes me an expert, or at the very least, highly qualified?

I LIVE in fear. It’s not every moment of every day, but if I had to measure the approximate percentages, I’d say that 75% to 90% of the time I live in fear.

I was programmed in it. I was overmedicated. I was taken to the doctor for the least little thing, which sometimes turned into the big things. My parents were afraid all the time. The reason they controlled me is so I would embarrass them less. “Don’t talk about that outside of the family – We don’t need people knowing our business.”

I went to a Christian school, and I received more fear there. I was told that I was a sinner, and that I was automatically going to hell from the moment my head split out of a vagina, just because I was born in sin. If it felt good to my inner being, it was probably something that was going to send me to hell. That’s a broad brush, and my life has 25 coats of this kind of paint.

Then there’s the “government” and it’s pretty evident now that they’ll shoot you just to placate their egos, and by the way, FUCK due process…

I’m enraged, as I write this. Understand that anger is the most powerful catalyst for moving in or past fear. It’s called “fight or flight” for a reason. It’s my comfort zone, although it’s quite uncomfortable most of the time.

Yesterday, there were a myriad of reasons for me to freak out about things that were actually happening (not possible events, actual events).  Was I going to be stranded? Was I going to get jacked up by a cop for parking in the wrong place – because I am currently in such a position out of necessity, waiting for a mechanical weld to cure out on the radiator reservoir. (It was dark when I pulled in, and I stopped at the place I first felt comfortable about turning around with a towed car – I’m a virgin at towing, and this is the maiden voyage.)

And then last night, we had an issue arise that totally tested my ability to remain at peace. This issue, which I will keep on the private side of my life, resulted in me getting very little sleep and worrying about the outcome.

The straw that broke the camel’s back concerning me just laying this all out there, however. is that we have a noise, that we can’t quite figure out on the bus. I called a local large diesel shop, and they quoted me $160/hr labor charge to just take a ride and pass judgment. The guy on the phone took ten minutes of me asking this directly to get it out of him, and by that time, he was pissed, and I was pissed.

I’ve faced fears (piss-your-pants giants) that would make many people projectile vomit. I’ve come out of most every one of these smelling like a rose. And, as much counter-conditioning as I have done with fear, I don’t know if I’ll ever get over it. At this point, I’d settle for 50% fear, and 50% peace.

There is a balancer in this, however wonderful or awful that may be. I love my family, I love the people that I interface with, and I know that fear and love can’t co-exist. Sometimes, it’s just seconds or minutes at a time that love displaces the fear. Sometimes, I get hours at a time of knowing love and only love. These hours are rare. But, my goal, my aim is to find that place of peace, even if it’s at death’s door when all of this is “over.”

The shit piece of this is that I, through repeating *some* of my programming, have passed some of this fear onto my children. We’re walking a path that is pretty courageous, so hopefully, experience, and our love will empower them into a place of peace. This paragraph – just one more of my fears…

Love is what keeps me going. Well, that, and anger at the fear.

The Vaccine Injury Tipping Point.

I just saw a video by Penn and Teller about Vaccines on their “BULLSHIT” platform. They have two boxes that represent vaccinated people and unvaccinated people.

The vaccinated box has a plexiglass square in front of it that says “VACCINATION” on it. They then scoot the plexiglass to push one of the people out of the box, as to represent an autistic child due to vaccine injury.

The irony is that their logic (a) could be applied equally to two boxes containing vaccine manufacturers versus other manufacturers. Then on the plexiglass, NCVIA, a liability eliminating law that totally shields vaccine manufacturers from their products’ injurious results.

Other manufacturers are knocked down daily by gavels hurled in courtrooms across America, for damages cause by their product. But not vaccine manufacturers. They have “herd immunity” from lawsuits caused by their products.

The good news is that now, People are tired of the BULLSHIT that Penn and Teller don’t have the balls to present. The BULLSHIT I reference is of vaccines causing injury.

And now, doctors are starting to say “Enough!”

Here’s a blog post where a doctor does just that:


The tipping point is occurring. Then, we shall see where the true BULLSHIT remains.

See past the surface

The meeting occurred for only five minutes. It turned out to be a meeting of souls. I was in a seminar, and the most outrageous character walked in. Everyone was awed. I was intrigued. I usually hate what I see when reading past what an outward persona is projecting. This man, who had walked many miles of treacherous paths to get to our meeting, projected that he dare not be approached haphazardly. He was loud, appeared to be very offensive, although I found myself chuckling at his delivery of word magic.

What I saw, in that five minutes, only drew me into the connection irresistibly, was a soft and pure heart that hid behind this boisterous, and calculatedly incorrigible exterior.

At a later time, the two of us were sitting in a restaurant, and he made a paper rose out of a napkin, and gave it to our waitress. I don’t remember how it came out, but he revealed that his dad “beat him”, and at this instant, I saw a little boy sitting in front of me. The compassionate core of my being wanted to hold him and cry with him. But this man was without the ability to be in a space of vulnerability, least of all with me. I told him that I saw this side of him, and I think it shook him, but he didn’t approach similar ground of allowance to discuss it further, so I yielded to his choice.

I never lost the image. I allowed him to be loud, over-the-top, and even violently angry (without harming anyone, to my observance), and yet from that point on, I only saw that little boy that didn’t know unconditional love as a core gift. I gave it to him anyway, in my own way of allowance.

Water goes under the bridge. People arrive, and they leave our lives, and what is left behind is our experience. This man, my teacher, had and has a pure heart, surrounded with glued together and broken shell. (Perhaps just like you, the reader.) I am honored to have walked with him a mile or more.

Last night I dreamed a dream that he was in. It made me realize the value of having spent quality time with him. Most everything is a benefit, if it is observed to be.

How to do magic

I’ve led an interesting life. Four years ago, I had structured, and was managing assets for several professionals who wanted total privacy. One of them had intent to obtain a used Mercedes Benz, and I had put it into trust for him. He also didn’t want his name on the insurance policy.

One of my past experiences was to have a short-lived licensee status as a Property and Casualty (Automobile/Homeowners) insurance agent. I learned the basic rules and workarounds that made unusual situations smoother. I carried this information forward, even though I hated selling insurance almost as much as eating a sardine and banana sandwich.

North Carolina (where this occurred) has an insurance policy for underwriters to get an agreement signed before issuing a policy that is an agreement of the policy holder to inform the insurance underwriter of “any additional drivers” of the property being insured.

The beneficiary wanted total privacy, and didn’t want to be listed on the insurance either.

So, I set up the personal property trust, and structured it so that (a) the Trust and the Trustee (me, in this case) was authorized to purchase insurance for the property (vehicle) and add the trust as an additional named insured, and (b) I wrote a paragraph that eliminated and nullified any duty to notify the insurance underwriter of any additional drivers or anyone enjoying beneficial use of the property, any law or policy notwithstanding. I matched this with the confidentiality clause in the Trust, to ensure that I was bound to keep this beneficiary private, and yet my intent was to insure the property even though he would be an “unknown” driver on the policy.

In legalese, the term “driver” is fluid, and includes the Trust, because the Trust is an additional named insured on the policy. Further, it would follow that the Trust, and the parties to the trust are one and the same in this setting of insuring the vehicle to cover the Trust’s property, and the use of that property as authorized by the Trust.

The trust was signed, and when I set up insurance on the vehicle, I did so as Trustee of the trust. I added the Trust as an additional named insured on the policy. Then I signed the paperwork this way: “Principally and perpetually subject to the terms of ***** Trust, without waiver, by Trustee” and then I signed my name afterwards. The use of a disclaimer changes the terms of the signature. For more information, research “restricted endorsement”

The insurance company (underwriter) issued the policy, even after being given notice that the agreement was subject to the terms of the Trust, and they NEVER asked to see the trust. Their agreement couldn’t have been more evidenced.

Six months later, late one night, the beneficiary hit a deer and totaled the Mercedes-Benz. I got a copy of the police report emailed to me, and I (as Trustee) initiated an insurance claim on behalf of the Trust.

I had an adjuster call me and say “We are not going to cover this accident, because the person listed on the accident report is not a named driver on this policy.”

I told her “I’m going to send you a copy of the original paperwork I signed, and I’m going to paste in a provision from the Trust.” I sent her my copy of the original signed paperwork (so she would be clear that I had a record of the transaction, as effected) and then I pasted in the paragraph that eliminated any duty of the Trust to inform the underwriter of any beneficiary or additional drivers (users) of the property. I also reminded her that the Trustee (I) was a named insured, and the Trust was an additional named insured, and the claim had been initiated in the name of the Trust.

She called me back shortly and said “We’re going to cover this.” And, it was covered fully.

That, my dear reader, is the power of words, and a clear example of how to use them in a way much mightier than the sword.

