How I Deal With Bullshit Unilateral Vaccine Forms – AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics)

So, today, someone pointed me to this form that the American Academy of Pediatrics presents to have patients sign for “Refusal To Vaccinate”. (Form is linked within this text, but I have screen shots also, should they remove it, or change the form.)

I’m going to address some highlights here (I could do a 4 hour workshop on this form), so that you can see that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) apparently doesn’t give ONE DAMN about you, your child, or your safety.

This entire article, and any ancillary attachments links, or whatnot that I point to other than the AAP form is absent intent or authority as legal advice, and is presented as educational, informational, and for entertainment purposes only.

The AAP paperwork starts of with a feel good statement: “All parents and patients should be informed about the risks and benefits of preventive and therapeutic procedures, including vaccination.” “Risk” is a word that is repeatedly used on this document, and the form that accompanies it. But, the risks are not listed on this form. Those same risks, are acknowledged by the patient’s signature on this form, however. This is legal suicide, in my opinion. Acknowledging risks that are alluded to, yet not listed, is saying “Fuck me hard without lube.”

Risks are supposedly listed on a Vaccine Information Statement (VIS) which is supposed to accompany this paperwork. PROBLEM: It is prepared by the Centers For Disease Control (CDC), and is thus suspect, in my opinion. This is the same goddamn entity that is allowing the injury to continue without holding the manufacturers accountable. And, if there is a pandemic, it is of vaccine INJURY, not vaccine refusal.

The main risk that is not listed, nor mentioned on this form is that the manufacturer is covered and shielded from liability under the NCVIA (The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986)

Any injury from a vaccine can not be pursued directly against the manufacturer. This means that the manufacturer is putting out a product that it DOESN’T HAVE TO be liable for the safety of said product.

Let us end thisThe entire AAP paperwork package above appears to be solely to cover the doctor’s ass, but it’s uses are more disturbing.

It can be used as evidence against the parents to pursue negligence claims.

For instance:


“I understand the following:
  • The purpose of and the need for the recommended vaccine(s).
  • The risks and benefits of the recommended vaccine(s).”


Really? Well, apart from the matter of “understand” being a magical legal word that includes a meaning of agreement, the inferred purpose of vaccines is to provide immunity, but where is the guarantee of immunity? And the “need” for the recommended vaccine – who “needs” a product that is not 100% safe and 100% guaranteed, and whose manufacturer doesn’t stand liable for the safety of said product 100%?

Understanding the risks is another minefield. I would posit that one CANNOT understand the risks, as they are not fully admitted. nor is the meanings of the words used clearly and completely listed in a glossary that is readily available, to my knowledge. I had a vaccine reaction that was brutally harsh years ago, because of a job that I was doing and they recommended it. When I showed my reaction to the doctor, her response was that it had to be something else. This is STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE. DENY, DENY, DENY causality.
Risk. The doctor covers his ass with malpractice and other forms of insurance. Did he likewise advise the patient to cover themselves and their children with insurance that would cover monetarily if a vaccine injury occurred? (I have no clue if this exists, or if an underwriter would even attempt such a thing, since the market is so full of lies on this subject matter).

Understanding the risk is admitting that, IF a child is injured, the injury claim will be limited to what the VAERS system allows for a payout.

The next column that lists possible consequences of NOT vaccinating, should actually be the possible consequences of vaccinating. Damn. This is only meant to damn the parent in writing, should they sign this document. What court would hold a parent fit after signing such a damning admission? LEGAL MAXIM: ADMISSION TRUMPS EVIDENCE, and the fact that the parent signs, means no proof of cancer, death, paralysis, brain damage, etc., need be produced, since the agreement is signed, and thus fully admitted as truth.

“Transmitting the disease to others” MEASLES VACCINE DOES THIS! Shedding occurs!

“may endanger the health or life of my child and others with whom my child might come into contact.” This is a liability statement, and shows apathy concerning the alleged possibility that the child’s health may be endangered (according to their allegations). Signing this is a damning confession of negligence and apathy as a parent, in my opinion.

QUOTE: “I therefore agree to tell all health care professionals in all settings what vaccines my child has not received because he or she may need to be isolated or may require immediate medical evaluation and tests that might not be necessary if my child had been vaccinated.”

THIS IS A WAIVER OF THE RIGHT TO PRIVACY. YOU have a right to remain silent on the matter of vaccines. “Are you up to date on all your vaccines?” Is a question you do NOT have to answer. PERIOD. And the above document waives the right to privacy by this agreement to tell vaccination status. BULLSHIT.

QUOTE: “I know that I may readdress this issue with my child’s doctor or nurse at any time and that I may change my mind and accept vaccination for my child any time in the future.”

Well, now, this is interesting, because it acknowledges that one may change their mind…

Should there have been the advice to seek legal counsel before signing this document? Well, yes. This document confirms it.

which clearly states: “The AAP Refusal to Vaccinate Form, which should not be considered a legal document without advice from a lawyer, may be used as a template for documentation of parental refusal.”
They have admitted that there is a need for legal advice before the refusal form should be considered a legal document, and yet they don’t advise the parent/patient of this on the actual form. THIS IS BULLSHIT, SHADY AS FUCK, AND OUTRIGHT EVIL, in my opinion.
If this form is something you have signed, perhaps it’s time to revisit it in writing, with registered mail, so that there is a documentation of the process.Doctors should be receiving a “ACCEPTANCE OF FULL LIABILITY FOR VACCINE INJURY” Form, and a “REFUSAL TO ACCEPT FULL LIABILITY FOR VACCINE INJURY” Form, and be asked to choose between the two… (Yes, this is how I roll)


Any and all words, terms, and their meanings as used in this article are without waiver of the right of interpretation by PRIVATE SOLUTIONS, PMA.



I just saw another parent say “My child received SEVEN [vaccines] at once. SEVEN. I was not given a choice by the doctor. They told me it was required.”

BULLSHIT. What bureaucrats (people who exist for money and power) SAY is required, and what is actually required are often very different.

Doctors are powerful, because they are given presumed belief by society. The time to challenge that has passed, and yet, most people are afraid to challenge their doctor, especially when it involves the patient’s children.

I want to make it clear that I am NOT a lawyer, and without authority for giving legal advice, and yet I coach people on how to deal with bureaucracy effectively.


When my first son was born, the doctor who attended birth at the hospital threatened me with “Your son could die” (if I didn’t allow him to administer the vitamin k shot.) The fact is, any of us could die at any moment, so this was not factually incorrect, but the doctor was merely using it as a scare tactic. He also wanted to do a circumcision, which I opposed, and the vitamin K shot was to assist with coagulation of blood. Since I was not going have him circumcised, he didn’t need that coagulation to occur.

I told the doctor that I refused, and I didn’t need his scare tactics. He backed away. Today, I would handle it much differently.

Here are some powerful questions (and probable answers) that may come in handy, if you want to refuse vaccinations. Doctors can be pushy, so the less attitude you serve up, the better the situation will end up. In fact, if you go in telling a Doctor how wrong they are, or that they are paid shills of the pharmaceutical industry (no matter how true this may be) they will go into full GOD mode on you. How dare you question their expert opinion?

Asking questions that are engineered to shut down the conversation and stop the aggression into squelching or controlling your right of informed choice. (You do still have this right.)

“Do I have the right of informed consent?” (They have to say yes. If they say no, I would LEAVE at this very moment.) If they say yes, which is probable, I would say “Then I choose to refuse at this moment, to discuss or accept a vaccine for me or my child


“Do I have the right to a second opinion before proceeding?” (Again, they have to say yes, or they are forcing you to UNinformed consent.) This question is an excuse to get out of the doctor’s office, and if I had to use this one, I would never darken his door again.

If a doctor tells you that the vaccines are “required”, I’d ask “Will you please put that in writing, along with the law requiring it, so I can take it to my attorney for his opinion?” [Note: I abhor attorneys and the legal industry, but this is a shutdown question, and the doctor would be foolish to proceed insisting to vaccinate further after this question.]

“Who is liable if my child is vaccine-injured?” (They will probably go into some spin about how it rarely happens, or is so remote of a possibility that you shouldn’t be concerned. This is merely DISTRACTION. Keep focused on the question, and getting an answer. They will not assume liability.)