I’ve told this story several times recently, so I wanted to put it in writing so that you could enjoy it also. From time to time, I’ve helped people use some unorthodox, but entirely legal methods to keep peaceful existence. This is one of those experiences.

If You’re Going To Be Stupid, Be Smart About It…

This morning, the following picture was posted on Facebook along with an explanation that their child is now “okay”.


Along with this was an explanation that the nurse said it was not from the vaccine, and that apparently the boy is “fine” now.

Listen. I am anti-vax. I am NOT anti parent or anti child.  I believe you and your family should have a happy existence. But if you are pro-vax, just because is the popular thing to do and you don’t want to resist, I am betting that there is a small doubt in the back of your mind. “What if”…

What if this was your son or daughter?

The time to think about this is now, before you go into the doctors office. When you go into a panic state, and your adrenaline kicks in, you can’t think clearly for at least 30 minutes afterwards. So if you prepare before you go in, and rehearse your actions, then you will know what to do and how to take care of this situation.

With the clear disclaimer that I am NOT authorized to give you legal advice, let me tell you what I would do before going into a doctors office to have my child vaccinated for anything.

First, I would check the laws in my state for recording conversations. Look up ” one party consent states”. If the state is a one party consent state, that means one party to the conversation has to know about the recording. If I have a party to the conversation, & I know about it, then it’s legal. To be candid, I don’t believe I’m giving up my right to make a record of the events, so if my state is not on the list, I’m probably going to record it anyway. In either case I would do it secretly.

A small digital recorder in a shirt pocket purse or phone case works well but should be tested beforehand to make sure but the microphone position is forward, towards the conversation, and the conversation can easily be picked up by the microphone with clarity.

I would always record interactions with the medical industry. The medical industry is owned and controlled by the pharmaceutical industry, also known as the US Drug Cartel. They are without conscience.

As demonstrated by the above presentation, members of the medical community will boldly lie to to your face to protect their job. I have experienced this first-hand with a vaccine injury.

On top of audio recording the visit, I would also immediately begin to take pictures of any and all changes that I believe are detrimental to the health and/or safety of my child.

As terrifying as it may sound, I would next call two different agencies. First I would dial 9-1-1, and ask for an ambulance to be dispatched. I would state that I am in fear for my child’s life because of the actions of the doctors office. I would make sure to get this on the 911 recording. I believe it is very important to establish that I believe harm has occurred and I do not feel safe any longer in the environment that was alleged to be there for my protection. I would repeat the same statement at the next  number I called.

The next agency I would call is the county health department. I would restate the above phrase about fearing for the safety of my child, inform them that an ambulance is on the way, and I would ask them to respond immediately.

I would refuse to allow the doctors office further access to my child based on this one observation. A medical professional that is deemed competent enough to administer a vaccine, yet is incompetent to diagnose injury from that vaccine, is a perceived an actual threat to the safety of my child.

Document the events.

If you’re going to be stupid, at least be smart about it.

FACEBOOK CENSORSHIP “The science is completely clear”… or not.

Fuckfreespeech - Copy

A while back, Mark Zuckerberg came out as pro-vax, claiming that “The science is completely clear: vaccinations work and are important for the health of everyone in our community.”  The FACT is that “science” that cannot withstand full liability is bullshit science. If the science is completely clear, why not make the manufacturers completely liable for any injury that their products cause? IF, as the pro-vax movement claims, vaccines do not cause injury, then why would the manufacturers need the NCVIA to shield them from liability?

Pro-vaxxers came out with a counter to anti-vax that was something to the effect of “Since other people have brakes on their cars (vaccines for their kids is inferred), I’m going to take the brakes off of my car.” This preposterous knee-jerk response is something similar to Mark’s claim above that the “science is completely clear.” The only thing clear about science is that it is never completely clear.

One need only to look at the drugs approved, and then disapproved by the FDA to make this fact irrefutable. SCIENCE must evolve. Those brakes that were asbestos? Remember those? Well, it’s NOT okay for me to be required to risk my child getting vaccine injured so you can believe that your child has immunity.

SCIENCE should be fair. In other words, if science is legitimate, it should be able to be attacked from every angle and withstand the attacks and still remain solid and absolute. Vaccine science is far from this. Vaccine manufacturers are the only ones with “herd immunity.” And the profits tell the story.

India CEO of Serum Institute is reported to have purchased this home just recently:


Here is a very disturbing obverse to the “success” of this company, and the other vaccine manufacturers.


As irony would have it, I created, and was then banned for a period of time from facebook for creating this meme:

tumblr_njs6jm3fGh1r093ofo1_1280Mark Zuckerberg, and his paid minions, are effectively putting their hands over the mouths of anti-vaxxers, many of whom are of such a belief system BECAUSE they have first-hand experience with adverse effects, including autism, seizures, severe health depression, and even death. These children, and their injuries and deaths are of no seeming concern to Zuckerberg and facebook, because the money is elsewhere.

The vaccine manufacturers are afraid to expose themselves to full liability for things like this:

10363489_736327899777614_5516599856417827508_nThe sick part of this is that vaccines seem to cause schizophrenia in doctors:

SchizophreniaWhy would doctors, who KNOW that every other thing they prescribe has side effects, suddenly believe that vaccines are without the possibility of causing harm? This seems to be largely the case. This author has had a severe reaction to the Tdap vaccine, and when I went back to the doctor that administered it, she acted as if she had never seen an adverse reaction before. She denied it to hell and back that it was related to the vaccine.

Why are they so afraid of full liability, if their “science” is so “completely clear”, as Zuckerberg puts it?

Now, they are censoring information posts, saying:

12002795_10153590266340930_9090407017287885651_nThis was an attempt to post a video link to youtube that contained information on vaccines and how the “science” is compromised.

Here is that video, for those who don’t appreciate censorship:
Here’s a message from someone that attempted to like a post that was quickly deleted by facebook in censorship:

12002034_1039696479387899_5486673819262204195_nLet me be really clear. Mark Zuckerberg is a PUNK. Because the above message demands that the reader “understands” Facebook Community Standards. I’ve written and asked NUMEROUS times for a glossary that clearly defines the meanings of the words used in the Facebook Community Standards, only to hear the sound of crickets chirping. They don’t want you to understand the standards, because they don’t have a set meaning for the standards. Which means, they can bully you, censor you, and even eliminate you without any due process, or freedom of speech being a part of the process.

Punks say “DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!?” while being threatening, just to posture you into submission. This is the act of a bully, a punk, and someone who demands, but probably never has any true respect given to them.

You can learn the truth about vaccines, but just like the double standard of allowing men’s nipples, and banning women’s nipples and breastfeeding shots, facebook doesn’t care about free speech. CONTROL is where the money grows.

The science of vaccine is as completely clear, as the facebook terms, conditions, and community standards. They can’t explain them, because it would lock them into a position. So, they just bully whomever they wish, and call it another business day.

Anguish as a language

The heated crucible contains the tears of years of fears I’ve faced,
Enough nauseating terror for fifty men, I face again, again, again.
And through this all I’ve tasked myself to ask the reason why a lie is so easily sold to those willing to hold illusion as a mask, and bask therein as if the truth were theirs.

JV~ 8-17-15

To a T

Spontaneous sweetness

Soul’s reply

It calls to me

A tear I cry

A tear of thanks

For one who dares

To break the ranks

To look, to share

A place that love and passion meet

A place where love makes fear retreat

A place so rich, yet without price

The beauty found within your eyes.

~JV 7-11-15

Why I’m Not a “Life Coach”

Someone asked me last night why I’m not a “life coach.” I’ve been asked this before, and even though I’m a maven that collects information, a connector, and a salesman, I still don’t wrap these all up in a package and sell them to others.


Well, the current system is that the more you make, the more valuable you are. I remember talking to a money making coach that immediately started scolding me before fully assessing the situation. He was geared to one thing. MAKING MORE MONEY. Hell, see for yourself at Mark Allen Grainger’s site. He told me I was “out of integrity” because I couldn’t pay him for his advice (a friend had told me to call him), and all the while, his entire life/business is structured around making more money off of people who want to make more money.

WHERE is the goddamn love? Love is without fear, hate, control, ownership, demand for a specific outcome (judgment) or harm to any party.

I want to love. And, having had everything material taken from me in 2005, I saw that, to society, money is control. We are the ONLY species that pays to live on this planet. Bankers have taken effective control of the world system by equating your power to thrive to a piece of paper

And thus, I refuse to put together a “package” of “life coaching” to sell. I would consider it a non-love venture, because love is not control.

Relationship is mutual reward. And while I could structure a relationship that has mutual reward in the way of exchange, I choose not to insert control into that scenario. What I do, is much more true to me. I share freely. I’ve always seen that it comes back around somehow.

As society is structured, I walk a poverty line. As love is structured, however, I walk in extraordinary wealth.

Our cover picture says it all. This is my turmoil. How to live in a free way without selling my soul.

11312720_1455294908103515_5190585755247252801_oIn love, JV

The Sexiest Part Of A Woman’s Body

The sexiest part of a woman’s being is her mind, in my opinion.

But the sexiest part of her body is her tummy.


The tummy is the place that women are most often challenged with insecurity.

Intimacy is moving past the point of vulnerability.

When a woman allows you to observe and then worship her insecurity, her vulnerability, it becomes a power for her. The perceived perfection is connected to complete and unconditional love, and at this point the woman can relax past her fear into the parasympathetic (“no-mind” or out of her mind) pleasure.

And, having witnessed, and participated in this magic, I have to say it is an honor to share true intimacy with a partner who surrenders their most vulnerable fears for worship.

What results is the roar of a woman.

Kiss the tummy as you would the rarest treasure on earth. It is indeed such a treasure.


Love and Intimacy…

Love and intimacy

What we desire the most, we also fear the most…

Society teaches us that we grow up, meet “the one” (some call this the “twin flame”) and then we live happily ever after, or at least committed in relationship till death.

I’m calling bullshit.
What statistics show in America are this:
First Marriages:     45% to 50% marriages end in divorce
Second Marriages:    60% to 67% marriages end in divorce
Third Marriages:    70% to 73% marriages end in divorce
(Statistics credit to divorce
This is not happily ever after, NOR is it committed in relationship till death. Far from it. It is hell on earth in most cases.

“That asshole cheated on me” or “That bitch slept with my BEST friend!”

The turmoil that accompanies marriage is so vast, and this article is not an attempt to list the variables of this turmoil.

With that point made, however, what is the answer?
Well, an in-depth examination of love has convinced this author that what society programming presents as love is the OPPOSITE of what love really is.

Let’s examine what I believe love REALLY is:

Love is allowance, and love is the absence of judgment.
Love is the desire for increased intimacy with whatever object or being.
Love is without fear
Love is without hate.
Love is without control.
Love is without ownership.
Love is without demand for a specific outcome.
Love is without harm to any party.

In the above scenario, love is the desire for intimacy. Intimacy is the connection past the point of vulnerability. For intimacy to occur, vulnerability must be met without judgement, control, manipulation, or any other force that isn’t love.

And the irony is that we want intimacy, we indeed LOVE, many that we come in contact with throughout the day. That one at the bank that always gives that special smile and really acts interested, or the one at work that you felt this irresistible attraction to…

What happens at this point is that fear anchoring takes over most often. “But she’s married…” or “But what if my husband finds out?” These fear programmed blocks do their job most of the time, and keep us from connecting intimately with others which clearly attract us.
We want it, but we are afraid of losing something, or afraid of their reaction, or their situation, or afraid of societal judgment, jealousy… and on, and on…

What we want the most, scares us the most. This is not natural. This is PROGRAMMED fear. Love harms none. Love is addition and multiplication, never subtraction or division.

To be continued…

The Mantra of Love continues…

CPS Visits. An OFFER that asks you to WAIVE your rights.



A splendid article on how to deal with CPS visits came across my screen. Here is that article, but I have some things to add…


Ironically, I have THREE friends dealing with CPS bullshit at the moment. One was just yesterday, and served to catalyze more separation from belief, and actual truth.

The friend yesterday was told by the cops, that if they didn’t cooperate, they would be arrested for “impeding their investigation”…

Uh, No. NO. HELL NO.

Hopefully, people know their rights concerning video inside their home, which is private.

I have three questions that I give to people who are dealing with CPS bullshit. Here they are:

1. Have I been accused of a crime? (There are three levels of allegation with the CPS system. There is negligence/neglect, which can be as simple as a kid outside in the yard without a parent – GASP… Then, there is abuse, which is some sort of physical harm to the child. Last, there is sexual abuse, which should be self-explanatory…  All three levels can be lumped into “child abuse” which is a crime. Although the CPS workers will sometimes admit that neglect is not necessarily a crime, I’d ask for a clear jurisdictional authority for them to act, if they do this.

It’s important that they are investigating a crime, because there is a CLEAR AND DOCUMENTED RIGHT to remain silent if accused of a crime. PERIOD. And, this right belongs to children as well.

2. Do I have a legal duty to assist you in your investigation? The only answer to this is NO. However, CPS workers will eagerly offer that if you don’t cooperate, they will go to the court and get a court order to get you to cooperate. This is bullying, no matter how one slices this sandwich. For a stranger to walk up to your door and demand that you bow down to them or have your life turned upside down? – THAT is BULLSHIT.

What do most do? Cooperate, out of fear. Many, through their cooperation, give the CPS worker enough information to formulate probable cause to further involve CPS, even remove the kids from the home. Some, however, fare well, and walk away unscathed. These appear to be people who are “normal” and fit into the mainstream societal framework in a way that mirrors the societal model of “normal.”

If one has been accused of a crime, and one has the right to remain silent, and one has the right to refuse unwarranted searches and seizures, and one has the right to face their accuser, WHERE THE HELL ARE ALL OF THOSE RIGHTS WHEN A CPS WORKER SHOWS UP AT YOUR DOOR? I posit that you probably believe they are non-existent. BULLSHIT. (The rights are just ignored by CPS and cleverly concealed.)

The real question is, are you willing to stand in the face of fear and remain silent, demand a warrant, and demand to face your accuser? (Either the STATE is not your accuser, OR they are an interested party in your guilt, which precludes them from participating -even the DA or the Judge – in the case that ensues, due to conflict of interest.)

3. Am I guilty until proven innocent, or innocent until proven guilty? This one boggles the minds of every CPS worker. It immediately induces cognitive dissonance into the belief system of the CPS worker. The CPS worker believes that their authority is above questioning. The highest level of  narcissistic, TERRORISTIC, and psychopathic approach is to believe that one’s authority is not to be questioned, and to use this approach to implement terror to the basic family unit when interacting. (Think of any kidnapping movie, and replace the villain with a CPS worker, and you have the picture).

This question also forces the CPS worker to walk past the fact that, while the adversarial justice system in America is based on the premise of “innocent until proven guilty”, CPS operates on the opposite premise of “guilty until proven innocent.” They damn well better not admit this on video, which is why this question leaves them fumbling for an answer.

The common answer is “Well, I have to conduct an investigation and determine if the complaint is valid or not.”

This is a statement of THEIR duty, NOT YOURS. It is irrelevant to the parent’s or caregiver’s duty.  They can conduct an investigation without even notifying, you, so requesting that you participate is more BULLSHIT.

It would be valid at this point to repeat question #2. “Do I have a legal duty to assist you in your investigation?” This is when the threats of arrest come out. To be clear, I’d extend my hands at this point, inviting handcuffs. I’d also say,“if you’re going to arrest me for exercising my right to remain silent, right to freedom from search and seizure without a warrant, and right to face my accuser, then by all means, let’s see where this goes…” (Fear control systems become evident when a bluff is called.)

The right to remain silent, The right to refuse search and seizure without a warrant, and the right to face one’s accuser are ALL in place, and ironically, CPS seems to think otherwise.

When they show up with cops, I’d call 9-1-1 and get it on recording that they are there in an attempt to attempt to gain a waiver of the right to remain silent, right to refuse search and seizure without having a warrant, and right to face one’s accuser.

Cops are often accompanying CPS workers, in an attempt to intimidate into compliance.

When cops show up and separate children, it would be a frustrating scenario for the bureaucracy, if the children were coached beforehand on how to resist fear and intimidation. Ironically, a child that knows how to resist fear and intimidation from “authority” figures is very likely a child who is without ANY threat of being in harm’s way at home.

CPS’s biggest concern, from what I can see, is that parents and children are “conformed” to the societal model of control. The rights of the individual is conveniently swept under the rug, in their approach. Those rights are not gone, just cleverly hidden, hoping that the accused won’t notice.

When the control construct goes out of control, and innocent people are terrorized, all bets are off, and the best way to avoid bullshit is to educate, prepare, and know the remedy. The remedy is keeping the burden of proof on their shoulders, and knowing how to effectively cross-examine their existence, approach, and alleged authority. Documenting this, with a video or other methods, is a MUST. Accountability makes the bureaucrats run like cockroaches in the light.

If you want more information on how the legal system works, and how to educate yourself in a way that totally empowers you to ask the cross-examination questions that can shut down the bulldozer of bureaucracy, I would suggest and his books.

One last thing. Cops, and probably CPS workers as well, can lie to you with impunity. Knowing, and exercising your rights, is your power.