“Have you ever diagnosed a vaccine injury?” (This is damning, because they are NOT TRAINED to diagnose a vaccine injury, but to rather DISMISS vaccine injuries as impossibilities. This is because their liability is at issue.) If they say “no”, then I’d say “Well then, I’m uncomfortable with you being the one to administer it if you have no experience diagnosing injury from this product.” (This is a direct blow to their power, so I would only use this if absolutely necessary, but to be prepared, it needs to be a readily available question, in my opinion.) IF they say that they have diagnosed vaccine injury, it opens up another can of worms, because then you can ask how often this has happened, from what vaccines, and all sorts of questions without breaching or threatening HIPAA laws violations.

“Who would I go to if I believe a vaccine injury has occurred afterwards?” (This question is designed to give a doctor notice that you ARE going to be watching, and you have fear that an injury could occur. Any doctor walking forward into this question is asking for a lawsuit, and they know it.)

“Will you certify my child’s health in writing before the vaccine is administered?” (This is another question designed to give the doctor notice that you are gathering evidence for a lawsuit, should something happen. This question is a repellent to proceeding forward, for a doctor.)

“Will you assume full liability in writing, just in case my child is vaccine injured?” (This is almost an incentive for the doctor to ask you to not come back. Just be warned. But, if escape from the doctor’s office is an objective, it’s powerful.)


Check the laws in your state concerning recording the conversation and consider taking in a digital recorder that is positioned to catch the conversation clearly. (shirt/blouse pocket, side pocket of purse, etc.) I’d be careful to hide any blinking indicators that give notice of recording happening. “One Party Consent” states (with person to person conversations) means that one can, as a party, consent to the recording, while the other party remains uninformed about the recording taking place.

If you already have a religious or personal belief exemption, and it is allowed in your state, exercise it. If not, and you want information on how to form one, I may do another article on that subject matter.

Understand that these questions and this entire article are posed for entertainment, education, and information only, and are absent intent or authority as legal or medical or any type of professional advice.

#UNIVERSALfight is our hashtag. Use it. Information is your friend. Anti-vax is your right, and let’s be honest, ANY “Science” that doesn’t face full liability for the injuries it causes is BULLSHIT SCIENCE.

Let us end thisFacebook:

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G-Spot Orgasm Washing Away The Pain Of The Past

[Some of the women I work with have professional lives, and cannot do a video testimonial, or even use their real names. I honor that, and hold a safe space for them to nonetheless express what receiving a G-spot female ejaculation orgasm has meant for them. Here is the latest recipient of my healing gift.]

This story begins long before ever having met Jay Vincent, yet is crucial to the overall understanding of my desire for complete sexual freedom.

For all of my adult life, I have never faced challenges with attaining orgasms. However, during the height of the learning curve associated with knowing all that the female orgasm entails, I experienced a series of encounters and relationships that ended up being detrimental to my overall sexual well being … experiences which ended up creating blockages and deep-seated fears that were heavily rooted in my sexual psyche.

Over the course of a few short years, I began to accept the “fact” that the orgasms my body was capable of producing were “wrong”; that my innate desire to embrace the Divine Feminine was selfish and subsequently punished. These feelings that were created during a time of sexual exploration were quashed … locked away in boxes … and buried deep within my conscious mind. It was okay to experience an orgasm … even a semi-full-body one … it was no longer okay to be sexually “free”. Being “free” created insecurities in others … for which I was directly blamed.

For 22 years, these fears and feelings were locked away … combining with other fears to create a series of failed marriages and relationships. Fast forward to this year … One month ago, a dear friend of mine posted a blog link to an  experience that she recently had … an experience that she shared in writing with my husband. Upon seeing this link and reading the words, I came face to face with one of my deep-seated fears: losing my husband to another woman. Over and over, I read her story … and instinctively reacted. The reaction that surfaced surprised me … it was not one of accusation … but one of gratitude, appreciation, and forgiveness.