  1. Know who you are.
  2. Know who has the burden of proof
  3. NEVER argue
  4. Know, and/or document your remedy. (Writing, video, and cross-examination are your friend, unlike the bureaucrat.)

This has been a Luck Fawyers educational moment. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming…

How I Deal With Bullshit Unilateral Vaccine Forms – AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics)

So, today, someone pointed me to this form that the American Academy of Pediatrics presents to have patients sign for “Refusal To Vaccinate”. (Form is linked within this text, but I have screen shots also, should they remove it, or change the form.)


I’m going to address some highlights here (I could do a 4 hour workshop on this form), so that you can see that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) apparently doesn’t give ONE DAMN about you, your child, or your safety.

This entire article, and any ancillary attachments links, or whatnot that I point to other than the AAP form is absent intent or authority as legal advice, and is presented as educational, informational, and for entertainment purposes only.

The AAP paperwork starts of with a feel good statement: “All parents and patients should be informed about the risks and benefits of preventive and therapeutic procedures, including vaccination.” “Risk” is a word that is repeatedly used on this document, and the form that accompanies it. But, the risks are not listed on this form. Those same risks, are acknowledged by the patient’s signature on this form, however. This is legal suicide, in my opinion. Acknowledging risks that are alluded to, yet not listed, is saying “Fuck me hard without lube.”

Risks are supposedly listed on a Vaccine Information Statement (VIS) which is supposed to accompany this paperwork. PROBLEM: It is prepared by the Centers For Disease Control (CDC), and is thus suspect, in my opinion. This is the same goddamn entity that is allowing the injury to continue without holding the manufacturers accountable. And, if there is a pandemic, it is of vaccine INJURY, not vaccine refusal.

The main risk that is not listed, nor mentioned on this form is that the manufacturer is covered and shielded from liability under the NCVIA (The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986)

Any injury from a vaccine can not be pursued directly against the manufacturer. This means that the manufacturer is putting out a product that it DOESN’T HAVE TO be liable for the safety of said product.

Let us end thisThe entire AAP paperwork package above appears to be solely to cover the doctor’s ass, but it’s uses are more disturbing.

It can be used as evidence against the parents to pursue negligence claims.

For instance:


“I understand the following:
  • The purpose of and the need for the recommended vaccine(s).
  • The risks and benefits of the recommended vaccine(s).”

Really? Well, apart from the matter of “understand” being a magical legal word that includes a meaning of agreement, the inferred purpose of vaccines is to provide immunity, but where is the guarantee of immunity? And the “need” for the recommended vaccine – who “needs” a product that is not 100% safe and 100% guaranteed, and whose manufacturer doesn’t stand liable for the safety of said product 100%?

Understanding the risks is another minefield. I would posit that one CANNOT understand the risks, as they are not fully admitted. nor is the meanings of the words used clearly and completely listed in a glossary that is readily available, to my knowledge. I had a vaccine reaction that was brutally harsh years ago, because of a job that I was doing and they recommended it. When I showed my reaction to the doctor, her response was that it had to be something else. This is STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE. DENY, DENY, DENY causality.
Risk. The doctor covers his ass with malpractice and other forms of insurance. Did he likewise advise the patient to cover themselves and their children with insurance that would cover monetarily if a vaccine injury occurred? (I have no clue if this exists, or if an underwriter would even attempt such a thing, since the market is so full of lies on this subject matter).

Understanding the risk is admitting that, IF a child is injured, the injury claim will be limited to what the VAERS system allows for a payout.

The next column that lists possible consequences of NOT vaccinating, should actually be the possible consequences of vaccinating. Damn. This is only meant to damn the parent in writing, should they sign this document. What court would hold a parent fit after signing such a damning admission? LEGAL MAXIM: ADMISSION TRUMPS EVIDENCE, and the fact that the parent signs, means no proof of cancer, death, paralysis, brain damage, etc., need be produced, since the agreement is signed, and thus fully admitted as truth.

“Transmitting the disease to others” MEASLES VACCINE DOES THIS! Shedding occurs!

“may endanger the health or life of my child and others with whom my child might come into contact.” This is a liability statement, and shows apathy concerning the alleged possibility that the child’s health may be endangered (according to their allegations). Signing this is a damning confession of negligence and apathy as a parent, in my opinion.

QUOTE: “I therefore agree to tell all health care professionals in all settings what vaccines my child has not received because he or she may need to be isolated or may require immediate medical evaluation and tests that might not be necessary if my child had been vaccinated.”

THIS IS A WAIVER OF THE RIGHT TO PRIVACY. YOU have a right to remain silent on the matter of vaccines. “Are you up to date on all your vaccines?” Is a question you do NOT have to answer. PERIOD. And the above document waives the right to privacy by this agreement to tell vaccination status. BULLSHIT.

QUOTE: “I know that I may readdress this issue with my child’s doctor or nurse at any time and that I may change my mind and accept vaccination for my child any time in the future.”

Well, now, this is interesting, because it acknowledges that one may change their mind…

Should there have been the advice to seek legal counsel before signing this document? Well, yes. This document confirms it.

which clearly states: “The AAP Refusal to Vaccinate Form, which should not be considered a legal document without advice from a lawyer, may be used as a template for documentation of parental refusal.”
They have admitted that there is a need for legal advice before the refusal form should be considered a legal document, and yet they don’t advise the parent/patient of this on the actual form. THIS IS BULLSHIT, SHADY AS FUCK, AND OUTRIGHT EVIL, in my opinion.

If this form is something you have signed, perhaps it’s time to revisit it in writing, with registered mail, so that there is a documentation of the process.Doctors should be receiving a “ACCEPTANCE OF FULL LIABILITY FOR VACCINE INJURY” Form, and a “REFUSAL TO ACCEPT FULL LIABILITY FOR VACCINE INJURY” Form, and be asked to choose between the two… (Yes, this is how I roll)


Any and all words, terms, and their meanings as used in this article are without waiver of the right of interpretation by PRIVATE SOLUTIONS, PMA.



>>> ALSO SEE: “How I Deal With Bullshit Unilateral Vaccine Forms” <<<

I just saw another parent say “My child received SEVEN [vaccines] at once. SEVEN. I was not given a choice by the doctor. They told me it was required.”

BULLSHIT. What bureaucrats (people who exist for money and power) SAY is required, and what is actually required are often very different.

Doctors are powerful, because they are given presumed belief by society. The time to challenge that has passed, and yet, most people are afraid to challenge their doctor, especially when it involves the patient’s children.

I want to make it clear that I am NOT a lawyer, and without authority for giving legal advice, and yet I coach people on how to deal with bureaucracy effectively.


When my first son was born, the doctor who attended birth at the hospital threatened me with “Your son could die” (if I didn’t allow him to administer the vitamin k shot.) The fact is, any of us could die at any moment, so this was not factually incorrect, but the doctor was merely using it as a scare tactic. He also wanted to do a circumcision, which I opposed, and the vitamin K shot was to assist with coagulation of blood. Since I was not going have him circumcised, he didn’t need that coagulation to occur.

I told the doctor that I refused, and I didn’t need his scare tactics. He backed away. Today, I would handle it much differently.

Here are some powerful questions (and probable answers) that may come in handy, if you want to refuse vaccinations. Doctors can be pushy, so the less attitude you serve up, the better the situation will end up. In fact, if you go in telling a Doctor how wrong they are, or that they are paid shills of the pharmaceutical industry (no matter how true this may be) they will go into full GOD mode on you. How dare you question their expert opinion?

Asking questions that are engineered to shut down the conversation and stop the aggression into squelching or controlling your right of informed choice. (You do still have this right.)

“Do I have the right of informed consent?” (They have to say yes. If they say no, I would LEAVE at this very moment.) If they say yes, which is probable, I would say “Then I choose to refuse at this moment, to discuss or accept a vaccine for me or my child

“Do I have the right to a second opinion before proceeding?” (Again, they have to say yes, or they are forcing you to UNinformed consent.) This question is an excuse to get out of the doctor’s office, and if I had to use this one, I would never darken his door again.

If a doctor tells you that the vaccines are “required”, I’d ask “Will you please put that in writing, along with the law requiring it, so I can take it to my attorney for his opinion?” [Note: I abhor attorneys and the legal industry, but this is a shutdown question, and the doctor would be foolish to proceed insisting to vaccinate further after this question.]

“Who is liable if my child is vaccine-injured?” (They will probably go into some spin about how it rarely happens, or is so remote of a possibility that you shouldn’t be concerned. This is merely DISTRACTION. Keep focused on the question, and getting an answer. They will not assume liability.)

“Have you ever diagnosed a vaccine injury?” (This is damning, because they are NOT TRAINED to diagnose a vaccine injury, but to rather DISMISS vaccine injuries as impossibilities. This is because their liability is at issue.) If they say “no”, then I’d say “Well then, I’m uncomfortable with you being the one to administer it if you have no experience diagnosing injury from this product.” (This is a direct blow to their power, so I would only use this if absolutely necessary, but to be prepared, it needs to be a readily available question, in my opinion.) IF they say that they have diagnosed vaccine injury, it opens up another can of worms, because then you can ask how often this has happened, from what vaccines, and all sorts of questions without breaching or threatening HIPAA laws violations.

“Who would I go to if I believe a vaccine injury has occurred afterwards?” (This question is designed to give a doctor notice that you ARE going to be watching, and you have fear that an injury could occur. Any doctor walking forward into this question is asking for a lawsuit, and they know it.)

“Will you certify my child’s health in writing before the vaccine is administered?” (This is another question designed to give the doctor notice that you are gathering evidence for a lawsuit, should something happen. This question is a repellent to proceeding forward, for a doctor.)

“Will you assume full liability in writing, just in case my child is vaccine injured?” (This is almost an incentive for the doctor to ask you to not come back. Just be warned. But, if escape from the doctor’s office is an objective, it’s powerful.)


Check the laws in your state concerning recording the conversation and consider taking in a digital recorder that is positioned to catch the conversation clearly. (shirt/blouse pocket, side pocket of purse, etc.) I’d be careful to hide any blinking indicators that give notice of recording happening. “One Party Consent” states (with person to person conversations) means that one can, as a party, consent to the recording, while the other party remains uninformed about the recording taking place.

If you already have a religious or personal belief exemption, and it is allowed in your state, exercise it. If not, and you want information on how to form one, I may do another article on that subject matter.

Understand that these questions and this entire article are posed for entertainment, education, and information only, and are absent intent or authority as legal or medical or any type of professional advice.

#UNIVERSALfight is our hashtag. Use it. Information is your friend. Anti-vax is your right, and let’s be honest, ANY “Science” that doesn’t face full liability for the injuries it causes is BULLSHIT SCIENCE.

Let us end thisFacebook:

Twitter: @LuckFawyers

Non-Orgasm Oriented Sex? YES!!!

WHAT? Have sex without having an orgasm????

Why in the hell would ANYONE want to have sex that is not orgasm oriented, you ask? Well, the reasons will surprise, and hopefully invite you into my world.

Most standard sex scenarios (including masturbation) are, in fact, orgasm oriented. The porn video industry and it’s offerings are deemed incomplete without the “money shot”, which is some form of a male ejaculation onto the female anatomy. The entirety of society, when referring to sex is usually inclusive of the orgasmic experience.

But once you consider it… when you hear from one who’s been there, and has the most incredible results to share from another approach, then you can at least give it some thought, and try it out to see how well it can work for you.

I always engaged in standard “Orgasm Oriented” sex, until this past year. I had, for 18 years prolonged my orgasm (Tantric) until I had given a partner their fill of orgasm, no matter how many that needed to be.  Yet, at the time they reached their fulfillment of sex, I would always release orgasm (ejaculate) at the end, and the energy drain would go with it, and I would be disinterested in sex for another day or two. (Libido crash)

Then Kalo started read about the Taoist sexual method of withholding, and we gave this method it’s due effort. To say we were impressed was an understatement. What resulted from changing our thoughts and practices has turned our world into a constant bliss. This type of sex: “Pleasure Oriented” sex, is Non-orgasmic oriented.


The gist of Orgasm Oriented sex is that there is an end point in sight, and both parties work to get to that end point. The gist of Pleasure Oriented, or non-orgasm oriented sex is that the journey is ecstatic, the distraction of having to reach an “point” (or bring your partner to an end point) is removed, pleasure is the only goal, and the fun keeps going and going and going! (This works exceptionally well for people who, for whatever reason, simply cannot orgasm.)

To put it bluntly, instead of worrying about “I need to get to a point of (her or my) orgasm, I get to focus on how well I am making her eyes roll back in her head, how much I’m rocking her world, and if she goes, she goes. (Kalo holds back from orgasm to a degree, as is described below.) My only goal is her pleasure, which reciprocally, makes me feel like I am the fucking man! Pleasing her sexually, pleases me. There’s no way to separate out the two.

We would (and still do occasionally, when time permits) engage in Pleasure Oriented sex three times daily, for about 2 hours of intercourse each time, for a total of about 6 hours a day of sex. Granted, this wasn’t every day. There would be one of these “marathon” days about once a week, and we still have those, although it’s down to about 4 hours currently. (Hey, we have 5 children, cut us some slack…)

Regardless, this greatly improved our ABILITY to have enjoyable sex more frequently and with the same amount of energy as each prior session! Without releasing the (male) orgasm, I was able to re-engage immediately, and often – the time between sessions is merely a meal break or an “OMG” reflective walk about, before going at it again.

(For those wondering, the Taoist method of “injaculation” is something I incorporate, and it’s almost like an orgasm, but without the release. It involves clamping down on a muscle point, or doing a pressure point block to stop the flow of ejaculate, and breathing (blissfully) through the sensation, and then proceeding on.)

The entire time, we are engaged physically, spiritually, and mentally, and it is mutual WORSHIP, and mutual surrender!

We’ve learned that the feminine can participate, or not participate as desired, because the energy dump that a man has, is not there for a woman. Our preferred method for the feminine is to give 3-5 during intercourse orgasms, and then to withhold from there forward. This decreases the sensitivity to a point that the peak of orgasm comes less frequently, and the peak/withhold can be enjoyed, while having an extended intercourse between peaks.

After a few times of this, knowing that I was going into sex with the goal of orgasm REMOVED, I had a mental switch that developed. It was “Okay, I’m not about orgasm for me. I’m about pleasure for her.” Once the switch was off, I had to reach in (mentally) and turn it back on, if I wanted to orgasm. This was AWESOME, because once the switch was thrown, I had the best time just rocking her world through her orgasm. My trigger was closed, mentally so it was full-bore rocking the boat while she was screaming in pleasure!


BETTER ~ YES, YES, A THOUSAND TIMES YES!!! In fact, it is like being totally sensitized(We use Sex Butter, which totally sensitizes the shaft of the male, sensitizes the female inside and out, and is just amazing, tastes and smells good, and contains several natural anti-bacterial, health-positive, all-natural essential oils) What I’m talking in this article, though, is the feeling of staying at peak for hours without the let-down or energy drain.  I CAN GIVE HER MORE PLEASURE, WHICH IN TURN PLEASES ME.

Guys, let me ask you a question: What scenario would you pick:

  • You and your partner(s) go at it for under an hour (usually 30 minutes ~ tops), you orgasm, you think she/they orgasm(s), and you leave feeling “satisfied” (which equates to satisfied, but tired and drained of energy)


  • You and your partner(s) go at it for 2+ hours (Depending on opportunity and tenacity),  she/they orgasm(s) as much as desired (or as much as able), you stay excited and at your peak the entire time, but do NOT orgasm, and when you stop, you’re ready for even more, but when you stop, you KNOW that your partner(s) has/have been manipulated sexually every way desirable, and you have left your partner(s) undoubtedly satisfied, and JUST IN CASE, you’re ready to give them more, if needed!

I prefer the last scenario…

And yes, I do orgasm, but only when I just feel like I am building up too much energy, and I have a special gift for the occasion.

Now before someone gets their mind in a twist and accuses me of thinking I have it all figured out, let me disclaim: I’m just telling you what works for me, and as long as everyone is happy, do what you want! It’s either about mind-blowing sex that pleases both parties regardless of the outcome, or it’s about just sex that pleases only one party.

Life is a pathway of learning allowance and love, and I am thankful to have seen this article. I have to admit, my eyes, through her article, are opened even further to the fact that COMMUNICATION is a required foundation for great sex.

And I’m thankful, being in open relationship, and on a path of sharing love and healing, that I know now to include questions about how things are felt, perceived, and what abilities may be different in sexual situations before proceeding to try and fit things in a “one-size-fits-most” set of methods.

Live your life. The world is your oyster. Go shuck it. Do so, however, with the utmost respect for those with whom you share the world.❤


In the dance of sex, there is surrender and taking, there is dominance and submission, there is waiting, and there is active pursuance of orgasm or pleasure. One party pursues or dominates while the other waits or submits, and the roles are often switched.

While often pleasure is mutual, because of the joyful reward of seeing the pleasure on your partner’s face, and seeing their body react to your touch and voice and actions, there is a certain level of magick that occurs when one party is in frame to totally give to the other partner. This works both ways, and while I’m talking about heterosexuality, I would presume that this works the same way in homosexuality as well.