Buried within her story was a key … a key that would open that box of fears that I had so carefully kept locked away all of these years. She advised me to ask the Universe for help and guidance. I did … and within two weeks, I had the pleasure of meeting Jay for the very first time … For two weeks, my husband and I took the time to get to know Jay on a personal level … revealing to him my request to the Universe and my desire to release the blocks that I had been carrying all these years. It was during those two weeks that I also experienced the releasing of many fears that were peripherally associated with those tied to my sexual bondage.

We talked about the experiences which had created these blocks and fears and set a date for my release using the techniques of G-Spot release for female ejaculation orgasm. Amid the lovely décor of a local hotel room, Jay created a safe space for my experience. Using Reiki techniques and a guided meditation led by Jay, my chakras were opened and joined to full capacity.

I was then blindfolded and my clothing was removed. For one with such a strong Alpha personality, the blindfold aided me along my path toward complete vulnerability … sensory deprivation in the form of sight heightens the other senses. What followed after the placement of the blindfold was excitement and arousal to the highest level possible … all taking me into complete surrender. I was then led to the table and placed in a state of complete relaxation.

There was a spot on my lower back that received extra attention … I learned much later that Jay had felt a “blockage” of sorts in that area, quietly hidden beneath a tattoo that I had done so many years ago, right in the area of my Solar Plexus Chakra – the chakra which holds court over Self Esteem.

As Jay’s masterful technique increased in intensity, waves of arousal coursed through me … from head to toe … inside and out … building in intensity toward the ultimate release. I lost all concept of time and space … riding a tsunami of arousal. When my first orgasm decided to crest and break, it felt as though I was walking through fire, unharmed … an explosion of feelings escaping in my screams of pleasurable delight. Twice more, Jay brought me through these incredibly amazing orgasms before bringing me back to Earth. I could have spent the next 24 hours in that perfectly, amazingly, blissful state … but the need for water was a priority … the session closed and ended. My husband was present during the whole experience.

It was while in the shower afterwards that I experienced the full release that the session had triggered. As though a doorway had opened, I fell against the shower wall, sobbing in pure joy. Waves of emotion washed over me … allowing me to see and love the complete release of all those fears … all the shame associated with the embrace of my sexuality that had been imprisoned in those boxes of my subconscious mind. With the hot water cascading over my naked body, I watched those fears disappear down the drain … allowing me to emerge completely cleansed, stepping fully into the presence of a sexual be-ing.

We remained in that hotel room for another hour … maybe two… reveling in the new energy that filled our hearts and souls. It took another 24 hours before I was able to fully realize how the session had affected me. My husband wished to make love to me that night, but I was exhausted … physically and emotionally drained.

After a solid night’s sleep, I awakened as though a new person … completely whole, inside and out. An internal peace never before felt permeated my entire be-ing. I felt alive. I felt the energies of the Universe coursing through my veins. For the first time in many years, I was able to see and feel the Divine Feminine within … the shadows were gone … emotions and feelings now free to travel back and forth with nothing present to block them any longer. I am grateful to Jay for his role as Gate Keeper … for showing to me the keys necessary for unlocking those doors and lighting the path before me. I am blessed by his friendship and his unconditional love.



Teargasms – Releasing the Emotional Baggage

Today, I was honored to initiate another seeker in the ways of feminine sensual connection of heart, mind, body, spirit, and vagina… Let me tell you my version first, then I’ll share her written testimonial with you. My highest priorities are safety, discretion, and honor, so her name is withheld for her privacy.

“Don’t you cum without my permission!” I told her. I had already worked her to a point of being highly excited, and was hearing things like “Oh THAT’s new!” as I applied the techniques of sacred release, I was prepared for another 10-15 minutes of this workup. We had been in the process of preparing her for female ejaculation for about 2 hours so far at this point.

All of a sudden, I felt her body respond in a way that I knew to expect. I heard her start screaming, and I heard the magic sound of ejaculate escaping her pussy. I changed positions to maximize the experience, and what happened next was nothing short of tsunami of the vagina. It was all over me, her, and the sheets were soaked. She was still screaming. I kept going a bit, then eased her out of it. Female ejaculation was happening.

“You’re in trouble, I teased her.” You came without my permission!” She was a bit dazed, and said “What happened? Did I do that?” I told her  to look at the liquid she had just sprayed all over the place. A pool of clear liquid rested on the bed where her ass was. Her legs and tummy were covered, and I had to stop and clean my glasses.