Let me acknowledge AND affirm that when two partners mutually pleasure each other, afterplay, or aftercare, is very important. Touching, caressing, holding, and affirming the other partner is akin to tying up the act of sex into a silk pillow, where it can rest protected, memorable, and safe, in the mind and psyche of the parties involved, until the next time this gift is opened and enjoyed.

As a student of sexuality, and a service provider of sexual coaching and touch, I’ve observed something that I believe needs to shift. Men are given a bit of shame for “being sleepy” after sex, or just rolling off going to sleep. Looking deeper reveals that more is happening. Yes, some guys just roll off and go to sleep. But a man can truly harness this space and use it to transmute negative energy into positive power, through the sexual bypassing of the sympathetic nervous system (Fight or flight, for a man). Instead of going into sleep, the man who wants to process his rage can do so in this safe space after his orgasm.

There is a magick dynamic in this event that I want to explore with you, in hopes that you see more than just what your eyes tell you.

When a man orgasms, as is the case with a woman, there is a multitude of hormonal/chemical activity that takes place in the body. (click for link explaining hormonal release)


Prolactin is a hormone that makes a man sleepy. I’ve observed, however, during my last 10-15 orgasms, that instead of sleep, peaceful and safe meditation can be entered into in this time.

I can’t speak for all men, but I’ve noticed that core real desire is to be at peace. While I often stay in adrenaline, I really am pursuing peace. The main place this peace – this unquestionable peace can occur, is just after orgasm.

Ironically, it’s also a VERY safe space to process out rage. Let me explain.


I always give “intent energy” when ejaculating, and I hold this frame throughout the orgasm. There was an orgasm recently, when I focused on processing the rage within me. The rage I held was from being control-programmed by society, rage for expectations that I’m incongruent with (such as being valued by the amount of money I can produce), and other rage that lies within each of us in varying forms and degrees.

When I focused on processing and releasing this rage, I told my partner I was going to zone out to process this, and would meet back up for afterplay in a bit. She agreed, and it was the best gift that she could have ever given me. Let me repeat that. IT WAS THE BEST GIFT SHE COULD HAVE EVER GIVEN ME.

Through the allowance of my partner, and my own self-allowance, I was able to go into a semi-dream state, in this hormone-heightened peace, and I was able to visit my anger in a way that was totally without (actual) harm to anyone, yet in full allowance for me to process it in a way that society would not allow. (I may have kicked someones ass in my mind, but it was only in my mind, and without actual harm to the mental recipient of said ass-kicking.)

The result was that my freedom from this rage started to happen. I exited that peaceful state, and re-engaged in afterplay for her, feeling about 65% lighter because of that processing I had just completed. I laid that much of the battle down, and was able to hold that as a memory where my rage and I came face to face, and I obliterated it, at least partially. Repeated sessions in this same manner increased the processing, and after a few times of diving into this post-ejaculation meditation, my peace with this former rage was palpable and distinct. I could taste, feel, breathe, and see peace everywhere.

HOW TO DO THIS:  The processing of your rage is done by diving into the deep, safe (No Fear) space that is YOURS immediately after masculine orgasm. Orgasm is about bypassing the sympathetic (fear based) nervous system, and moving into the parasympathetic (no fear) nervous system. No right, no wrong, exists in this space, and judgment is not present, so you can express and process this in a way that allows you to totally feel your feelings, express those feelings, and then walk away feeling better for having had the experience. THAT is powerful.

This (processing through my rage) all happened in my mind. I didn’t have to actually scream at anyone, touch anyone, or any other thing that happened in this dream state.

WOMEN: A woman who allows a man to travel into this place, by allowing him to immediately recede into a sleepy meditation, is a woman who is TRUSTED as a safe space for the warrior to lay down his head. This is where HEALING occurs.

And, in my mind,the effect of processing my rage was that I was (in my mind) heard by all those who I had been hesitant to engage. I had repainted my feelings, by expressing them. Now, I’m truly in a more powerful place, because I know how to process rage in a safe space. That safe space is in the prolactin dump that my ejaculation causes. The allowance to use this magick is totally dependent upon a partner who EMBRACES, rather than shames this mechanism.

Men get sleepy? No, men have an opportunity, with the right partner, to walk in magic. Then, afterplay can occur.

Explore the possibilities.


The Problem With Criminalizing Vaccine Refusal…

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 8.30.25 PM
ABOUT LEGAL MAGIC – The entire legal industry, and our society is made up of words. These words have fluid meanings, and that fluidity is used as magic to hook you into presumptions – presuming that you know what the words are supposed to mean. Presuming that you’re supposed to do what’s asked, without question or alteration from the course that everyone else takes… (You’re still allowed to be an individual)

Let’s imagine that refusing to vaccinate yourself or a child is or becomes a criminal act

When you go to the doctor, are you required by law to disclose ANYTHING? Well, NO. You aren’t required to disclose anything there. This is why, when doctors started putting questions about having a gun in the home, there was no requirement to answer it. It’s a private matter, and doesn’t affect the ability of the doctor to practice medicine (although they’d argue differently).

Well, if you disclose that you HAVEN’T been vaccinated by your own choice, then the doctor is going to act in an adversarial manner to your choice, and if you are allegedly committing a criminal act, then you have the right to avoid self-incrimination.


WARNING: Your doctor could refuse to treat you if you refuse to disclose this information, but doing so, if it is criminal to not be vaccinated, would mean that the Doctor is refusing to treat you based on you demanding civil rights (specifically the right of the 5th Amendment to not testify against yourself). If the Doctor refuses to treat you based on your exercising your 5th Amendment right, well, that doctor doesn’t have malpractice insurance that covers that, very likely, and that Doctor could be incurring PERSONAL liability.

That’s a civil rights lawsuit, at the very least. And that lawsuit needs to happen, and here’s hoping it doesn’t require the death of a patient (and an additional wrongful death claim – or murder charge) on top of it.

(If it’s a doctor you’ve used for years, this may be moot, because they may already know the answer).

But if you’re visiting the ER, or a new doctor or any other setting that asks?


THIS ENTIRE ARTICLE is absent intent as legal advice, and is presented as educational, informational, and entertaining.

With that disclaimer, I’m right.

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 11.13.03 AM

A New Hate Crime? If you refuse vaccines, Joe wants to visit you…

Joe Mathews (  ) just authored an article titled “Unvaccinated Families’ Addresses Should Be Made Public”  on and it’s a real gem.

Hey, Vaccine refusers – YOU are the target for the newest hate crime. Yep. Look for it. It’s probably time for you to expect shit on your doorstep, firecrackers in your mailboxes, and dead fish on your windshields. If they stop there. Joe politely wrapped this in terminology of “being an emmisary”, but you get the drift.

This sort of rabid, foaming at the mouth, is not going to be anything but ugly, so let’s get it over with. I mean, if you think fundamentalists are serious about hating people who have abortions, that picture pales in comparison to the hatred that’s coming out of people who are ANTI-CHOICE when it comes to vaccine.

Slavery Emancipation? Gay Rights? Next is the RIGHT OF REFUSAL.

Joe wants to know where you live. “WHY,” you ask? (It’s seriously creepy, when you look at how he presented it.)

Here is Joe’s rationale: “But a parent who won’t vaccinate is not making a private health decision: She is making a public health decision that profoundly affects others.”

[A picture of the above, in case it gets “edited” for political correctness… : ]

First of all, notice that Joe deems the “Parent” making this “public health decision” as a “She. Oops. Women are probably the stupid people who are making these decisions, and endangering community health, according to Joe. He’s a guy, you understand, so you get the gist of this.  – Wait. I’m a guy, and I disagree with him. Scratch the smarter/dumber gender thing, at least in my book. 

Joe seems to think that It’s a man’s world baby, and don’t you forget it. We had one women’s liberation, so let’s avoid another one… Forced penetration is an entirely new thing now, and you’re GOING to take this, one way or the other…

And, it’s THIS particular health decision that has Joe wanting to know where “these women” live.

Is he concerned with the people who prepare his food with a hint of feces on their hands, because they didn’t obey the law and wash their hands after relieving themselves? Or, is he concerned with the person on the bus that has the flu and touches everything after coughing also? Does he want to know where they live? Well he doesn’t say so, in this article.

What about Disney World? Is Joe pursuing a lawsuit because they didn’t screen people for vaccinations? Not apparently. Joe just wants to know where these particular women live.

Joe then demonstrates that he is (by definition) schizophrenic. First, he suggests “Second, parents who endanger the community’s health don’t deserve official protection.” (emphasis added) So, these parents are women who “endanger the community’s health.”

ENDANGER. So, if these women are a danger, it’s totally incongruent with Joe’s suggestion that: “People you know—neighbors, friends, co-workers—make better emissaries to the unvaccinated. But you can only be an emissary to unvaccinated neighbors or friends if you know they are unvaccinated.”

EMISSARY: A person sent on a special mission, often a scout, or a spy, or a diplomat.

So, Joe thinks it is okay to interact with these women who are endangering the community’s health?

Schizophrenia is often displayed by incongruent or conflicting statements. If these people are a danger, a reasonable person would not want to visit with them. I think that Joe’s suggestion of visiting them is only for one thing. To express the anger that Joe can’t possibly reveal on Time Magazine’s website.
Joe’s article leads me to believe the following:

Joe Mathews’ article makes me feel like he’s a creeper, because Joe probably:

  • hates you, if you’re a woman that refuses vaccinations, (He wants to control your medical decisions)
  • think’s he’s smarter than women, (He has it right, and you should do it his way)
  • thinks women who refuse vaccinations are stupid. (No men were harmed in the writing of Joe’s article)

Joe wants to (by his own words) visit you, in spite of his claims that you are “endangering the community’s health.” Joe’s article seems predatory, in my book. Sick, even. Because Joe wants to visit you, as an “emissary”, of course… (Hey ladies, he’s probably okay in the emissary position, just sayin’…)

Joe goes on to personalize it:

“This issue is personal… …I should have the right to know who those families are. And I look forward to the day when I can engage them in a conversation about what our families owe each other.” (emphasis added)

He wants to “engage” these women. His presentation is as creepy as Mr. Timn, and  I wouldn’t knowingly let him within a mile of my children


At least he gave you a warning.

Avoiding Bullshit At The Hospital

NOTICE: ABSENT INTENT AS LEGAL ADVICE. (However, I’ve used this process for years now, and it really puts their teats in a wringer every time.) 

EMERGENCY… You have to go to the hospital. Ugh.

As one who usually avoids the medical/pharmaceutical industry unless a life-threatening or a severely imminent matter is present, I hate going to the hospital. But, with five children, it’s going to happen sometime.

And regardless of whether it is an injury, or non-stop projectile [fill in the blank] coming out of every hole, sometimes you just need to step back and get a doctor involved. I seriously don’t know how to fix a broken arm…

And when you go in, first, there are questions, questions, and then more questions. And then, the nightmare. FORMS… Forms that need your signature. And when you sign something, the reason is ALWAYS so that a liability is created.


Being a homeschooler, and more specifically an “unschooler,” we have coached our children on how to answer generic (and expected) questions about “what grade are you in,” or “Are you a good student?” (The answer to that is “I’m a good teacher.”)

I NEVER leave a child alone with a medical professional. The reason is that I don’t trust them, and my presence in their establishment is not a sign of trust in anything except the hope that I can have my child treated without being harassed or power-played

So, if a question comes up that may be common to ask, but makes me feel like I’m being interrogated, or I am uncomfortable with, I will verbally steer the conversation away from that, either casually, or just saying “We are here to get a possible broken arm investigated, and her schoolwork [or any other subject matter] is not at issue here.”

I’ve trained people for years on how to deal with “authority”, so I’m really prepared for almost any out-of-the-ordinary event. I used to be fear-struck when anyone would ask questions that may reveal that I was outside of the box.

FORMS (Admission forms or other forms):

This is the main issue that I want to cover here.

Shown are examples from a recent trip to the hospital with my daughter. She was playing, and bent her neck the wrong way, straining it. Her pain was not too severe, and I checked out her peripherals, her hand grip was good, no numbness in any extremity, and her eyes dilated and constricted with changing light. The next morning, however, she had a bit of nausea without any other reasoning. So, I decided to take her in to play it safe.

Here are the forms I altered/novated/disclaimed. The disclaimers I used are very powerful, and really negate any hooks that they are attempting to put in me.

Patient Rights And Responsibilities

Patient Consent

Conditions of Admission and Consent to medical treatment

At the close of the interaction, they produced a Promissory Note for me to sign.


I asked:

“Do I have a legal duty to sign this Promissory Note?” The clerk truthfully answered “No.” (If they had said yes, I could have either asked them to produce the law, or asked them if they were a lawyer and qualified to give me legal advice. – This always produces a noticeable “gulp” in the party attempting to coerce a signature.)

So, I said “Then, I refuse to sign it.” And that was that.

DISCHARGE INSTRUCTIONSThe Emergency Discharge form is really not necessary. They can’t do anything to you if you don’t sign it. They wanted me to sign it with a computer mouse, but I couldn’t add my disclaimers first, so I told them to print it if they wanted me to sign it. When I did the “Absent Joinder,” it was/is because the signature is in a box. Boundary law is important even on documents. If you’ve ever seen a boxed off section marked “Office Use Only”, it  is a section behind a boundary, and it is not for you to go into. This is a clear example of boundary law working on a document.

So, since the signature was/is in a box, “absent joinder” gives conspicuous notice that my intent is elimination of connection with anything outside of the signature box. The signature, therefore, is without power to the rest of the document.

Financial Agreement Disclaimer

On the document that begins with “IV. FINANCIAL AGREEMENT….” I COULD have stricken the entire section, but I really try to avoid fucking with them, because they are really acting in ignorance, and it’s not my job to fix, or educate them. It’s my job to protect my own ass, and I’m actually surprised that I didn’t see a standard carte blanche statement which would have given my consent to any medical procedure or practice that they “deemed” medically necessary. While I didn’t see it, it may have been in there, because this is a rushed procedure. They want their papers signed, and you want your problem attended to, so this is a quick process of disclaiming and moving on. Since this was my daughter that needed medical attention, and not myself, I made it as clean as possible without giving them a damn thing.

[NOTE CONCERNING AUTHORIZATION FOR TREATMENT: Many times, if I can see the section that gives them authority to do anything that they “deem” (not prove) to be medically necessary, I will strike this out, and will write in “ONLY AUTHORIZING INSPECTION OF, AND PRESCRIPTION OF TREATMENT FOR NECK INJURY” (or whatever the ailment is). I’ve seen a set of parents have their child seized by the state of Texas for refusing to do a surgery on their newborn, and this was because they had signed their paperwork without any disclaimers, or novations (changing the document).]

Notice that I also struck out a couple of the key provisions of the paragraph just before the signature on the Financial Agreement paperwork.

I noticed them that all signatures were “without waiver”, meaning that I retained all of my rights. I also noticed them that I was without assumption of any liability (guarantee of payment or any other liability.

Our friends just went to the same hospital, and the hospital tried to get them to sign a BLANK promissory note! This is not only unethical, it is a power play that is just fucked up. And they expect you to sign it. Our friends called me before doing this, and I told them how to avoid signing it, but asked for a picture of it. Here it is. Understand, signing this thing would have entitled the hospital to bill them for $500,000.00 for a simple IV for dehydration.

Blank Promissory Note sanitized


If you want more information on how to do this, or how your signature is what causes you problems, drop me a line by commenting here.





First, a poem:

The Magic of The Woman

Last night I dreamed a dream, a rarity for me.

I gained a long awaited peace through lucid scenery.

I saw that men, of which I’m one, have sought to long repress

The female magic that’s innate, which men do not possess.

The male has, through their physical force, compelled submission sure

Through fear of female magic, which though suppressed, endures.

The ego of the male is but a fearsome ugly beast

But balanced with the female, is a never-ending feast.

The focus on Excalibur, ignores the mighty stone

That held the sword with magic grasp, until ‘twas rightly owned.

And so without the rock of the divine in female form,

Man is but an ego, warring tired and battle worn.

Terrified of the disclosure of their egos exiguous;

Male has compelled female to reduce itself to lust.

While the law cannot be broken, ever so the fact is shown –

That the female OWNS divinity with her true philosopher’s stone.

To devise the purest balance, measure equal yin and yang,

Let the ego wane in balance, reach divinity again.

(c) Jay Vincent

I wrote this poem in 2011, after having exited a patriarchal form of Christianity, in which the woman was told to “submit”. At that time, I knew little of how this dynamic controls the entire world. But I started to study it, because the poem above came to me in revealed meditation.

Looking at the way the world works, observing the mechanics, and asking questions, meditating, waiting for revelation from varied sources, and then repeating the cycle.

And the path I have traveled, from east to west, is explicitly opposed to the masonic path that alleges (without substance) to be towards the light. I have traveled this opposite path to discover that I AM the light. As are you, dear reader. You are without the need of any  brotherhood or fraternity to enlighten you. And this article, while presenting information, is only for consideration. The light that is within you will confirm or deny this information as it pertains to you.