Three of these later, I was working to bring closure to her experience. I wanted the experience to be fully healing for her. Her screams were so loud on this fourth mind-bending orgasm that she instinctively grabbed a pillow to mask the guttural primal scream escaping from her body. I physically felt a shift happen in her body, and she looked up at me afterwards and said “What was that? Did something come out of me?”

I said “It felt like you had a teargasm and that you let go of something.” She burst into anguished sobs and let out the emotion that she had held inside her. It wasn’t important what caused it. What was important was that she felt safe to let this out. I embraced her softly, stroked her hair, and told her “I’m honored to hold space for you in this way. Let it out.”

THIS is healing.


Now here are her words about what she’s learned about holding a safe and sacred space in this manner:

I just got transformed.
By a tsunami.
That came out of me.

But allow me to back up a bit …

For years, I have been on a journey of deep personal transformation – following my cry to get “truth at all cost”. I wanted freedom at least as much as I wanted/needed oxygen. Maybe more. I’m like everyone else — I’ve sustained wounds, have tried many modalities, to varying degrees of healing … but wanted MORE. Much more.

One modality I’ve long been fascinated by is Tantra. I love the merger of spirituality and sexuality – the divine/human dichotomy that comprises our nature. But, while the spiritual side is encouraged, the sexual has been downplayed at best, and shamed, silenced and maliged, at worst. However, I am a product of a Western culture — there are nuances to the Eastern approach to Tantra that utterly escape me. How to resolve this dilemma, and follow the hunger of my heart?

Enter Jay Vincent and the expert hands on holding of my heart and vagina.

My friend, Jay Vincent, had shared the topic with me.  I wanted it. I had concerns about it. Would I be honored? Would I be objectified? Would I be, bottom line, safe?

I did some research. And while my mind had questions, my soul, my heart, my body, were saying “yes”. I have come to trust this inner-yes.

However … I also had to be sure that I could trust Jay.

Now, I’d only known Jay through Facebook – but Jay is a wide-open human being, sharing his life fully, and he had been consistenly authentic about himself, over the nearly two years that I’d encountered him. I was also a FB friend of his wife, and she’s about as adorable and genuine as they come. So, I took a chance … I said yes to the “yes” and I talked to Jay on the phone. That’s when I said yes to Jay.

Ultimately, I was saying yes … to ME! To owning my life, my spirituality, my sexuality, my body, my freedom, my healing. Myself.

We agreed to meet – setting up a location that worked for both of us, and he set the parameters. His first and deepest commitment was to me, my safety, my comfort, my honor. This was NOT about his gratification, but all about unleashing what was rightfully mine to have. He was the guide for this journey, and my body, my sexuality, was the vehicle for spiritual healing. NOT that we’re broken — we’re whole, complete, beautiful. But we have been so very conditioned, and our natures have been covered up with fear, wounds, angers, shame, lies, limitations. The “healing” is to remove what is not-us, so that we can shine forth.

Jay was completely professional in his demeanor, even though this was a very personal encounter. He remained fully-clothed at all times. There was no sex of any kind. He merely triggered the places that held issues, and turned on the release valve. The purpose of this was to release trigger points that “hold” emotion, tension, repression, shame, etc.

I’ve had mind-blowing orgasms before. THIS was something of another realm. This was a spiritual encouter, using my body. These were spirit-enlightening orgasms. I didn’t just “squirt” … I gushed. I geysered. I drenched everything and everyone in a 4′ radius. And not just once … ohhhhhh no, this happened four times, in rather quick succession. Shocking, and delighting me.

The emotional release I had was unprecedented … enormous. I felt like I’d given birth — and I believe that I shed a lifetime’s worth of pain, shame, fear, guilt, grief, and suffering. I birthed it out of me.

Jay held me through that entire experience, in a way that honored me, as a woman, as a human being. I felt cherished, treasured, safe, at every moment. I feel as though I found my brother, and that he helped to regain a missing, lost portion of my life.

I laughed, I cried, and I feel changed.

I am grateful.