The path from west to east (The alleged path of fraternity-controlled enlightenment) is a path of legerdemain and trickery, because it subjugates the woman, just as its Christian counterpart does. And yet, the secret is hidden in plain sight, even when the feminine is subjected as irrelevant or less than masculine.

Most (not all) religions have some form of symbology that mirrors the following:

The masculine spire (cock) over the feminine bell (vagina)
The masculine spire (cock) over the feminine bell (vagina). Does your church have these sexual symbols on them?
Hiram Abiff, a staple fable of the Masonic fraternal order, really does his work by piercing the feminine symbology.
Hiram Abiff, a staple fable of the Masonic fraternal order, really does his work by piercing the feminine symbology.

And the mathematics of the universe are set aside through sleight of hand here. While the masculine spire rises over the belfry, if the belfry were not there for it to rest upon, if the altar of the church was not there for a podium to sit on, The point of the Compass is used to pierce the breast of the initiate in the masonic lodge, yet the picture above shows that Hiram Abiff is using that same compass to reveal the truths that are hidden in plain sight. WITHOUT the feminine, the masculine is but a spurting cock, an erect edifice without release, without abode, without fertile ground upon which to build his “empire”.

The mathematics of the universe show that the feminine IS the most important piece, AND does most of the work for the final issuance to come forth.

The feminine is the cauldron, adds the egg upon which the sperm acts, housing and nurturing the life created, until that life is also issued forth from her womb. The man, making one act of ejaculation, then lays claim to all of this, and calls it his own, and controls it by relegating it as the weaker vessel. I call BULLSHIT.


The God of the Bible is the YHVH, transliterated Jehovah. There is a Yod, which is masculine, and a Vav, which is feminine. The Bible is suspiciously written in a total masculine framework, where the masculine rules, and the feminine is subjugated to inferior, or ignored. NEVER is God presented in a feminine framework in the Bible. And yet, there is a feminine balance in the YHVH. It’s hidden in plain sight that the deception is there.

Likewise, the work of Hiram Abiff pictured above, piercing the feminine with the compass, and even the sigil of Lucifer, which the masonic is purportedly based upon, contains the feminine markings upon it’s face, in a way that mirrors Hiram Abiff’s feminine table.


[See the yellow feminine sign in the seal above. This is my individual seal.]

And the Luciferian is closely aligned or at least sympathetic with the symbol/personification of Baphomet, who is androgynous, because there is BALANCE of sexual presentation, both the feminine and the masculine.

And while the Luciferian purports to be masculine, there is the feminine symbology of the cauldron/cup/chalice in the sigil of Lucifer. The power of the feminine, while brute forced into silent submission, is clearly evident.

Here is the Baphomet in androgynous presentation.

The androgynous Baphomet
The androgynous Baphomet


The poem at the beginning speaks of the stone that held the sword – Excalibur. In my seal above, the words EHBEN MOSU HABONIM (The Stone Which The Builder’s Rejected) in my mind refers to the feminine that is relegated to silence and second class status.

YOU, dear feminine, are the stone that the builders rejected. You’ve been relegated to SLUT, or WHORE for embracing your sexuality. I’m here to tell you that it’s time to show the world your magic, and believe that your sexuality is yours. It’s time to possess the fullness of your sexuality with FREEDOM while releasing the fear.

It’s time to balance this world out. It’s time to walk into your darkness, that fearful place where you were anchored to abuse, control, shame,  or guilt, and to realize that YOUR light is brighter than those around you telling you that you need them to exist, be whole, or be happy.

It’s time to travel wherever the fuck you want to go, and roar while you are doing it.

Jay Vincent,

Twitter @JVagician

About Being Compelled To Testify In Civil Court…

[Before you start reading, let me assure you that this remedy is for you whether you are a christian or not. I, specifically, am not a christian, but used to claim this status. The fact that is relevant is that the court will ask you to swear in on a BIBLE. So that is THEIR authority. (The same bible that prohibits swearing in James 5:12)]
Romans 3:4 KJV “God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in thy sayings, and mightest overcome when thou art judged.”

He who claims (or the accuser) has the burden of proof (Legal maxim) – (This is the basis of Innocent Until Proven Guilty)

Testimony requires you to “swear in.” Criminal cases prohibit compulsory testimony, but civil cases are a nasty animal, in that someone can haul your ass into court, and the court can “compel” (force) you to testify against yourself. This RELIEVES the plaintiff of the burden of proof, since they can force you to testify (provide evidence) against yourself. If you don’t comply, the judge can hold you in contempt…

UNLESS, there is a remedy to that bullshit…. And it just so happens, THERE IS…

The Bible that they ask you to swear in on -Is the place where the remedy can be found. And then, CASE LAW affirms your right to use it…

Here’s an excerpt from my FREE e-book COUNTER THESPIANAGE that explains it with illustration:

“ABOUT BEING COMPELLED TO TESTIFY: In civil cases, often, the court is rigged where you are compelled to testify against yourself.

Here is a technique I learned from George Gordon, and I want to pass it along to you. Using this technique, you should NEVER have to testify again!

Imagine that you have been subpoenaed in a civil case to testify:

Plaintiff’s Attorney: I hereby call John Doe as my next witness. You proceed to the stand, and the clerk will say: “put your left hand on the bible, and raise your right hand. Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?”

YOU: “No.”

Judge: “What did you say?”

YOU: “Judge, this bible right here says, in the book of Romans, chapter 3, verse 4, ‘God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in thy sayings, and mightest overcome when thou art judged.’ And Judge, this verse clearly says that I am a liar, and only God is true. So if God says I am a liar, I cannot, in good conscience, come into this courtroom and attempt to claim otherwise. I am a liar, so my testimony will do you no good.

Now, Judge, United States v. Rylander (460 U.S. 752, 757, 103 S.Ct. 1548, 75 L. Ed. 2d 521 <1983>) shows that a party’s inability to comply with a judicial order constitutes a defense to a charge of civil contempt, and I surely cannot claim to be truthful, when the same bible you are askin me to swear in on says I am a liar, which creates an impossibility for me to swear in, unless, of course, you want to go on record as re-writing the bible with authority to do so.” (This last part is in anticipation of the probable threat from the judge to “hold you in contempt” if you don’t swear in.

The question to respond with, is “What are you going to do, Judge, hold me in contempt for admitting I am a liar and backing it up with the authority YOU have presented???”)

[NOTE: It takes real cajones to stand up to the intimidation level that court is equipped to foist upon you. The thing to remember is that if you ask them questions which require them to explain why you are wrong, and they can’t answer them, they leave you with no remedy. Justice ALWAYS requires a remedy.]

The look on the judge’s face should be priceless, mirroring the look on the face of the lawyer trying to get you to testify against yourself. I find joyful irony in the fact that the Romans 3:4 verse specifically states that you can “overcome” judgment with this technique.

There you go, it’s yours to use, if you choose. They are the ones asking you to swear in on a bible that prohibits swearing, which is a PRIME example of the contradictions of the “law” exposed by this book. (Using their tricks, and their words to destroy their egomaniacal attempts to hoodwink you is called “efficiency.”) By keeping the burden of proof on the one making the claim, and by refusing to assist them in their attempt to hang you, you can win more often and easier.

They are claiming that you have a duty (and are able) to swear in. Using the same bible they present for this to happen on, show the verse, and then ask them to prove that the bible is without authority… Pretty simple. “Either this bible is correct in saying I’m a liar, or you are more powerful than the “god” you claim wrote this bible. Which is it, Judge?”

My third rule is “NEVER argue.”


The Unruly

The Unruly

There is a growing class of people from all walks of life that are “unruly”. Call them Anarchists, Voluntaryists, Rebels, Terrorists, or whatever you want to call them. But I am one of them. And I refuse to be ruled by someone’s concept of “god” or “government” – which are basically both religious fictional constructs.

I’m unruly. Why, you ask? Because I’ve observed that those who say that “God” or “government” are going to get me are immediately silent when I ask them a few questions:

  • Is God/government big enough to handle this himself/itself, or does he/it need you to threaten me first?
  • Is Government subject to their own “laws”?
  • Do I have any rights to be heard on the matter, or does “God/government” demand my obedience without question?
  • If something or someone demands your obedience without question, is this a freedom construct, or a slavery construct?

And all of a sudden, their patriotism, and their religious piety, turns to mush when they realize that they have no substance with which to answer these questions.

And so, I ask you here today:

Are you unruly? Do you believe that individual freedom is YOURS, and YOU make the best choices for you?


Do you deserve to be ruled?

Are YOU the authority in your own life?


Does your “authority” allow your refusal, your dissent, your rebellion, or does your government force your compliance, by threat of lethal violence?

Does your authority respond fully to your questions, or are your questions treated as threats, and violence invoked?

Live. Be Unruly…

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